Wednesday, August 17, 2005

10,000+ people have come to this blog!

Well we did it! Across-the-board the blog has officially had over 10,000 visitors since, 4/25/2005! That’s awesome! To celebrate everyone gets a cookie. I want to thank everyone that has made this possible , thank you all for your continued support. Across-the-board the blog has come along way since the very first post, I partied with Jesus Last Night! Thanks again to all, and please keep checking for daily updates.

How'd this even happen?

More dancing animals! The Break-Dancing Bear!

I don't know why I find dancing animals entertaining- but check out this break dancing bear. I find this semi-sorta-kind-of entertaining on a Wenesday afternoons after watching the Weather Channel for 12 hours in a row... and memorizing the weekend outlook for 15 major cities.

(Thanks for the heads up on this Roselly!)

Everyone loves dancing animals...