Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clever billboard advertisement

...her arms are deteriorating from heroin

(Warning: the following photos below are somewhat graphic)

These shocking photos show the terrible toll that heroin addiction has taken on 27-year-old Rachael Keogh.

Now she could face the terrifying prospect of having both her ravaged arms amputated as her flesh is eaten away.
Rachael admits she is a walking warning of the dangers of drugs — yet she still cannot give up. Telling of her plight, she said: “It’s an absolute nightmare. I’m terrified of losing my arms. The doctors are serious, they’ve warned me.

Tragic Rachael started injecting heroin when she was only 15 — and more than a decade of abuse has destroyed the veins in her arms.

She said: “Because I’ve been using for so long I literally have none left. “I’d be rooting around for veins and you can easily mistake a capillary for a vein.
“They are so small that they can’t handle the heroin. What happens is the heroin burns through them and I literally have necrosis [dead flesh] over my arms. It really upsets me.” Article here.

The world's first mini-van convertible

Dude shoots paint balls at joggers?

A morning jog got very colorful for a woman who was hit in the chest by a paint ball.

A vehicle driver targeted two joggers in separate incidents Wednesday morning, authorities said.

"It appears to be a random act," Brevard County Sheriff's Office spokesman Andy Walters told Florida Today.

The driver first tried to hit a male jogger, but missed and then hit the woman. Authorities are searching for the suspect. Article here.

Ooooohhh shiiiiitt... run dude!

6-year-old boys caught having sex at camp

Two 6-year-old boys were caught performing oral and anal sex at a day camp in Leesburg.

The mother of one of the boys told WESH 2 News that her 6-year old son came home describing oral and anal sex acts he took part in at the city-run summer camp. "I was shocked, upset, concerned and worried as to where my son had learned this from," she said.

The incident occured under a piece of playground equipment, just large enough for the kids to get underneath and conceal what they were doing from counselors. Another camper noticed what was going on.
"[The counselors] were there all over the playground," said Deputy City Manager Jay Evans. "And they weren't clustered all in one area, they were dispersed all over the playground. It's hard to fathom how this happened."

Once counselors got wind of what was going on, Evans said they jumped into action. "We immediately contacted law enforcement, we brought in the Department of Children and Families and the Children's Advocacy Center to see if we'd determine where this inappropriate contact originated," he said.

According to both 6-year-old boys, an 8-year-old boy at camp taught them what to do and this wasn't their first time. "They believe that it happened between eight and 10 times over the course of three weeks," the mother said. Article here.


Odd looking duck, it has 4 legs!

Zhang Baoxiu, a farmer, shows an odd duck with 4 legs in east China's Shandong Province. Zhang Baoxiu bought a duck in June, 2006. The duck has four legs, two of 4 webbed feet are normal, and the others grow together. The duck can walk on land and swim in the water like other normal ducks.

A way to make beer pong more interesting

Pitch a tent in two seconds? Whoa!?!

Outdoor-goods peddler Quechua has come up with a solution for people who like camping except for all that work and stuff: the 2-second tent. As in that's how long it takes to set up. Yes, 2 seconds; simply toss the folded-up tent in the air, and by the time it hits the ground, it's pitched. All you have to do then is attach it to the ground with tent pegs so it doesn't blow away or anything. Pretty sweet huh?

Available in two- or three-person sizes, and they're available online now and range in price from about $65 to about $83. Click here to buy one.

The coolest bar I've ever seen... iBar

Top 50 Risky Cities for Identity Theft

Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another individual’s personal data in a way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain.

Sperling’s Best Places, which ranks cities based on a number of factors, conducted a study of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States and gauged the cities at the highest and lowest risk for identity theft or iJacking. Article here.

Most Risky Cities for Identity Theft
1) San Francisco
2) Seattle
3) Denver
4) San Jose
5) San Diego
6) Atlanta
7) Salt Lake City
8) Las Vegas
9) Sacramento
10) Phoenix
11) Portland
12) Washington
13) Dallas-Fort Worth
14) Riverside
15) Los Angeles
16) Chicago
17) Minneapolis-St. Paul
18) Austin
19) Charlotte
20) Orlando
21) Indianapolis
22) Houston
23) Miami
24) Detroit
25) Baltimore
26) Boston
27) Kansas City
28) Hartford
29) New York
30) Philadelphia
31) Columbus
32) Tampa
33) Oklahoma City
34) St. Louis
35) San Antonio
36) Milwaukee
37) Jacksonville
38) Richmond
39) Memphis
40) Nashville
41) Rochester
42) Providence
43) Cincinnati
44) Cleveland
45) Virginia Beach
46) New Orleans
47) Birmingham
48) Louisville
49) Buffalo
50) Pittsburgh