Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From 'jihad-the-musical', this is 'I wanna be like Osama'.

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Dude survives after being hit by car twice.

A man considers himself lucky after being hit by a car twice. "I feel lucky to be alive," said Keith Dionne. "When I seen the car not putting its brakes on I thought I was going to die."

Dionne, 38, was walking and remembers crossing the street and turning to wave to a group of friends. They watched with disbelief as a car just kept coming. Those same friends were able to help police in the investigation.

"There was a lot of people who ran up to the car, so I think he, I've done the same thing in my life too. I've reacted real quick; just got scared and done the wrong things before too," said Dionne. » Article here


Chick totally face plants into bike ramp.

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The inspection.


Dude admits to sexually molesting cows. Slightly embarrassing, huh?

A man caught in a dairy barn just before midnight in late May was not only violating the boundaries of the farmer’s property, but he admitted to police that he was there sexually molesting the cows.

Fifty-six year old Gregory Viens, of Fayston, pleaded no contest last week in Vermont District Court to the misdemeanor charge of unlawful trespass and paid the court $601 in fines for his crime.

Viens was caught in the barn when a farm employee, who had noticed Viens vehicle parked near the farm, went around to the back of the barn and caught Viens in there. Viens attempted to run away from the farm employee, but was taken into custody until police arrived about five minutes later. » Article here