Friday, July 14, 2006

Watch out, incoming... double baby kiss!

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Pharmacist: You should probably re-sign your card.
Woman: Why?
Pharmacist: Well, you signed over the magnetic strip. You're supposed to sign over the white part down here.
Woman: Then how would the machine read my signature? That doesn't make any sense.
Pharmacist: No, it's a magnetic strip. It reads the information, not the signature.
Woman: I don't think you know what you're talking about. That's not how the machines work. You're a pharmacist, not an electrician.
[then the pharmacist gave up]

-Zitomer, 76th & Madison

Tween boy: Mom! Let's go already!
Mom: If you're so bored, go play in traffic.

-Victoria's Secret, Lincoln Center

Girl on cell: So I woke up with a slice of pizza on my stomach again last night.

-Union Square

A crane game worth playing…

"Grillz" are really bad for your teeth

Dental grills may bring a lot of “bling” to a smile, but wearing these devices can cause lasting damage, warns Dr. Matt Messina, consumer advisor to the American Dental Association.

Popular among the hip-hop culture, grills or “fronts” are removable dental fixtures that fit over the teeth and snap into place. They are often made of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum with diamond inlays, although cheaper metals are also used to make these cosmetic devices. They may range in price from $20 to thousands of dollars.

Messina, who practices dentistry in the Cleveland area, said there are a lot more risks involved with a grill than most people think. “Since it’s removal, people generally think it’s safe. That’s not really true,” he said.
Since it snaps over the teeth, food and bacteria get trapped underneath and can cause gum infections, irritations and cavities, Messina noted, “and the longer it stays in the mouth, the worse the problems are.”

“If someone brushed and flossed really well, put in a grill that fit well and was made of precious metals, kept it for an hour or two, snapped it back out and brushed and flossed again, there probably wouldn’t be a lot of problems, but that’s just not what people do,” Messina said. The grills themselves need to be cleaned daily as well.
The type of metal used to make the grill is a key factor. “The expensive grills made of gold or platinum — those are very biocompatible metals — they do okay with the body,” Messina said. Article here.

Do it like Zidane, solve all your problems

Woman's 10-cent bet pays $21,584 at track

A woman placed a 10-cent bet at a Michigan horse track and won $21,584, a track official says.

She placed two 10-cent Superfecta bets on a race being simulcast from the Hollywood Park track in Inglewood, Calif. The Superfecta requires gamblers to pick the four top-finishing horses in correct order.

"One of them won," Sports Creek general manager Chris Locking told The Detroit News. She returned to the track Monday to collect her winnings. "Pretty good return for 10 cents, isn't it?" Locking said.

Many tracks nationwide have introduced such 10-cent wagers to lure more customers, Locking said.

"It's been very successful," he said. "Twenty-thousand doesn't happen every day, but on a regular basis you'll see people winning $70, $200, $500 on a dime bet." Article here.

Bodybouncer, this thing is just funny to me

Taken from:

"Bodybouncer, a brand new way to enjoy sex -- it offers some of the most novel and sensual erotic experiences ever conceived.
Here are some examples of what you can do with this thing:

How much does this thing cost? $199.95, buy/see more examples here.

Caption this random picture: So, You Wanna Be a Whore, coming to Fox in September.

Moms like the smell of their baby's poop?

Scientists find that moms consistently rank the stink of their baby's "number two" as No. 1.

In a new study, 13 mothers were asked to sniff soiled diapers belonging to both their own child and others from an unrelated baby. The women consistently ranked the smell of their own child's feces as less revolting than that of other babies.

This effect persisted even when the diapers were purposely mislabeled.

One possible explanation is that the mothers were simply more accustomed to their their baby's stink and therefore found it less repulsive. A more intriguing possibility, the researchers say, is that the mothers' reactions are an evolutionary adaptation allowing them to overcome their natural disgust so that they can properly care for their babies.

The study, led by Trevor Case of Macquarie University in Australia, will be detailed in an upcoming issue of the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

Disgust helps protect us from things that can make us sick, scientists say, but there are circumstances in which the emotion has to be tempered. The caring of an infant is likely one such instance.

"A mother's disgust at her baby's feces has the potential to obstruct her ability to care for her baby and may even affect the strength of the bond she has with her baby," the researchers write. Article here.

