Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Imaginary Toothbrush?

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Men really don't want sex on the first date

Two out of three men don't want full sex on a first date, a recent poll reveals. Sixty-three per cent of men aged 18 to 40 even said they would be shocked if a girl agreed to a one-night stand.Many said they would snub a girl who offered sex “on a plate”. But 37 per cent of men admitted they would not be able to resist a romp — and said they would be only “too delighted” to oblige.

Are you kidding? Who are the guys who took this survey? What the heck? Click here to read the article.

Creative yet interestingly funny costume...

Guy uses 3 life lines on a $300 questions...

This guy on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire’ obviously didn’t pay attention during any English class he has ever taken. This is only a $300 question! Not only that, he uses ALL 3 LIFE LINES… and still gets the question wrong. Unbelievable, this guy probably got tons of sh*t from his friends after walking away with no money on the show and looking like a complete moron! Click here to watch the video.

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My kid is a member of the Condom Club?

Taken from the SFGate newspaper...

The Condom Club. Let me tell you how I found out that my son's school even has a Condom Club: e-mail. I learned my son's high school has a Condom Club through an e-mail. Not an e-mail from a concerned parent. An e-mail from Berkeley High. The news was contained in the Student Daily Bulletin.

…having sex? Join the Condom Club.

No exaggeration. My son was invited to join the Condom Club by his high school, which even broadcast the invitation a few times over the loudspeaker system. Now, perhaps because my ninth-grade son is my oldest child, I have not yet confronted the fact of life that all parents must face someday: the thought of our own child having consensual sex... click here to read the rest of the opinion article.

Santa Claus is "Coming"

Need a sweet-ass Christmas gag gift? Look no further than this Santa Claus gag gift that dispenses bits of candy from his rather large candy-shooter.

You push his head down, and he shoots out a wad of sugary goodness for you. Pump him several times and he'll reward you over-and-over. How awesome is this? Click here to buy one for $9.
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Woman finds dead turtle in her coffee?

A woman found a dead baby turtle in the 2-pound package of Folgers coffee last Sunday.

''I thought it was a toy at first,'' she said.

The woman said she had been making coffee from the same package for a month before she discovered the reptile. She says she doesn't plan to sue.

A customer service representative for the company dismissed the find, explaining that many Folgers plants are based in New Orleans and the turtle might have somehow ended up in the coffee as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

The company is investigating.

The woman has kept the turtle and says she'll keep drinking coffee, but she is now a more mindful consumer. Things could have been worse, she said: ''It could've been a snake.''

Is there other products manufactured in New Orleans that we should be concerned about? How does this happen? I wonder what the coffee would of tasted like… just kidding.