Tuesday, June 13, 2006

...before there were iPods there was this:

Man eats 47 cheese sandwiches in 10 min

California man Joey Chestnut downed 47 grilled cheese sandwiches in ten minutes this weekend in Las Vegas to set a world record. That's eleven more sandwiches than the old record of 36.

Last month, Chestnut ate 50 hot dogs. Some say he's a threat to the reigning champ of food stuffing, Japan's Takeru Kobayashi.

Chestnut won the grilled cheese contest sponsored by the International Federation of Competitive Eating, the same group that runs the annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest at New York's Coney Island. Article here.


Jenna Jameson beats Britney Spears...

Looks like Britney Spears’ woes are taking their toll on her popularity. The “Oops, I Did It Again” singer was displaced by porn star Jenna Jameson in a poll as the most searched celeb on the Internet. "After three years at number one, Britney Spears is no longer the most popular peach on the Internet," according to ZOO, a UK men’s mag. “So let’s all rise for the new leader, porn legend Jenna Jameson.”

These baby alligators are cool lookin'

Dumbest rock-star extravagance = Elvis

#1.) Snack attack, Elvis Presley = Item: Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.

Cost: $3,387.28

On the night of Feburary 1, 1976, Elvis Presley pulled off a stunt that combined three of his favorite activities — profligate spending, showing off to cops and eating repellent things. While entertaining two Colorado policemen at Graceland, he mentioned a sandwich that he had once eaten at the Colorado Gold Mine Company restaurant in Denver: a hollowed, buttered loaf, filled with peanut butter, jelly and a pound of fried bacon. The sandwich was meant to feed eight, but Presley had finished one unaided. Remarkably, one of the cops expressed an interest. Even more remarkably, Presley insisted they should head to Denver to try it, a distance of 1,000 miles. His stretch Mercedes took them to the Memphis airport, where his private jet, the Lisa Marie — upholstered in aquamarine plush in further testament to the King’s understated elegance — awaited. Two hours later, they landed in Denver, where 22 of the $49.95 “Fool’s Gold” sandwiches on silver platters, plus a bucket of Perrier water and a case of champagne, were brought to a private hangar at the airport by the restaurateur, his wife and a waiter. Click here to read the full 50 list of Dumbest Rock-Star Extravagances from Blender Magazine.

One guy had to ruin the whole photo...

Britney Spears, her marriage is "awesome"

Britney Spears is on the defense. She's out to set the record straight about her marriage and parenting skills in an interview set to air Thursday on NBC's "Today" show and "Dateline."

She said her marriage is "awesome," and she denounced recent media reports that Kevin Federline is living in the basement of their home.

She goes on to say that scrutiny from the paparazzi has made her an "emotional wreck," and they've "crossed the line a little bit" by showing her in private moments.

She also defended her parenting skills. "I know I'm a good mom," she said.

She drew criticism earlier this year when she was photographed with her infant son sitting on her lap as she drove. She said growing up in Louisiana she'd sit on her dad's lap while he drove. "We're country," she said.

We’re country? Britney, did you seriously just say that in an interview? W.T. is more like it… just like I said before on this post here, she is slowly catching the cold hard virus deemed Michael Jackon’itous (or that’s what I’m calling it). If she doesn’t straighten up and do something to reestablish herself as a sane individual in the A-list community, mark my words- her downfall will be just as cold hard and twisted as Michaels. Article here.

Missle balloons... tie them to your car...?

You tie these balloons to your car then drive fast down the road... then it looks like these missles are chasing your car! Semi-sorta-cool? Not sure if these are 'street legal', and I'm not sure what happens when you stop?

Overheard on the streets of New York:

NYU chick: Oh my god, I think it was the worst night of my life. When they found me, I was passed out on the toilet with my pant around my ankles. I'd thrown up into them.
-Attorney & Houston

Drunk girl #1: [coughs]
Drunk girl #2: If you vomit, I swear to God this friendship is over.
-Bleecker St

Girl: Yo, so I heard that this guy fell into a hole and was covered with molten steel and died. What a terrible way to die.
Guy: Eh, not so bad.
Girl: Well, what's worse?
Guy: There was that guy in Germany who cut off this other guy's penis and then ate it.
Girl: He died?
Guy: Yeah, a man dies when his dick is cut off.
-4 train

Teen girl #1: I am so in the mood to get drunk tonight...
Teen girl #2: Yea! Tonight is such a good drunk night.
Teen girl #1: I can't wait to be drunk!
Teen girl #2: I can't wait to be stupid!
Teen boy: You guys say that every night. And have I gotten into either of your pants? No.
-Penn Station

Guy #1 peeing in urinal: [moans loudly]
Guy #2 peeing in urinal: You ok, man?
Guy #1 peeing in urinal: God, I should have used a condom!
-28th & 10th, Crobar

I wonder what they talked about?

