Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I’d say she’s pretty flexible?

Girl gives birth after basketball game?

It was on a bumpy bus ride home from a basketball game in Questa that 18-year-old Kayla Alire started to have terrible stomach pains.

The senior point guard at Mesa Vista High in Ojo Caliente didn't realize she was experiencing labor pains. She had just played in her last basketball game Feb. 18, a game in which she sank two 3-pointers.

Two hours later, she was at a hospital in labor. An hour after arriving, she gave birth to a 6-pound, 4-ounce baby boy no one knew was coming.

"I was shocked," she said. "I was just so amazed."

All throughout her pregnancy, she wore size zero pants, her normal size. She said she must have gained a little weight but never realized it. She also said she didn't have any strange cravings and thinks her body might not have clued her in to the pregnancy because she exercises so hard so often.

Wow, she didn't even know she was pregnant? That's nuts. Article here.

His 'cash and prizes' made the newspaper

The dominant photograph on the page was taken by staff photographer Butch Ireland. The picture showed Acie Law in mid-air, prepared to launch his game-winning 3-point shot that carried Texas A&M to victory over the Longhorns.It's the type of picture photo journalists savor and sports editors expect. Plus, fans seize on such pictures because that victorious moment frozen in time carries with it universal bragging rights - until the next game. This picture caught readers' attention for another reason.
Beyond the winning shot by Acie Law, many readers - and some by word of mouth, without seeing the picture - were absolutely convinced the picture showed a University of Texas player moving to block the shot and, in the process, exposing himself.

If you you haven't seen it already, look at the player in the orange jersey- then look at his shorts. Yep, you found it... that's his cash and prizes, printed on the sports front page of a newspaper.

Kate Bosworth & Pamela at the Oscars:

Looks like both Kate Bosworth and Pamela Anderson escaped / prevented some sort of hi-res camera flashy, x-ray vision reveal, or a nip slip, by doing whatever superglue boobies fabric magic. Obviously (as you can see by enlarging the pictures below), Pamela went with the traditional ‘tape- your- boob- to- your- shirt’ technique. I’m not sure what technique Kate used? Maybe spray on glue? Who cares anyways. See more pictures of Kate here. See more pictures of Pamela here.
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Homeless man set on fire?

It took being set ablaze in a harborside park by a pair of warped thugs for a homeless father of three to feel welcome in Boston.
‘‘I didn’t know I had supporters,” said the 30-year-old victim of yesterday’s twisted torching at the North End’s Langone Recreation Complex. He learned in his hospital bed that Mayor Thomas M. Menino has vowed to ‘‘make an example” of his ‘‘spineless” tormentors once they’re captured.

‘‘Maybe now everyone will have a little more compassion for the homeless,” said the disabled construction worker, who moved here from Vermont last month. He asked to be identified as ‘‘Scott.”

‘‘ ‘Get a life!’ . . . ‘Get a job!’ ” Scott said strangers told him. But just before 2 a.m. yesterday, it was a stranger on Commercial Street who saved his life by calling 911 as flames from his body shot 5 feet into the air.

Pinned down and doused with what investigators say was either gasoline or lighter fluid by two 30ish men he recognized from downtown, who he said had been drinking on a nearby park bench, Scott suffered second-degree burns on his left leg below the knee and may need skin grafts.

‘‘I was screaming,” Scott said. ‘‘I could feel my skin melting. I just kicked off my shoes and shucked my pants off. Oh, it hurt.”

Scott said the men who set upon him had called him a ‘‘homeless bum,” but he ignored them and settled down to sleep on a rock-hard patch of ground in a thick jacket, three sweaters, a hoodie and a hat. Then he was awakened by a kick in the back.

‘‘I tried to sit up and I was grabbed by one of them and pushed to the ground,” Scott recalled. ‘‘That’s when the other one threw gasoline on me.”
Read the full article here.

Nick Lachey is hooking up with that girl from Laguna Beach? Really?

Page Six is reporting that Nick Lachey has been hooking up with Laguna Beach "it" girl Kristin Cavalleri. Lachey introduced Cavalleri to his mother last week over dinner at Paomino in Westwood California.
Insiders say Kristin is playing hard to get and page six is quoted by saying:

"When she arrived at Koi in L.A. the other night and saw Lachey and a group of buddies having dinner, she beat a hasty exit to meet some girlfriends for drinks at the Four Seasons hotel."

Nick, Kristin Cavalleri? Seriously? Isn’t she like barely 18 years-old? And Nick is like 33? There is somewhat of an age gap wouldn’t you say? I guess all that went out the window when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise hooked-up last year. So… Nick and Kristin will probably be married next month, with kids on the way in November. Nice rebound Nick.

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The news and current affairs?

Marty, the longest-serving UPS employee

Marty Peters started delivering packages for UPS in Detroit in 1946. Sixty years later, the 83-year-old still wears the UPS brown uniform.
Peters will be honored next week as the longest-serving employee among the company's more than 400-thousand workers.
Peters began delivering packages March 7, 1946 for 95 cents an hour. He said he appreciated the fact that UPS provided his uniform, including a brown bowtie. "You couldn’t get out the door unless you had a bowtie on," Peters said. "That was a big priority at UPS, shine your shoes and a bowtie."

