Thursday, January 19, 2006

...because having just one beer isn't enough

Woman tries to strip for money at airport

A nude tourist was arrested at the international airport in Cancun, Mexico as she tried to raise funds for her return airline ticket by stripping in the terminal and asking for money from other tourists.

The woman was identified by Mexican officials as 22 year-old Vera Tulukasova, a Lithuanian national.

A portion of the airport was closed off while police arrested the disrobed woman. "She stripped in front of several dozen confused travelers who were waiting for their flights," according to an airport janitor who witnessed the incident.

Police suspect the woman was under the influence of an unspecified drug.

Police suspect she was on drugs? Come one people- it's freakin' Cancun! Of course she was on drugs. Article here.

Cars run over man on highway, and keep driving!

As many as eight cars hit a man who apparently jumped off the Lake Mary Boulevard overpass onto Interstate 4 during rush hour Monday, according to a Local 6 News report.

Witnesses said several cars were not able to avoid a body in the westbound lanes of I-4 at about 5:45 a.m. near Lake Mary Boulevard.

"He was literally torn apart by the vehicles who ran over him," Local 6 reporter Jessica Sanchez said. Witnesses said some of the drivers pulled over to the side of the road after hitting the body.

"At the time I hit it, my truck lifted off the ground," motorist Danny Bower said. "That's when I realized it was something more than a dog."

Many other vehicles continued driving on I-4 after hitting the man, witnesses told Local 6 News.

"We stood there after calling police and I think at least three or four more vehicles hit it," Bower said. "And kept driving?" Sanchez asked. "Yeah," Bower said.

After an initial investigation, it was determined that the man likely parked his GMC truck on the overpass and either jumped or fell onto the interstate.

There was blood found on the overpass but police are not certain where the man was bleeding from.

Wow, I don't even know what to say. I know all of America is in a hurry to get everywhere right away... but you could atleast take the time to swerve... or better yet stop for a dead man on the highway? Article here.

Two examples of: Having a sh*tty day

Overheard in the streets of New York

Man on cell: Hello?...Yeah, I'm at the movies...Yeah, I know...I'm in the fucking theater!...I don't care if she needs brain surgery, I'm at the movies!

Loews 19th Street East


Guy on cell: So how many Mexicans are trying to seduce you?

46th & 8th
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Incredible stunt pulled off in Grand Theft Auto

If you have ever played Grand Theft Auto, or just enjoy a good video game- you gotta see this video. Great for a chuckle. Click here to watch the video.

Guy puts his Ex-Girlfriend up for sale on eBay

"You are bidding BRAND NEW slut bag ex girlfriend. This new ex girlfriend is 100% slut bag, brand new in box, never opened. She can be seen in the picture below pretending to burn my stuff. There is no reserve for this slut bag ex girlfriend, so please bid freely. I promise you wont be disappointed."

Is it just me, or can you feel the palpable frustration bleeding through his description? Oh, he also offers free shipping on his ex-girlfriend if you use the ‘Buy-it-Now’ fuction. Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

A freakin' sweet time-killer game

Click and hold the red square.

Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks. If you make it to 18 seconds you are doing f*ckin awesome!

You are forewarned: This game is extremely addicting.

Overheard in the Office

Employee #1: Sometimes I just get caught up in all this stuff, it's so hectic.
Employee #2: You have to stop once in a while and find some sunshine.
Employee #1: I'd rather just find some moonshine.

50 West State Street
Trenton, New Jersey


Tech: Oh crap, I've been infected by Google.

30833 Northwestern Highway
Farmington Hills, Michigan

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A Parrot spills the beans about cheating girlfriend

"Hiya, Gary!" the parrot trilled flirtatiously whenever Chris Taylor's girlfriend answered her cell phone.

But Taylor, the owner of the parrot, did not know anyone named Gary. And his girlfriend, Suzy Collins, who had moved into his apartment a year earlier, swore that she didn't, either. She stuck to her story even after the parrot, Ziggy, began making lovey-dovey, smooching noises when it heard the name Gary on television.

And so it went until the fateful day just before Christmas when, as Taylor and Collins snuggled together on the sofa, Ziggy blurted out, "I love you, Gary," his voice a dead ringer for Collins'.

"It sent a chill down my spine," Taylor, a 30-year-old computer programmer from Leeds, told British reporters on Monday. "I started laughing, but when I looked at Suzy I could tell something was up. Her face was like beet root, and she started to cry."

