Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Doesn’t take much to make some people smile

Which costume should my roommate wear?

So my roommate Scott has narrowed down his costume choices down to the following two costumes. Which do you think he should get? I'm thinking he should get the 'Car-Freshner' one. We could go buy a bottle of real car-freshner and soak him in it. It'd be awesome.

Dude & chick showing off their quarters skills

Scarlett Johansson is recording a CD album?

Scarlett Johansson has signed a record deal with Rhino Records. "Scarlett Sings Tom Waits" is being recorded now and through the winter, with a possible release next spring. Don't worry though, word on the street is she can sing.

Fox news said: "Fear not, though. Unlike some other recent pop tarts, Scarlett — who turns 22 next month — can actually sing; she is no Paris Hilton. Also, her choice of material is a tad more sophisticated. She's making a whole album of songs by Tom Waits, one of the premier singer-songwriters in the business." Side note: Scarlett Johansson is/always has been damn gorgeous. Article here.

"Wash Me" taken to a new level = dust art?

Scott Wade of San Marcos, TX is perhaps the only person who could say he's done this, making art with dust on the back of cars.

Living on an unpaved road ensures that the back glass of Wade's MINI Cooper always has a willing canvas. In addition to his fingers, Wade also uses more traditional tools like brushes as well as unconventional ones like popsicle sticks to create his inspired dust art.

What’s your favorite celebrities bra size?

I will be the first to admit there is absolutely no intellectual use for this information… except of the fact you can verify any 'assumptions' you may have.

Alicia Silverstone 33-B

Alyssa Milano 34-B
Anna Kournikova 32-B
Anna Nicole Smith 42-DD
Demi Moore 34-C
Denise Drysdale 38-DDD
Dolly Parton 40-DD
Elizabeth Hurley 36-C
Joan Rivers 34-B
Julia Roberts 34-B
Kate Moss 32-A
Kate Winslet 34-C
Madonna 34-C
Sarah Michelle Gellar 36-C
Britney Spears 34-C
Carmen Electra 36-D
Cher 32-B
Gwyneth Paltrow 33-B
Halle Berry 36-C
Heather Locklear 34-B
Kathie Lee Gifford 35-B
Katie Holmes 34-C
Michelle Pfeiffer 33-B
Tara Lipinski 32-A
Janet Jackson 35-C
Ivana Trump 33-B
Jennifer Love Hewitt 36-C
Jenny McCarthy 38-D
Pamela Anderson 36-DD
Nicole Kidman 34-B
Jennifer Aniston 34-B

Dude send text message cell phone robber?

[Dumbass] Two robbery suspects thought they had gotten away with a pile of cash overnight in Utah. Jared Colwell and three other men were just trying to sleep at 3:00 a.m. Tuesday when two men in ski masks busted in the door. Jared's brother Cooper was asleep on the couch.

The men in masks began yelling, telling them to get up and give them all their money, wallets, and cell phones. Jared says he was so shocked that nothing was going through his head as he handed over all his belongings.

The robbers left, but Jared and Cooper thought they may have recognized one of the voices as a friend who had stayed with them for a couple of weeks before.

So the boys came up with a plan. Jared figured they had his phone so he tried to call it a couple times, when they didn't pick up he sent a text message. The text message said "Randy, I really want my phone back. I'll pay you $300 for the phone right now."

It took twenty minutes before a response came back that said "Okay, let's do this." The plan was to meet and do the exchange at a nearby Smith's store. To everyone's surprise the suspects showed up to the arranged meeting place and hid behind the dumpster behind the store.

When they came out to try and rob their victims of the $300, instead they found police who immediately took them into custody. Justin Brooks and Randall Talbot were both charged with aggravated robbery. As for Jared and Cooper, they think it is pretty funny that their plan worked and the two suspects fell for the bait. Article here.

Human pong costume, clever? Or just dumb?

Nintendo / Super Mario underwear? Heck yeah!

Top 25 Smartest States in the U.S.

Morgan Quinto Press ranked states by a number of education factors, including dropout and graduation rates, school test scores and proficiency ratings, teacher salaries, student-teacher ratios and public school spending. Source.

4.)New Jersey
12.)New Hampshire
14.)Rhode Island
16.)New York
17.)South Dakota
21.)North Dakota
23.)North Carolina