Monday, May 22, 2006

Construction work, dissected.

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Jenn Sterger lecture at Dartmouth College

Model and Internet celebrity Jenn Sterger will make an appearance at Psi Upsilon fraternity this Saturday as part of a programming event to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Sterger, a fifth-year senior at Florida State University, was propelled to fame in Sept. 2005 when cameras from ABC News panned across the crowd at an FSU football game, pausing before the commercial break on a scantily-clad Sterger and two of her friends. After the game, still shots of Sterger and her friends began to circulate on the Internet. As her popularity rose, Sterger launched her own Web site and a site dedicated to her group of female companions, nicknamed the Cowgirls, who cheer at FSU sporting events.

Recently, Sterger has appeared in Maxim and Playboy magazines and has seen the creation of numerous websites devoted to her. You may also remember, Across-the-Board had the first exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Jenn Sterger before Maxim and Playboy (yeah, this blog is cool like that). You can read the full interview here.

While at Psi U, Sterger will discuss her life and meteoric rise to fame in a presentation and then take questions from the crowd. The event at Psi U will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday and last until 7:30 p.m., with Sterger's talk beginning at 7 p.m. Possible events before Sterger's address include autograph signings, a whipped cream pie eating contest, and a raffle, with some proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A party with the band Rock Kandy will follow from 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., which Sterger will attend, according to Psi U social chair Michael Selvin '07. Article here.

Friend left as a deposit at gas station?

A German woman left her friend as a deposit at a gas station because she did not have enough cash to pay for her petrol/gas, police said Wednesday.

"She didn't have enough money to pay the bill, so her friend stayed behind as a human deposit while she went to withdraw cash," said a spokesman for police in the southern town of Muenchberg. "Unfortunately, the woman did not return."

Two hours after the 20-year-old driver left, the gas station called the police, who interrogated the stranded "deposit" before releasing her. Police are investigating the driver on suspicion of fraud.

Dude, I'd totally be so mad at my friend if they ever did this to me. Article here.

The museum photo


2 woman fired for looking at porn at work

Two women have been fired for watching porn films starring men with 'huge manhoods'- on computers at a sausage roll factory.

Eight other staff have been suspended after a probe by meaty snack firm Palethorpes into material downloaded off the internet.

A worker at the plant — which also makes pork pies and pasties for chains such as Asda — said: “Bosses are furious.

“The place is full of jokes about sausage rolls and pork swords. It’s very embarrassing for a well-known company.” Managers caught the two women admin staff red-handed watching the filth on their computers at lunchtime at Palethorpes’ 900-worker plant in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

The insider said: “The films had men with huge willies — so big they looked false. Other staff were gathering round to gawp and giggle. The women were read the riot act, told they had broken their contracts and were fired on the spot.

“Now computer experts are checking other people’s PCs. The word is more heads will roll.” The suspended staff are male and female admin workers and junior managers. A Palethorpes spokesman said last night: “We have a clear policy regarding downloading or sharing of such material.” Article here.

Britney Spears, what are you wearing?

1.)What’s up with the bra thing?
2.)We can totally can see your panties.
3.)Your top looks like an maid’s apron. WTF?

10 year-old drives SUV, hits other cars?

A 10-year-old girl who drove off with her guardian's SUV with a toddler and a 5-year-old on board crashed the vehicle into several cars.

The girl sideswiped several cars during her 15-minute drive Thursday night and reached speeds up to 50 mph, said Ted Roy, spokesman for the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

"She was so little she had to go down and hit the gas and pop her head back up to see where she was going," Roy said. The girl had grabbed her guardian's keys and walked out of her house without telling the guardian she was leaving, authorities said.

Dispatchers received calls about an SUV driving recklessly, and sheriff's deputies and highway patrol officers followed the vehicle. The trip ended when the SUV jumped a curb and hit a fire hydrant.

The children suffered minor injuries, Roy said. Sheriff's deputies charged the girl as a juvenile with kidnapping and false imprisonment and vehicle theft. The highway patrol charged her with careless driving, not having a driver's license and not using a child restraint. Article here.

Should be one hell of a honeymoon...

Superman proposes to his girlfriend?

A Chicago tourist chose the city's tallest landmark for the perfect proposal...
Jeremy Willia's girlfriend calls him "her Superman," so he went to the Sears Tower 'to leap a tall building in a single bound.' Willia surprised Kim Betts when he emerged in a Superman custom and asked her to marry him.

Willia and Kim are students at Golden State Baptist College in California.

Yeah it's cute... but I did puke in my mouth when I read this. Article here.

Don't f*ck with this Army chick

BMW clocked speeding over 140 MPH

Police say they nabbed a speeding BMW on Interstate 84 near Troutdale, Oregon after the car posted an eye-popping 146 mph on their speed detection equipment.

