Thursday, December 28, 2006

Throwing kids in the air isn't safe, but it looks cool

Woman fakes kidnapping to avoid work

A 21-year-old German woman who did not feel like going to work at a fast food restaurant sent her parents a text message saying she had been kidnapped.

Police in the Bavarian town of Straubing said Wednesday they had launched a massive search throughout the region for the woman who disappeared on December 23 but turned up unscathed the following morning, saying the kidnapper had set her free.

A spokesman said the woman was questioned over the Christmas holiday and admitted she made up the story because she owed a colleague 25 euros ($32.9) and did not have the money to pay her debt. She now faces a fine of up to 1,000 euros. Article here.

A friendly note for 'that guy' who plays his music loud

Birth control breath mints? Yep, they're real...

A pharmaceutical company, Warner Chilcott, announced today the availability of a new chewable birth control pill with a refreshing spearmint flavor.

The product, called "Femcon Fe", is billed as the first and only FDA-approved chewable birth control pill. The company says that one of the leading causes of oral contraceptive failure is not consistently taking these pills everyday. By making it chewable, and tasty, it'll allow women to have more fun.

The Warner Chilcott also says that a chewable form will provide an alternative to women who experience "breakthough bleeding" with traditional birth control pills. Learn more about Femcon Fe at:

Woman crushed by 'leaping dolphin' into boat

A New Zealand woman is in critical condition in hospital after being crushed by a dolphin that leaped on to her boat.

The 27-year-old woman had been watching from the bow of the small boat cruising among the marine mammals off the North Island's Coromandel Peninsula on Tuesday when the bottlenose dolphin landed on her, the New Zealand Herald said.

She suffered serious head injuries and was flown to hospital in Auckland.
The dolphin also smashed the boat's windshield and bow rails before jumping back into the ocean, witnesses told the Herald.

Coast guard official Steve Taylor said the dolphin probably got over-excited and jumped on to the boat, although he had never heard of such an incident before.

Bottlenose dolphins, which can measure up to 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) in length and weigh as much as 260 kg (572 pounds), are known for their friendly behavior toward human beings and seldom become aggressive. Article here.

The 'bat out of hell'

Homelessville, 'Santa vs. Cup o' Soup'

f/justin timberlake

Woman with two wombs gives birth to three girls?

A woman with two wombs has given birth to triplets, in what is believed to the first case of its kind, a hospital official said Friday.

Hannah Kersey, 23, gave birth to three girls in September, said Richard Dottle, a spokesman for Southmead Hospital in Bristol where the babies were born. The children spent nine weeks in the hospital.

The girls -- identical twins delivered from one womb and a single baby from the other -- were delivered by Caesarean section seven weeks early, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported. Article here.

Classy, elegant, refined = words I wouldn’t used to describe Tara Reid

Trucker gets $17,000 ticket? WTF?

A truck driver gets lost in the Philadelphia suburbs and winds up with a $17,000 traffic ticket.

It's not an urban legend - it happened and the NBC 10 Investigators have the proof. William Connell said he couldn't believe his eyes when he got a ticket for $17,751.50.

Carroll is an independent trucker out of Philadelphia. Recently, he was taking a load to be dropped off in East Whiteland Township, an area he was unfamiliar with.
Carroll said he missed a cockeyed sign at a corner where he had to make a right turn. The next thing he knew, he was in a residential neighborhood.

"But once you get in the there with a 53-footer, its impossible to get out," Carroll said.

PennDOT spokesman Charlie Metzger said they, along with the East Whiteland Police Department were just enforcing a law that penalizes trucks that are too heavy for certain bridges and roadways, which might be damaged by overweight vehicles.

The NBC 10 Investigators' Vince DeMentri asked Metzger why the ticket was $17,000.
"It's $150 for the fine, and then it's $150 for every 500 pounds over the 3,000-pound weight limit," Metzger said.

Carroll said it is not fair because the sign warning of the fine was bent and somewhat obstructed. Article here.

It’s not photoshopped, it’s just clever timing

New camera system 'finds' people with traffic tickets

First it was cameras catching people who run red lights, now there is a parking crew operating new system in San Francisco can almost instantaneously find cars with at least five outstanding tickets.

A two-person team roams city streets with two small cameras mounted atop their unmarked vehicle. The cameras can scan 250 or more plates an hour. Read the full article here.

The reverse keg stand? Why? Because he can.

Dude lit a M-80 firecracker inside his truck?

James Rich, 46, was parked outside a convenience store Tuesday afternoon when he lit a powerful illegal firecracker. But Rich couldn't toss the explosive out of his pickup truck fast enough. It blew up in his left hand.

One day later, Rich remained in critical condition at Memorial Regional Hospital. Police are still trying to determine why he lit the device. The blast happened about 1:30 p.m.

Rich lit either an M-80 or M-100 firecracker, both of which are illegal in Florida, said Capt. Tony Rode, a Hollywood police spokesman.

''They are extremely powerful firecrackers,'' Rode said. ``The M-100 is like a quarter stick of dynamite.'' Rich suffered severe burns and was likely to have his left arm amputated, police said. Nobody else was injured.

Police believe Rich may have been selling the explosives, Rode said. Other fireworks were found in his truck. It was unclear whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the explosion. An investigation continues. Article here.

Everyone likes peanut butter, even squirrels?

The various ways the world cures hangovers...

The only sure way of avoiding a hangover is abstinence. For the rest of us, time is the answer.

*In Finland, saunas are a preferred antidote, in the belief that they increase the circulation and therefore sweat out alcohol's toxins faster.

*Russians are said to prefer cabbage soup to replenish lost water and nutrients.
*In Britain, some swear by the concentrated yeast spread Marmite on toast (or, in Australia, Vegemite) while others tout Berocca -- a fizzy vitamin supplement made by Bayer AG.

*The fizzy tablet of choice in the United States is Alka Seltzer, also made by Bayer.

*In some parts, a Prairie Oyster (a concoction egg yolk, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, Tabasco sauce and salt & pepper) has its loyal boosters.

*Aspirin, ibuprofen tablets, cold showers, hot baths, strawberries and peanut butter with honey are not uncommon suggestions.

Still others will swear by Green tea, pickle juice, cola drinks, fruit drinks, sports drinks or a hair of the dog that bit you (another alcoholic drink).

Some argue a greasy meal such as bacon and fried eggs or perhaps pizza will do the trick. Others favor ice packs, milkshakes, a blend of herbs with cardamom, ginger and citrus, or dietary supplements containing borage, artichoke, and prickly pear.

Unfortunately none of these remedies work, according to researchers from the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth. After a comprehensive review of the medical trials, abstracts and studies, the scientists reported in the British Medical Journal: "No compelling evidence exists to suggest that any conventional or complementary intervention is effective for preventing or treating alcohol hangover. The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol induced hangover is thus to practice abstinence or moderation," they said in December 2005

For those for whom neither abstinence nor moderation is an option, be comforted in the knowledge that time is really the most successful treatment. Article here.