I bet that bear suit gets damn hot

McDonald's pulls Hot 'n Spice McChicken

McDonald's the fast-food chain says it's taking its spicy chicken sandwich off the menu, less than six months after its heavily marketed debut. Its sales have been disappointing.

McDonald's launched the Hot 'n' Spicy McChicken in January, hoping to emulate the success of a spicy chicken sandwich at rival Wendy's.
The Hot 'n' Spicy McChicken is still available in some markets and will be brought back periodically as a promotional item. That's because it does have its fans.
Another new chicken product will replace spicy chicken: snack wraps, or chicken, cheese and other ingredients wrapped in a tortilla. Article here.

This is the ugliest car I’ve ever seen

free gas promo = arrests, fights, accidents

How badly would you want $30 worth of free gas? Enough to get arrested? Or into an accident? For some folks in Milwaukee, the answer apparently is yes.

An insurance company was running the promotion, which prompted hundreds of drivers to wait for hours to get about $30 worth of gas on the house.

But eventually, there were so many cars that they were lined up into a residential area, where some driveways were blocked. Angry residents began quarreling with those drivers. Four people wound up in police custody.

Then there were two minor crashes, which authorities believe happened when some drivers who were already in line tried to let some friends cut in. In the end, 700 lucky motorists got the free gas. Article here.

Bird shot with arrow... still alive?

HOLLY HILL, Fla. -- An Ibis, shot with a 2-foot arrow, sits on a power line and looks down on bird rescuers waiting below hoping to capture the injured bird. After hours waiting and several attempts, the bird eluded capture. (07/12/06 AP photo)

Your mom lied, sitting close to a TV = not bad

Despite the repeated warnings of your mother, sitting too close to the TV will not damage your eyes. Prior to 1968 or so some sets emitted excessive X-rays, but that problem has now been eliminated. So no damaging rays are actually given off from the set that can hurt you. However, sitting too close to the TV could strain your eyes. Some eye doctors recommend that you sit no closer than five feet from the TV screen, but this precaution is merely to prevent eye fatigue. There are some people who believe that eyestrain can lead to myopia, or nearsightedness, and a few animal studies seem to support this theory, but there is little conclusive evidence.
Several other sources confirmed that sitting smack dab in front of the TV does not damage your eyes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, kids, the usual culprits, can focus up close better than adults, so they often develop the habit of sitting right in front of the television. However, sitting too close to the TV may indicate that your child needs glasses.

While TV may not ruin your eyes, the jury is still out as to its effects on your brain. via

This chair is equipped with a kitten holder

The voice of "please hang up & try again"

Anybody who's ever misdialed a phone number knows exactly whom we're talking about. She's the woman who pleasantly lets us know that our call cannot be completed as dialed. But who the heck is she? After a rather exhaustive hunt, we finally tracked down the woman behind the voice, the late Jane Barbe.

It's estimated that in the 1960s, Jane Barbe's friendly voice was heard by as many as 22 million confused callers a day. Too bad she wasn't paid on a per-call basis, eh? Though most famous for her reminders to "hang up and try again," Ms. Barbe was also a professional singer and lent her voice to many commercial jingles over the years.

The drama major and Florida native took her "anonymous fame" in stride, though we imagine it must have been tempting to abuse her vocal powers. After all, who wouldn't like to tell telemarketers to buzz off in her perfectly polite tone? For those longing to listen to the Telephone Lady's melodic announcements, this site offers many of her "greatest hits." via

Photoworthy: Rainbow & Lightning

Dog blamed for truck running over woman?

The dog did it. That's what police in Ogden said about how one of their pickup trucks got put in gear and ran over a woman.

Authorities said Ranger, a German shepherd, was left in the truck while an officer went to check on a domestic disturbance call. The engine was running to give the dog air conditioning.

But police believe Ranger hit the shift on the steering column. The truck rolled forward, running down Mary Stone as she went to her mailbox. It then plowed through Stone's yard, into a car in the driveway.

Stone is hospitalized with a fractured pelvis and tailbone. Her husband said she had tire marks on her clothes. He's fuming that he's heard nothing from police -- not even an apology.

Investigators are looking to see if the Ford had some sort of malfunction, since a driver is supposed to step on the brake to put it into drive. Article here.