Thursday, April 19, 2007

In college, some ideas just don't need to make sense.

(fyi, he jumped 9 people)

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Watch the second car, holy sh*t batman -- that car flips.


Boy sent to jail because school officials are morons.

A fifteen-year old boy in America was incarcerated for twelve days, wrongly accused of making a hoax bomb threat - because his school had forgotten that the clocks had gone forward.

Cody Webb was arrested last month, after Hempfield Area High School received a bomb threat on their student hotline – which provides a range of information to students about the school - at 3.17am on March 11th. They believed they'd found the culprit when they traced the phone number they thought was responsible to Webb.

Unfortunately, the school forgot that the clocks had switched to Daylight Saving Time that morning. The time stamps left on the hotline were adjusted by an hour after Day Light Savings causing Webb's call to logged as the same time the bomb threat was placed. Webb, who's never even had a detention in his life, had actually made his call an hour before the bomb threat was placed.

Despite the fact that the recording of the call featured a voice that sounded nothing like Webb's, the police arrested Webb and he spent 12 days in a juvenile detention facility before the school eventually realised their mistake. Full article here.


This old music video by Carl Lews is f*ckin awful.

Watch around 2:00, where he's blowing bubbles with some old lady, WTF?
(thanks tex)


You can tell by his signature, he means business.

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Damn dude, this girl has got some big feet.

Shen Xiaojing, 21, lives in Nong'an County. When she was born, her feet were unusually large. Her right foot is 32 centimetres long and 12 centimetres wide; her left foot is 30 centimetres long and 11 centimetres wide. The big toe of her right foot is as large as a baby's foot of a baby at 7.5 centimetres long and 4.5 centimetres; her second toe is 9 centimetres long and 3.5 centimetres wide. What is intriguing is that the big toe of her left foot is completely normal, while the other toes are unusually large. For 21 years, all her shoes were made by her mother. Shen Xiaojing is now 170 centimetres tall and has reached the age to marry. However, most young men have been frightened away by her giant feet. via


Kisses are much better if you eat melting chocolate first

When it comes to tongues, melting chocolate is better than a passionate kiss, scientists have found. Couples in their 20s had their heart rates and brains monitored whilst they first melted chocolate in their mouths and then kissed.

Chocolate caused a more intense and longer lasting "buzz" than kissing, and doubled volunteers' heart rates. Dr Lewis said: "There is no doubt that chocolate beats kissing hands down when it comes to providing a long-lasting body and brain buzz."

"A buzz that, in many cases, lasted four times as long as the most passionate kiss." He said substances in chocolate were already known to have a psychoactive effect, but that allowing it to melt on your tongue could be the secret to maximising the buzz. Full article here.


Yeah, please contact the Police department.

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Clever idea... they're 'blood puddle pillows'.


Smoke break saves women from tree that fell in her kitchen

Brenda Comer finished doing the dishes, then stepped outside to enjoy a cigarette. At that moment, an 80-foot-tall oak tree crashed through her roof and landed near the sink where she had been washing dishes. Full article here.


my humps, my dumps (parody)


Can your chairs do this?

The Obelisk Four powdered coated aluminum frame chairs w/white cushion and table stacked into one piece made out of woven polyethylene. via


Principal convicted for kissing the feet of students?

A former principal who kissed the feet of three male students to settle a bet on a volleyball game has been convicted of a misdemeanor sex charge.

Robert Holloway resigned from St. Anthony of Padua School in this town west of Cleveland after the 14-year-old students and their parents reported the foot-kissing to police in February 2006.

Holloway told authorities he paid each student $15 and kissed their bare feet 50 times each in the school's library and gym to pay off the bet on a student-teacher volleyball game.

Carpentiere said 400 photos depicting adult foot fetish behavior were found on two school computers seized from Holloway's office. The photos depicted the scenarios that he had engaged in with the boys, Carpentiere said.

"This appears to be a legitimate sexual fetish that adults are into, which is fine," he said. "The problem here is he was engaging in this activity with juveniles." Full article here.