Katie = $3 million for marrying Tom Cruise

Numerous Reports have confirmed that Katie Holmes could earn up to $33 million for being Tom Cruise's wife. The huge amount has been revealed in the pre-nuptial agreement that both Tom and Katie have signed.

According to the legal documents, Katie is entitled to earn $3 million a year and up to $33 million for the total period of time she spends as Mrs Cruise. But if the marriage lasts 11 years, she will get half of Tom's fortune.
A source told Newsweek magazine: "If she walks now, Tom will fight her for custody of Suri and Katie can't outlast him in court. She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that." Source.

Perfect partners?

Drinking beer fights prostate cancer...?

For many men, a finding by Oregon researchers sounds too good to be true: an ingredient in beer seems to help prevent prostate cancer, at least in lab experiments. The trouble is you'd theoretically have to drink about 17 beers a day for any potential benefit. And no one's advising that.

Researchers at Oregon State University say that the compound xanthohumol, found in hops, inhibits a protein in the cells along the surface of the prostate gland. The protein acts like a switch that turns on a variety cancers, including prostate cancer.

Dr. Richard N. Atkins, CEO of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition, said the experiments are encouraging and "perhaps men could take it in pill form someday." He noted an ingredient in tomatoes, lycopene, has previously been linked to prostate cancer prevention.

"It's every man's dream to hear that beer and pizza can prevent cancer," he said. "However, the 17 beers and four large pizzas needed to get enough xanthohumol and lycopene to help prevent prostate cancer is unfortunately not advised."

Atkins noted that drinking 17 beers a day can lead to alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver, and overdoing it on pizza can lead to obesity and other health problems. Article here.

Pimp'd truck bed full of speakers...

Paul McCartney's wife was a prostitue?

Heather Mills McCartney has denied allegations she was an expensive prostitute who engaged in group and lesbian sex.

The News of the World reported the 38-year-old estranged wife of Beatle legend Sir Paul was paid thousands of pounds for nights of passion with wealthy Arabs when she was in her 20s.

She was accused of taking part in a threesome with a fellow prostitute and a Saudi Royal for £5,000, making a total of £6,400 for other sessions with an arms dealer, and claiming she could make up to £10,000/$18,429 a night.
However, a statement issued by her lawyers, said: "Heather Mills McCartney strongly denies the allegations in the News of the World.
"These are not new stories and were refuted by her lawyers four years ago when first raised.

"The timing of the article is clearly designed to cause maximum hurt to Heather, her husband and family at this sensitive time." The McCartneys announced their decision to split last month.

Earlier this week, Lady McCartney was featured posing in a series of topless shots from a 1988 German publication, which the Sun called "obscene and pornographic", but which she said were a "lover's guide". Article here.

Instant inflatable bar? Portable Pub?

Designed and built by Airquee Ltd, The pub is the latest development from Andi Francis, who also created the worlds first Inflatable Church. The pub is 40ft long, 19ft wide and 22ft high. It can be customised for use as a fully working pub, with room for a bar and 30 customers. The pub can be erected in 10 minutes with 2 small blowers and can be sited on any firm, level surface. An internal aluminium frame can be used to support additional lighting, sound systems and also doubles as a safety barrier. If my google currency conversion is right, this thing costs $30,407 or 16,500 pounds. Click here for more information.

Bus driver leaves kids on random dirt road

A Michigan school bus driver was suspended after allegedly abandoning some students on a dirt road last month.

Officials from Gaylord Community Schools said bus driver Sena Black forced some students from her bus on May 22.

On a video recording from the bus that included sound, Gaylord Superintendent Carl Hilling said the students can be heard telling the driver that they did not know where they were. Hilling told the Traverse City Record-Eagle that the driver responded by saying: "I don't care."

The video did not show any bad behavior by the students, Hilling told the newspaper. The students called their parents from a nearby home. The Traverse City Record-Eagle reported that Black was suspended with pay until the Gaylord Board of Education meets Monday night.

What a dick! Article here.