Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This is how I feel about the cold weather

Kick-ass Christmas Light Decorations

So you know that person in your neighborhood that always decorates with an overly obnoxious abundance of Christmas lights? Well I guarantee you haven’t seen anything till you’ve seen these houses below. These houses below feature usually around at least 75,000+ lights and of course tons of excessive holiday lawn ornaments. Click here to see more Christmas light decorations.

The one thing you can’t miss though is this video below. It is of a house that who has a huge number of lights but has also decided to give it a little extra ‘kick’ by adding music to make it interesting. In real life, when you pull up to the house… you tune in to their FM transmitted radio station that synchronizes with their lighting display. TRUST ME, this is cool (even though it’s cheesy- but hey it’s Christmas)! Crank up the speakers, and prepare yourself to watch this bad ass video. Gosh I love Christmas. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE X-MAS LIGHT SPECTACULAR.

An interview with an honest boss?

So anyone who has ever had job with a demanding boss, you’ll probably find this entertaining… it addresses such issues as “overtime, open door policies, promotions, and sick days.” Oh the corporate workplace what fun it is. Click to see the Interview with an Honest Boss.

(click to view)

Where's the rake?

You gotta watch this. I know the title of this post does not make any sense, but once you watch this video- it will all come together (I promise). Definitely worth your time and good for a chuckle. Click here to see what I’m talking about.

(click image to watch video)
[thanks Scott!]

Do you know what a Camel Toe is?

Chances are you have heard of what Wikipedia is (a free online content encyclopedia). It’s great, you can look up almost anything you have questions about. However, you probably were not aware that there is a definition for ‘camel toe’ listed. Yes, that’s right- let me familiarize you (if you don’t know already):

slang term for the appearance of a crease between a woman's labia majora in the fabric of clothing over the genital region…”

Click here to read more (complete definition with a picture?)

Tell me if you still want kids after watching this

So you know how some people say it sucks having kids? Well here is video proof that it does. Yeah, uh, wow is all I have to say about this video. It’s one of those things that’s so hard to watch- but you keep watching anyways, because you wanna know what happens? Click here to find out what I’m talking about.

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Japanese dude eats 67 burgers in 8 minutes!

Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi swallowed 67 hamburgers in eight minutes to win $10,000 and retain his title as Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Champion.

The Japanese contender fended off San Diego State University engineering student Joey Chestnut, who was tied with Kobayashi at 60 burgers with 37 seconds left.

"If I didn't have Chestnut pushing me, I wouldn't have eaten so much this year," the 172-pound Kobayashi said through a translator. "My arms weren't moving as fast as I wanted them to."

Chestnut, 21, said his failure to dunk one of the 2.5-square-inch burgers in water slowed him.

Kobayashi finished 69 burgers in the 2004 contest. He also holds the title of hot dog-eating champion, after eating 49 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Yeah, so this Japanese dude is like the Michael Jordan of eating contests. It seems like no one can bring him down. I mean honestly, what the heck is up with this dudes metabolism? He weighs like 90 pounds- yet he can scarf down more food than most of us could ever imagine. But you gotta give it to him, anyone who can down 40+ hotdogs and hamburgers is… well- uh- er- really good at eating lots of food? Click here for the article.

Finally, a bra that will keep women warm

Yeah, you’re not going to believe this. The picture below is of a product called the Eco Bra. A company in Tokyo created this bra which is environmentally friendly and can be heated in the microwave or with hot water to keep the woman warm during the winter.

Designers said it was in response to a plea from the government for homeowners to keep thermostats no higher than 68 degrees during the winter to avoid generating greenhouse gases....?

WTF? I guess some things you just shouldn’t even bother to ask questions about.

Fu*kin’ with taxi cab passengers can be fun

Check out this clever flash game where you drive/mess with a person in the back of a taxi cab. The blow-up doll is my favorite. Good for a chuckle. Click here to become a taxi-cab driver now.

(click image to launch game)

[thanks Allison!]

Naked man shocked in the ball-sack by police

A naked man was accidentally shocked in the genitals by a Taser after he was found breaking windows and asking women to touch him inappropriately.

Jeremy J. Miljour, 26, attempted to run when approached by County sheriff's deputies Saturday. When he ignored requested to stop, a deputy Miljour with a Taser. One of the Taser prongs accidentally hit Miljour's genitals and got stuck.

Officers are taught to aim for the torso, but it was difficult for officers to aim because Miljour was moving.

"The Taser is relatively accurate, but when someone is moving like that, it doesn't matter if you have a Taser, or a pistol. (Officers) can't aim,"

Chitwood said.Miljour was taken to Lee Memorial Health Park Medical Center, where he was treated before being taken to the Lee County jail. He is charged with indecent exposure, resisting an officer and criminal damage.

Well I guess you could say he had it coming? I can’t even fathom the amount of pain that stuck this man’s body when this happened... can you imagine? Ahhhh, it hurts to even think about this! Click here for the article.