Saturday, August 13, 2005

The holy sh** timeline of pictures...

This sucks. Bad News Bears for these guys.

More Cool Artwork...

I'm not sure why I'm all over the artwork websites today- but check this artist out- Anne Marsh. These paintings where made with watercolour and absolute matteon on canvas. Kind of freaky- yet cool.

Take the color test! Left vs. Right brain!

Have a hard time thinking with your left vs. right brain? Take the color test!

Unknown "masked" artist...

The artist known as Banksy has decorated Israel's controversial West Bank barrier with satirical images of life on the other side. One depicts a hole in the wall with an idyllic beach, while another shows a mountain landscape on the other side.

Banksy, who hails from the
UK city of Bristol, never allows himself to be photographed and created the images last week. If your into "modern" artwork check out his website. He's got some cool stuff on there.

Click here to launch his website