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This dude is either insane or oblivious ;)

Dude drops his pants at Chuck E Cheese? WTF?

A 39-year-old man pulled down his pants at Chuck E. Cheese's -- a restaurant and entertainment business geared toward children. When the restaurant manager told the man to leave, the suspect punched the manager and fled.

South Portland Police Lt. Christopher Cook said restaurant employees, customers and mall security guards chased the suspect through a parking lot and into a wooded area several hundred feet from the restaurant.

The suspect stopped after someone threatened to shoot him, but no one involved in the chase was carrying a gun, Cook said. Battle said that as he started to drive to the county jail, the handcuffed suspect "freaked out" in the car for no apparent reason and knocked out the passenger-side rear window with his forehead.

Battle turned the car around and headed back to the scene of the arrest, where other officers could help him. Meanwhile, the suspect poked his head out the window and somehow managed to wiggle out of his seat belt. When the car stopped, the man dived out of the back seat and smacked the pavement, police and witnesses said.

An ambulance took the suspect to Maine Medical Center, where he was treated for cuts and bruises to the face. He was taken to the Cumberland County Jail on Sunday night.

Police charged the suspect with visual sexual aggression against a child, criminal mischief, aggravated criminal mischief and escape from custody. Article here.

You think your drive to work is bad… look at this:

Liquids make up 22 percent of American diet

The study, commissioned by the Milk Processor Education Program, found that liquids make up 22 percent of calories in the average American's diet. But most Americans only count the calories they get from solid foods.

People just may not be aware how these calories are sneaking into their diet... and (they are) not understanding what an impact it has on body weight," said Carolyn O'Neil, a dietitian, who is serving as a spokeswoman for the What America Drinks report.

Americans drink a daily average of 38 ounces (0.67 liters) of water, which contains no calories. Sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks and teas were next on the list, at 17.5 ounces a day. Americans consumed an average of 7.5 ounces of milk and 8.9 ounces of coffee on a daily basis.

Soft drinks make up 6.4 percent of Americans' total caloric intake but the percentage is even higher for teenagers. Soft drinks account for 10 percent of the calories in a male teenager's diet and nearly 9 percent of a female teenager's calories.

One-third of Americans are obese by U.S. health standards, which measure a person's body fat. Article here.

Let’s just say the packages didn’t get delivered

Parents keeping their daughter at 75 pounds for life?

Ashley is a 9-year-old girl with a severe brain impairment. She can't walk, talk, keep her head up, or sit up by herself. She's fed with a tube. Her parents feared that the girl would become too big one day -- too big to lift, too big to move, too big to take along on a family outing. So they decided to keep her small for the rest of her life -- about 4-foot-5 and 75 pounds. That decision has sparked a debate. Read the full article here.

Donald Trump sounds off on Rosie (Today Show)

The biggest LCD on the planet… 108 inches!

Girls 'condom joke' = $180,000 from the government

Janet Lee is getting a 180-thousand dollar legal settlement over what started as a condom joke. She was a freshman at Bryn Mawr College in 2003, when she tried to take three flour-filled condoms on a flight from Philadelphia to L-A.

She says the condoms were a phallic toy that students at the women's college would squeeze to deal with exam stress. Lee thought the condoms were funny, so she packed them to show friends at home. But she was arrested and jailed for three weeks on drug charges.

Authorities eventually discovered Lee's story was true and released her. Lee's lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia was to go to trial yesterday. But lawyers agreed to settle the condom case out of court. Article here.

There’s something cute about babies and beer

Dude wrecks cheating girlfriend's car = wrong one?

A lovers' quarrel and a case of mistaken identity has landed a teenager behind bars after police say he repeatedly rammed a teenage girl's car, thinking it was his girlfriend.

State police said that the victim — a 17-year-old from Pinconning — called 911 early Sunday when the suspect smashed his car into the rear of hers. The 17-year-old suspect struck her car about 15 times and pushed it through stop signs at intersections, the victim told police.

Dispatchers advised her to lead the suspect toward police units who were en route to intercept them, police said. State police troopers and Bay County sheriff's deputies caught up with the suspect and pursued Bay City teen at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour, police said.

The teen told police he thought the driver was his girlfriend, who left a party after the couple quarreled. He said he wanted to talk to her and get his goodnight kiss, so he went searching for her, police said.

He told police he was talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone, telling her to stop her car. She told him she was stopped and didn't know what he was talking about, officers said. The teen likely will face charges including assault with a vehicle, fleeing police and drunk driving. Article here.

Not your typical make-out photo...

CALI, Columbia -- Ana Julia Torres kisses Jupiter, an African lion she rescued malnourished from a circus six years ago, at her Villa Lorena animal shelter, in Cali, Colombia. Ana Julia Torres is the owner of the 12-year-old shelter that rescues sick and mistreated animals from all over Colombia.

Why you should never eat fresh picked mushrooms:

Six members of a family are being treated for liver damage after they consumed a New Year's Day feast of freshly picked wild mushrooms that apparently contained the notoriously poisonous Amanita phalloides, also known as death caps. Four of the six are so seriously ill that they may require liver transplants. Read the full article here.

A day in the life of Britney Spears sitting at a traffic light

Prisoner kills cellmate... then eats him? WTF?

A French prisoner who killed his cellmate "very probably" ate some of the victim's body parts, a prosecutor in the northern town of Rouen said on Friday.

The victim's body was discovered in a prison cell on Wednesday, with a large wound to the chest. The alleged killer, who shared the cell, told investigators he had removed and eaten his victim's heart.

Investigators initially discounted the possibility of cannibalism after the victim's heart was "found intact in its usual place and in its membrane which was also intact," Rouen state prosecutor Joseph Schmit said in a statement.

However an autopsy revealed that pieces of muscle from the victim's rib area and part of his lung were missing. "The absence of these anatomic elements, which have not been found on the scene of the crime, render the confessions of cannibalism by the presumed perpetrator of the crime very probable," Schmit said. Article here.

Learn to fly here?

Dude gets stung by scorpion on airplane flight

A stowaway scorpion that stung a man on board a plane headed to Toronto caused a delay at the airport as investigators combed the aircraft for further arachnids, an airline spokesman said on Monday.

The scorpion apparently crawled out of the man's carry-on knapsack on American Airlines flight 1552 from Miami to Toronto on Sunday morning, said John Hotard, a company spokesman in Fort Worth, Texas.

"We delayed the outbound flight and searched the cabin of the aircraft to see if we could find any more, which we did not," said Hotard.

He said there was no indication the scorpion was brought on the plane intentionally. Hotard said the man told airline officials he was returning to Canada from a camping trip with his brother in Costa Rica, from where the scorpion likely originated.

After the plane touched down in Toronto, the passenger initially said he was alright but then reported feeling some "numbness," said Hotard, who couldn't provide further details on the man's health. Article here.