Gary, it turned out, was Collins' former colleague and current secret lover. And not only had Collins, a 25-year-old call-center worker, been cheating on Taylor, but she had been doing it in front of the bird.

"It makes my stomach churn to think about what he might have seen or heard them doing," Taylor said of Ziggy, as reported in the Daily Telegraph and other newspapers.

He had owned Ziggy, named after the David Bowie character, since Ziggy was a chick, eight years ago, and watched with pride as Ziggy began mimicking everything he heard -- the television, people's voices, the vacuum cleaner, the doorbell. But when it became clear that Ziggy could not be taught to stop saying "Gary," Taylor found a new home for the bird through a dealer.

"I felt like I'd been stabbed through the heart every time my phone rang or he heard the name on the telly," he said.

As for Collins, she and Taylor split up the evening of the "I love you, Gary" incident.

Tracked down by the newspapers at the home of friends, Collins (who has since split up with Gary, too) said that although she was not proud of what had happened, she and Taylor had been having problems and would have broken up anyway. Nor, she said, had she ever taken to the bird, resenting Taylor for preferring to stay home with Ziggy rather than go out with her.

"I'm surprised to hear he's got rid of that bloody bird," Collins was quoted as saying. "He spent more time talking to it than he did to me." She added, speaking of Ziggy: "I couldn't stand him, and it looks now like the feeling was mutual."

Interesting. Maybe I’ll get my girlfriend a parrot for Valentines day…hmmmm. Think about it. It’s like having hiring private eye detective to keep watch at your girlfriends crib 24/7. Now I wonder how much Parrot’s are? My roommate claims they are two-grand for just one parrot. Horse-ka-ka if you ask me. Article here.

High Definition panoramic pictures of Europe

This website has some amazing High Definition quality panoramic pictures of various cities/landmarks in Europe. The pictures are simply amazing to look at. You really feel like you’re there. My favorite was looking at the Colosseum at night.

Click here to see high quality full screen panoramic pictures in Europe.

Caption this

Two dudes win beer pong championship

A pair of recent University of Michigan graduates won $5,000 for being the best at a national beer pong tournament.

Jason Coben and Nick Velissaris are the champions of the "World Series of Beer Pong," which took place earlier this month near Las Vegas. The two beat out more than 160 other competitors to split the $10,000 grand prize.

Beer pong is played this way: While standing, players attempt to toss a Ping Pong ball into cups that are partially filled with beer at the other end of the table. If the players succeed, their opponents are forced to drink the beer in the cup.

Critics say the game encourages binge drinking, but Coben and Velissaris say it's not about irresponsible drinking. They say it's a way to have a good time with friends.

It promotes binge drinking? No way. I don't believe it. The rules state that the opposing player has to drink the beer in the cup that the ping-pong lands in. In no way does it emphasize drinking the beer quickly. In fact, drinking the beer quickly is not part of the ‘design/rules/architecture’ of the game. The binge drinking is induced by your best friend, who is across the table yelling at you to ‘f*ckin down that beer Sally!’ Beer pong. It may be just a fad for now, but it is a great American college tradition. Article here.

Hospital X-rays showing things kids swallow

A safety pin lodged in a child's throat

A fork lodge in a kids stomach

How to cheat on any scantron test in school

Are you in school? Do you cheat in school? Would you like to cheat in school? Hypothetically, if you were in school would you like to cheat? If so, keep reading…

So this dude wrote an article claiming he knows how to ‘cheat’ scantron machines. He claims that he performed ‘ACTUAL experiments with ACTUAL Scantrons and Scanning Machines.’ After reading his methods, I’m a little weary if this actually works. But who knows- maybe this does work? Click here to read how to cheat on any scantron test.

Bitter beer face

A website that will make you f'in chuckle- a lot

Check out this company's profile:

We have really smart people who are always thinking up totally cool shit. We have a meeting room with a big, round, expensive table. When you hire us for marketing and consulting projects, we spend lots of time sitting around the table having meetings.

Our female staff members are all hot, so, even if there's nothing to meet about, we'll sit and flirt with them, and charge you for the time. When one of our new-age marketing gurus or design experts or consultants has an idea, the rest of us look at him or her with serious expressions and write stuff down on paper.

We also have one of those dry-erase boards on the wall, and we take turns making flow-charts and brain-storming and talking about "injecting creativity into market positioning," and cool stuff like that.

Click here to read more about the HUH-Corporation (trust me you won't be disappointed, a f*ckin great chuckle).