Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you...

Kid get stuck in a foldaway bed... WTF?

A German youth who tied himself to a foldaway bed because he was bored was rescued by police after becoming trapped in its mechanism, officials said on Tuesday.
Neighbors alerted the police in the western German town of Schwelm after hearing the 16-year-old's cries for help late on Monday night.

When police entered the apartment, they found the bed had folded itself away and the red-faced youth was tied upside down to it with a tow-rope and wire and unable to free himself.

"He said he did it because he was bored," said Dietmar Trust, a spokesman for the local police. "He was visibly embarrassed but it was also a pretty amusing situation." Article here.

I hope he's got insurance...

Man has sex with a sheep, sodomy

A man who pleaded no contest to a sodomy charge involving a sheep says he should not have to register as a sex offender.Jeffrey S. Haynes said the state registry is intended to keep track of people who have committed crimes against humans.

But Calhoun County Circuit Court Judge Conrad Sindt told Haynes at his sentencing hearing that once he is released from prison, he must register with the Michigan State Police Public Sex Offender Registry.

Police said Haynes had sex with a sheep at a Bedford Township farm on Jan. 26, 2005. The animal's owner caught him on the property and the sheep was found injured. Haynes, 42, of Battle Creek, was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years to 20 years in prison.

Haynes was arrested in June after a DNA sample taken from the animal matched Haynes' genetic material. Haynes has prior convictions for burglary, home invasion and uttering and publishing, and was on parole for burglary at the time of the sex crime.

Uh- weird? Article here.

Talk about some air-time

McDonald's sued over bloody french fries...

Lora Davis has filed a lawsuit in Gaston County, N.C., after claiming to have found blood smeared inside a bag of french fries. She's suing for at least $10,000.

Davis said she bought the meal at the drive-through window of a Gastonia McDonald's in November 2004 and ate it at her office desk. She said when she found the blood, she called the fast-food restaurant and spoke with an assistant manager who said the blood came from an employee who had suffered a cut.

A regional manager said the worker was fired.

County health officials reportedly took no action against the restaurant. Davis later went to her doctor to be tested for infectious diseases and was under the impression that McDonald's would pay for it. When she didn't hear from the company, she filed her lawsuit. McDonald's isn't commenting because the claim is pending. Article here.

Worth the picture proof to stop

1,000+ person pillow fight! Crazy!

Nearly 1,000 people drawn by Internet postings and word-of-mouth converged in San Francisco on Tuesday night for a half-hour outdoor pillow fight.

The underground event erupted at 6 p.m. in the center of Justin Herman Plaza with a mass rush of shrieking, laughing combatants -- many of whom arrived with pillows concealed in shopping bags, backpacks and the like.

Within minutes, pillows were arcing, feathers were flying, and by the time the Ferry Building's clock tower clanged the half-hour, the plaza and hundreds of people were covered in white down that gave the scene a wintry lustre.
"I haven't giggled so hard for a really long time," said San Francisco resident Amy Davis, 35, an office manager for a construction company that manufactures stone facades for buildings.

The pillow fight was spread all by friends who directed others to a Web site -- in her case it was Wikipedia -- that gave details about a planned flash mob pillow fight on Valentine's Day in San Francisco. The rules for the affair were simple: Tell everyone about the upcoming pillow fight, show up with a concealed pillow, and don't hit people without pillows.

Pretty freakin’ sweet if you ask me. I wish I was there. Article here.