Friday, January 12, 2007

2006, was a great year -- I think I remember it.

Just some of my thoughts...

Well, this work week is finally over and I couldn’t be more glad. Let’s just say there were long nights trying to complete some deliverables on all my active Projects at work.

On top of all of that, one night while I was working late I managed to drop my life a.k.a. my cell phone (Treo 650), and I totally cracked the screen (see below). Sucks doesn’t it? Well, I don’t have insurance, which is fine because Sprint only charges a flat $50 to repair it. Which… still kind of baffles me. If you think about it… most people pay $10 a month for insurance for their cell phone – but it only costs a flat $50 to fix it if you don’t have insurance? Why the heck would anyone pay a monthly charge if it’s only a one time $50 charge to fix the phone if you break it? Whatever.

For those of you who may remember, back in October’ish I tore my ACL (knee). Well today I had a follow-up morning doctor appointment just to review progress. When I got there, at 9:00 AM, the secretary made me sit and a chair and wait up until about 9:15. Which is fine, but I knew I had to leave at 9:30 in order to make it in time for a meeting I had with a client. So… tactfully I proceeded to nurse and said something to the extent of, “look I’m not trying force you to bring out the doctor, but I have a meeting I cannot be late for today, and when the clock hits 9:30 I’m walking out the door no questions asked.” The nurse looked at me befuddled and said, “uh, er, let me see what I can work out for you”. At that point, I didn’t know what to expect – she could of very well come back and say ‘sorry, make another appointment’. But… sure enough 30 seconds later the doctor walked in, looked at my knee for grand total of 3 minutes, and I was in my car by 9:28 in time for my meeting.

What’s my point? Nothing really, except waiting at the doctors office sucks ass, and no one should ever have to wait longer than they are needed. End of story.

-- Ramsey

Dude's SUV get's totally f'd in the ice

Couple kills neighbors after a noise complaint

An Italian couple have confessed to killing four neighbors including a toddler after a long feud over noise, a prosecutor said Thursday, resolving a gruesome murder case that has held the country in thrall.

Thirty-year-old Raffaella Castagna, her two-year-old son, her mother and a neighbor were found with their throats slit in Castagna's apartment in the wealthy northern town of Erba. Their home had been set on fire.

The press immediately fingered Castagna's husband, a Tunisian immigrant recently freed from jail under a mass pardon, only to offer rare front-page apologies when it emerged that at the time of the murders he was on a trip to his homeland.

The vicious nature of the murders fueled talk of a vendetta linked to the Tunisian's previous conviction for drug dealing. But earlier this week police arrested Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, an apparently respectable middle-aged couple with no criminal record living in the same building. They confessed in a 10-hour interrogation and Bazzi said she killed the two-year-old, investigators said.

Police were eventually led to the culprits by a 60-year-old neighbor who was attacked and left for dead when he tried to help the victims. They also found blood in Romano's car. Article here.

70-inch TV gets hole from Wii remote, $4k TV

Dude kisses guy... then gets knocked the f*-out

By far best place to work in the world, Google!

Dude sends 182,689 text messages in one month?

Web News India reports that a gentleman from Ludhiana (India) found a unique way for getting his name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. He sent 182,689 text messages in one month.

That makes 6000 text messages a day. Deepak Sharma aims to increase the number to 300,000 in the coming month.

Deepak sends messages to all his relatives and friends, who fortunately, fully support in his endeavour. His wireless operator, Airtel, sent him a 1,411 page bill. Article here.

Caption this...

'Garbage man prank'... he didn't find it that funny

thanks nate

Chances are you don't have a good password

How good are the passwords people are choosing to protect their computers and online accounts? Common Passwords:

The top 20 passwords are (in order):
password1, abc123, myspace1, password, blink182, qwerty1, fuckyou, 123abc, baseball1, football1, 123456, soccer, monkey1, liverpool1, princess1, jordan23, slipknot1, superman1, iloveyou1 and monkey.

The most common password, "password1," was used in 0.22 percent of all accounts. The frequency drops off pretty fast after that: "abc123" and "myspace1" were only used in 0.11 percent of all accounts, "soccer" in 0.04 percent and "monkey" in 0.02 percent.

For those who don't know, Blink 182 is a band. Presumably lots of people use the band's name because it has numbers in its name, and therefore it seems like a good password. The band Slipknot doesn't have any numbers in its name, which explains the 1. The password "jordan23" refers to basketball player Michael Jordan and his number. And, of course, "myspace" and "myspace1" are easy-to-remember passwords for a MySpace account. I don't know what the deal is with monkeys. Full article here.