Sunday, June 12, 2005

Chips & Giggles...

Star Wars fans will admit this is hilarious.

Girlfight with Celebrities!

Everyone loves watching fights- no movie isn’t complete without one. Audiences have thrilled to rock stars, actors, athletes, world leaders, and supermodels, putting their lives on the line to defend their good names. In order to promote Brooke Valentine’s new single “Girlfight,” her website lets you fight a girl of your choice. It’s pretty entertaining, especially the Lil’ Jon quotes if you win or lose! Take your pick and fight: Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Ciara, or Lil' Kim.

Check out this site-
Brooke Valentine’s Celebrity Girlfight!

Coldplay Album...not #1:

This wacky cell phone ringtone called "Crazy Frog" has now crossed into the UK music charts. In fact it is so hot, that it prevented Coldplay's new single from entering the number one spot (read article here) on the UK singles chart. After listening to the ring tone...I find it hard to believe the popularity- whatever.

Anyways, watch & listen to what "everyone" is craving, the Crazy Frog Video.