Thursday, September 15, 2005

He's no spider man...

Lindsay Lohan gets "felt up"...

This is somewhat creepy to look at (I'm sure no harm was intended). Director Robert Altman “feels up” Lindsay Lohan's leg during the filming of A Prairie Home Companion (new movie coming out about what goes on backstage during the last broadcast of America's most celebrated radio show). Ewww, gross.

Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite?

Check out this video called, "Bill Gates Goes To College." Everyone has been talking about it (in the computer world). It was shown at the most recent Microsoft Development Conference (basically a convention to discuss Windows Vista, Office 12 and other software matters). It’s awesome they filmed new footage with Napoleon Dynamite to make this video- of course it is Microsoft, and they can do just about anything. Pretty funny stuff- even if it is about computers.

(click image to watch video)

Fun time-killer bungee dog game...

Check out this entertaining game. You “bungee” the dog on to different platforms while trying to collect coins.

(click image to launch game)

Caption these...

Women hooking up with Angelina Jolie?

More than half of college-aged women would hook up with Angelina Jolie, according to a Playboy survey.

Jolie got the highest marks from college women, with 57 percent reporting they'd get it on with Jolie. She even beat out her sex-symbol superstar, Brad Pitt (side note: he went to my high school), who only inspired 54 percent of women polled to cheat on their boyfriends.

This is defiantly good news for all the guys out there. I’m not sure how it really is...but if you find yourself ever around Angelina Jolie, and your girlfriend is with you, some magic could be coming your way.

How not to wake your wife up…

This video is awesome. This guy dresses up as Darth Vader and decides to wake up his wife in the middle of the night. I know what your thinking- sounds like a great idea already. For you Star Wars fans, you won’t be disappointed- he uses authentic sound effects to enhance the prank (of course, why wouldn't he right?). I love it! I think I'll try this on my rooommates sometime.

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The world is officially gone crazy…

Some stories are so crazy you ask yourself why would anyone do that? Why is person compelled to take outrageous actions? Attention? Supremacy? Anyways, check this out- this gas station employee urinated in a Mountain Dew bottle and put it on the store shelves. Lab tests have been done to confirm the accusation. The victim became suspicious of the drink after he chugged the beverage.

"He vomited three or four times afterward."

Upon the advice of an infectious-disease doctor, the victim was being tested for diseases such as gonorrhea and hepatitis C.

Click here to read the entire article.

Christina Aguilera looks like crap...

Christina Aguilera looks like she just got off a three-week bender in this picture. Oh, also she looks like she got some sort of piercing too. What a naughty girl.

College professor sues for text message…

A college professor has threatened legal action after he received a short, but not so sweet, mobile phone text message informing him that he had been suspended. The text message read:

"The governing body of the college has decided to suspend you. Don't come to the college premises anymore."

Supposedly it was sent via text message (cell phone) because notification by mail would have taken too long.

Yeah, uh, pretty sure I think this is where using technology for the sake of time and convenience is not appropriate, and defiantly is crossing the line of professionalism in the workplace. Read the entire article here.