Friday, February 09, 2007

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New study shows women are aroused by men's sweat?

For women, apparently there's nothing like the smell of a man's sweat. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley said women who sniffed a chemical found in male sweat experienced elevated levels of an important hormone, along with higher sexual arousal, faster heart rate and other effects.

They said the study, published this week in the Journal of Neuroscience, represents the first direct evidence that people secrete a scent that influences the hormones of the opposite sex.

The study focused on androstadienone, considered a male chemical signal. Previous research had established that a whiff of it affected women's mood, sexual and physiological arousal and brain activation. Its impact on hormones was less clear.

A derivative of testosterone, it is found in male sweat as well as in saliva and semen. It smells somewhat musky. "It really tells us that a lot of things can be triggered by smelling sweat," Claire Wyart, who led the study, said in an interview on Wednesday.

The researchers measured levels of the hormone cortisol in the saliva of 48 female undergraduates at Berkeley, average age of about 21, after the women took 20 sniffs from a jar of androstadienone. Cortisol is secreted by the body to help maintain proper arousal and sense of well-being, respond to stress and other functions.

Cortisol levels in the women who smelled androstadienone shot up within roughly 15 minutes and stayed elevated for up to an hour. Consistent with previous research, the women also reported improved mood, higher sexual arousal, and had increased blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. Article here.

Photoworthy: airplane cockpit

Teacher has sex with 16-year-old student in closet

A high school teacher and coach has been charged with having sex with a 16-year-old student in a classroom storage closet.

Shawn Trotter, 34, a history teacher at South Fork High School, was arrested Monday and remained held Tuesday on $225,000 bail, Martin County Sheriff's Lt. Jenell Atlas said.

Trotter is charged with three counts of sexual activity with a minor. The investigation began after two students told school officials last week they knew of a teacher who was having a sexual relationship with another student, according to a sheriff's report.

The 16-year-old girl acknowledged to detectives she had sex with Trotter, authorities said. According to the report, Trotter and the girl had sex in a classroom storage closet after school on Jan. 18. The two had sex two more times over the next two weeks, the report said.

Trotter is on paid administrative leave while the case is pending, said school district spokeswoman Cathy Brennan. She said Trotter coached freshman girls basketball last year and was currently coaching the freshman boys basketball team. Article here.

This is your butt in prison?

Bears fan loses bet, has to change name to Peyton Manning

Scott Wiese braved the snow to show up at the Macon County Courts Facility and file the paperwork to change his name to that of the star quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. Wiese, a die-hard Chicago Bears fan who lives in Forsyth, had pledged to his friends that if his beloved team did not win Super Bowl XLI on Sunday, he would legally change his name to the man who led the Indiana nemesis to victory.

"A bunch of friends and I were talking one night before the game, and there was a little alcohol involved," said Wiese, 26. "I made the bet, and now I've got to keep it. I chose Manning because, well, he is kind of the face of the Colts franchise."

For those who had earlier doubted his resolve to go through with it, Wiese had signed a solemn pledge in front of some 200 people Friday night in Katz Piano Bar in downtown Decatur. With Sunday's 29-17 score having declawed the Bears, Wiese duly presented himself at the courts facility to start the official name change process. He will have to advertise his intention in the Herald & Review for several weeks and then appear before a judge to explain why he can't go on being Scott Wiese. Full article here.

[semi-sorta-funny] The cat fight.

She must really like the color pink? and teddy bears?

Dad leaves toddler out in the cold to freeze to death

A man angry his toddler daughter wouldn't go to bed knocked her unconscious and left her to die outside in single-digit temperatures, police said.

The frozen body of Nyia Miangel Page, who was about to turn 2, was found Sunday at an abandoned playground about a 10-minute walk from the family's home.

Tiny footprints in the snow suggest she had gotten up and wandered around before she died, police said. Her father, William Lorenzo Page, 23, of Braddock, was arrested Wednesday on charges of criminal homicide, kidnapping, false reports and simple assault.

He has been in custody since Sunday, when he was charged with sexually abusing another child shortly before Nyia died.

Page told police he woke up early Saturday and found the girl awake and playing near a mirror in the hallway, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday night. He said he got angry when the girl wouldn't go back to bed and he hit her so hard she lost consciousness, the complaint said.

Police said Page told them he took the girl outside wrapped in a blanket and left her, still breathing, beside railroad tracks near a bridge. Full article here.

Conan's an ass-clown: Vomiting Kermit & Masturbating Bear

Grandfather fights 'mother-f'in snake' to free grandson

A 66-year-old man saved his grandson from the grip of a 16-foot-long (5 meter) anaconda by beating the snake with rocks and a knife for half an hour, authorities said Thursday.

"When I saw the snake wrapped around my grandson's neck I thought it was going to kill him," Joaquim Pereira told Brazil's Agencia Estado news service. "It was agonizing, I pulled it from one side, but it would come back on the other."

Pereira's 8-year-old grandson, Mateus, was attacked by the anaconda while wandering near a creek on his grandfather's ranch in the city of Cosmorama, about 250 miles (400 kilometers) northwest of Sao Paulo.
While the boy was playing with friends, the snake attacked and wrapped itself around him, police officer Hudson Augusto said. Anacondas are not poisonous, but kill their prey by coiling around them and squeezing until victims suffocate.

Mateus' friends ran to get his grandfather, who reached the scene and battled with the snake until he had hurt it so badly that it let go of his grandson. Mateus had to be rushed to a hospital and needed 21 stitches on his chest where he was bitten. He was later released.

Globo TV showed footage of the dead snake, which weighed about 77 pounds (35 kilograms). Police said anacondas are not uncommon in the region where the attack occurred, but attacks on people are rare. Article here.

Justin Timberlake: Dick in a Box (Live at Madison Square)

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Hmm, I must of missed this episode, looks interesting

Dog eats owner's $5,000 wedding ring

Here is a dog with expensive taste: A pit bull ate its owner's $5,000 wedding ring before being made to throw it up again. Tina Burlett had thought someone broke into her house and stole the custom-made ring. But her grandmother suspected the family dog, Missy.

X-rays showed she was right. "I couldn't believe it," Burlett told The Monroe Evening News. "I didn't think so at the time, but it's funny now."

Missy has been caught gnawing on VCRs, electric blankets and even Burlett's diamond earring. "I did have a dog eat a watch once," said Dr. Linda Fung of the Country Creek Animal Hospital. "Animals swallow a lot of stuff. It's not an unusual thing. We just made her throw it up." Article here.