Since 1991, Peters has worked mostly inside, tracking down errant packages at the massive UPS facility in northeast Detroit. "I'd say I've had just about every job UPS has got," Peters said. "And it keeps you moving, I tell you." He said he feels better today than he did 20 years ago.

Peters also said he still enjoys his job and is in no hurry to retire. He also said he's not thinking of wearing the brown shorts that many UPS drivers wear.

"My wife says my legs are for her eyes only," Peters said.

UPS said only two people have worked for the company longer than Peters. One is Jim Casey, who founded UPS in 1907 and worked until his death in 1985. The other is Paul Oberkotter, the company's third chief executive officer. He worked 60 years before stepping down.

Wow. Talk about job loyalty. Some how I think the salary that Peters is getting paid is not at all comparable to the ones of the other two longest workers (being that they where the founder and CEO).
Article here.

Spice up your desk at the office with this:

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Chick #1: So yeah, all this time I've never had PMS before. Like ever. Now that all this hormonal shit is going on, it all caught up with me this past week.
Chick #2: What do you mean?
Chick #1: I've been eating M&M's, Fritos, chocolate-covered pretzels, and Powerade this entire week, and I can't go 10 minutes without crying.
Chick #2: Are you prego?
Chick #1: No, I think I just fucking won the endocrine lottery.

-Times Square shuttle

Girl #1: We have to turn right on this street.
Girl #2: But it's a one way...
Girl #1: Dude, we are walking!

-Fort Greene

Teen girl #1: Okay. Maybe I'm, like, retarded for not knowing this, but...did you guys know that other countries have national anthems, too?
Teen girl #2: Duh! It's the same song, in different languages!

-Bay Ridge
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The ideal computer?

Update on the Kid Rock sex tape story

A woman who claims she's on the sex video showing Scott Stapp and Kid Rock is suing Stapp for invasion of privacy.
The woman, identified only as "Jane Doe," filed a lawsuit in Miami to prevent the sale of the video. She's also asking for unspecified damages because of emotional distress.

Her suit claims, "For all purposes, she is the star of the females in the video." She said she believed the video would stay in Stapp's private possession. But a clip from the video turned up on the Internet.

The tape shows Stapp, Kid Rock and several strippers. Stapp said it was made in 1999 in Kid Rock's motor home and it was stolen from him.

World Wide Red Light District is trying to sell the tape, and Stapp and Kid Rock have gone to court to prevent that. Red Light said the tape came from a third party and was not stolen.

The former lead singer of Creed and Kid Rock have won a temporary court order in Michigan preventing World Wide Red Light District from distributing the video or promoting any part of it.

The tape was released just days after Stapp married former Miss New York Jaclyn Nesheiwat in Miami on Feb. 10. Stapp, 32, says the tape was made soon after he was divorced from Hillaree Burns. He said he previously told his new wife about having a wild year and that she accepts the tape as part of his past.

Last week, Kid Rock called Stapp an "idiot" for letting that sex tape out of his possession. Kid Rock said he had never met Stapp but he felt he was being gracious by including him in the sex fest in 1999. He said he hasn't spoken to Stapp since.

So if this girl was smart (which you obviously isn’t) probably should of thought twice when she was going down on Kid Rock about the person who was holding the video camera. I mean honestly? It seems now a days, celebrities + sex + video cameras = infamous stardom! Also, Kid Rock, with a new record coming out, maybe he should thank Stapp for the publicity? Article here.

Am I happy? What do you think?

Woman has 42 cats removed from home

Lynn Rettig, 48, a part-time college student who is unemployed, has all of her pet cats take away from her. All 42 cats.

Authorities seized 42 cats and is housing them until a March 20 custody hearing. Rettig, who may face animal cruelty charges, can't imagine life without her pets. "They're my children, not of my blood but of my heart," she said.

The stench of cat urine and feces overwhelmed authorities when they entered Rettig's home Feb. 13.

They had gone there after being contacted by Robert Rettig, Lynn Rettig's brother, who was concerned about his sister's welfare. According to a police report, most of the rooms were covered with cat hair and had areas of cat feces overflowing litter boxes.

In one room, "only the portion immediately inside the swing of the bedroom door was clear (of feces)," the report stated. "The feces appeared to be at a depth of one inch to an estimated six inches against the far walls."

The bedroom where Rettig's mother had slept was strewn with debris and cat feces. The toilet was broken and the bathtub was filled with several inches of putrid brown liquid, according to Rettig's brother.

Lynn Rettig was ordered to vacate the premises immediately.
In an interview, Rettig said she acquired the cats gradually, and that all but four of them are from the same family. Years ago, when she lived with her parents in Madison, someone dumped two cats - one male, one female - in the neighborhood. The cats gravitated to the Rettigs' backyard.

Rettig, who has never married (wow that’s a surprise!?!), said she and her mother gradually had the cats spayed and neutered and declawed. The last kittens were born in 2003.

"I didn't want to acquire all these cats, but once I did, I had the responsibility to care for them," she said. Giving any of them away would have been too hard emotionally, she said.

Uh, can you say f*ckin sick! Listen, I love pets as much as the next person- but maintaining sane living conditions with attention to hygiene is essential in my mind. How could live knowing you have INCHES of poop in the corners of your bedroom! WTF? Ewww. Read the full article here.