Monday, August 15, 2005

I hate Rolling Stone Magazine...

I’m fed up and pissed off at Rolling Stone. This feeling was wrought after reading an article written by little known magazine you may know of, Rolling Stone. What am I upset about? Specifically critics, judges, writers, and some of the media. My feelings are concerning an overwhelming trend that is “swiffering” society. Let me elaborate for you. The article I read was a review for the recently released Jason Mraz album. Writer Rob Sheffield tore apart Jason Mraz’s new album. I mean ripped the damn thing up- hardcore. Let me quote from his review- “It's as if Jimmy Fallon and David Gray had a baby, suckled by Edie Brickell and diapered by the Spin Doctors." He gave Mraz’s album 1½ stars. Whoa. Easy there kiddo. You have to be pretty darn livid with an album to give it 1½ stars. His album is really good in my mind (and a lot of my friends). Then it hit me. I realized why I never have like reading these little known magazines like Rolling Stone- as well as movie critic reviews, national & local news paper reviews, etc. They suck at life (but it’s not their fault). Why? (partially the reason is if your job was to watch movies all day or listen to music and then write reviews about them, you’d be critical about every nit-picking detail, even if to the common person it’s good music.) I feel the gap between what the public and “critics” view as quality entertainment is widening by the day. How many times have you ever gone to a movie that was supposed to be the “most critically acclaimed movie of the year” …and come to find out after watching some 3 hour long epic- it’s the most critically acclaimed piece of crap you’ve ever seen. Why do you think blogging is so popular? Well incase you haven’t realized it- it’s because its people like you and me voicing their actual opinions & interests. There is no “boss,” “Associated Press,” or “parent company” looking over our shoulder telling us what we can write and how we should feel. So I guess my entire way to long drawn out call-to-action of this rant is to value opinion. More specifically- value the source of the opinion. Before I go out and purchase a CD or rent/buy a DVD- I hold in high regard the independent opinions on such any true open user opinion websites, and forums like or from fellow bloggers like myself, way before I’ll let Rolling Stone tell me what to buy.

Caption these two pictures...

Tickle-me-Elmo 2.0, the new holiday toy!

Question- What is Eng-rish?

Answer- Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. See example below.

Pamela Anderson likes wearing see-through shirts.

So…the Pamela Anderson Roast on Comedy Central last night was hilariously fantastically awesome. Crude jokes and sexual references to body parts and sexual acts where the majority of the topics discussed the entire night. So it was good ‘ol quality American television. One thing that you couldn’t avoid noticing was how amazingly “cracked” out Courtney Love still is. I know she’s out of rehab- but I hope its just vacation leave of absence. If you get a chance to TIVO the show- I recommend it, there’s some good laughs to be had when watching this broadcast. Check out the trailer for the program here. And here are some pictures & memorable quotes from the show…

"Pam broke my sunglasses the other day, but I guess its my fault for still wearing them." - Courtney Love

"Who thinks Courtney Love looks worse than Kurt Cobain currently does?" -
Jeffrey Ross

"Pam has two gorgeous sons. They're actually the only two guys who have ever come out of Pam." -
Sarah Silverman

Click here to read more quotes, or check out some pictures of the Pam Anderson herself below. I’m really not surprised she wore what she did for the show. Are you?