Travis J. Olsen, 31, of Portland, was behind the wheel of the high-performance BMW 540 that is now in a police impound facility. Olsen claims he was late for a meeting and was trying to make up for lost time.
Police say Olsen claimed he thought he might get a speeding ticket, but did not know that more than doubling up the legal limit - 65 mph in this case - actually earned you a trip to jail and the loss of your car.

Police say he faces multiple charges and big fines for his near-NASCAR caliber performance through the Columbia Gorge. Police did say that when Olsen caught up to slower traffic and noticed a police car behind him, he pulled over without incident.
Under a new Oregon law, speeders caught exceeding 100 mph automatically face fines over $1,100 and a mandatory license suspension of up to 90 days.

Police noted that the 146 reading w
as one of the highest they've seen in the state, but the all-time record goes to a man clocked at 159 mph in 1993. Article here.

This Sheriff has a pretty pimp cop-car

44-year-ol woman has sex with 13-year-ol

A 44-year-old North Carolina woman was arrested Wednesday on charges that she carried on a month-long sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy.
Linda Ann McBride was arrested Wednesday at the Winston Salem home she shared with the boy and the child's grandmother (who, cops said, is a friend of McBride's). McBride is facing two counts of statutory rape and an indecent liberties rap, according this police report. She was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff's Department lockup--where the below mug shot was snapped--on $50,000 bond. Article here.

Diamond covered Mercedes SL?

This Mercedes SL was on display in an overseas auto show. No confirmed report on the diamonds being real or fake; this dazzling beauty would anyways be costing millions even if fake diamonds are used. FYI, Paris Hilton crapped her pants when she saw this thing.

An analysis: Sex on the first date?

Okay, let's be truthful. There's a heck of a lot of single men who hope for that lucky strike, especially if the guy's done nothing but sit holding a remote for the past six months. But most women determine to stick by the general dating rule- if you have sex on the first date, there probably won't be another date.

I say probably because, sometimes, if the sex is really good, there could be another date, of similar ilk. Following the no-sex-right-away rule also assumes both parties are looking for an ongoing situation, a date or a relationship or whatever passes for one these days. And every single out on safari in the dating jungle these days knows that may not necessarily be where it's at- for either sex.

So, for those who know, sex on a first date can actually be hotter than a car hood on an August day. Reckless, yes, not smart, yes, immature, maybe, but, hey, it can also be very stimulating, erotic, exciting and gap-fillingly satisfying.

Of course, such an encounter can often, but not always, mean regrets later, so it's not something you should get into if you're feeling vulnerable or want to invest your emotions in that person.

Best to look at it as a one-off, impetuous, purely physical and maybe out-of-character encounter that may never occur again -- which in itself can add quite a thrilling edge.
Like most advice givers, Dennie Hughes, relationships columnist for USA Weekend Magazine (, is adamant that you should never have sex on a first date.

First, there's the feeling of being used, especially for women, even if there is a second date. And men often hold a double standard: If he really likes her, he can actually feel disappointed she was so quick to hit the sheets."

She also points out the safety factor- that having sex on a first date presumably means being totally alone with someone you don't really know.

According to a recent poll by Primetime Live, 29% of Americans admitted they did have sex on the first date and almost as many have had an "unexpected sexual encounter with someone new."

The poll, called A Peek Beneath the Sheets, was a random telephone survey of over 1,500 adults, and was conducted as the basis for an exclusive report on sexual attitudes and behaviour for a program.

Canada had one of the highest percentages in the world of one-night stands, with 52% of adults stating they'd had one. Sex on the first date and one-night stands. Good grief. Are we that desperate for sex? Don't answer that. Article here.

…a beer store at the end of the rainbow?

Driver cut in half, launched from his SUV

A driver, in Seminole County Florida, of a sport utility vehicle that flipped nearly 12 times was cut in half after he was launched into the air and landed in the windshield of a moving SUV.
Witnesses said the driver somehow lost control of his SUV on I-4, swerved and then caused a five-car crash. The driver was thrown high into the air and into oncoming traffic. He crashed through the windshield of a moving vehicle.

"It was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life," witness Gary Salvatore said. "They guy flew over the guardrail. He got ejected out of the truck like a missile. All I saw was arms flaring in the air and he just hit the ground. To see that poor guy flying in the air like that, it was a nightmare."

"It was unreal," witness Sharon Oegerle said. "It was something you don't expect to see in real life." Police said the victim was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.
"Some troopers are saying this is the worst accident they have ever seen," Local 6 reporter Erik von Ancken said. A passenger in the SUV was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive, Local 6 News reported.

Check out the dude in the background

Mall store that sells 'naps' goes under

The ‘Nap’ store in Mall of America has gone out of business. MinneNapolis sold naps for 70 cents a minute.

But the nap center, which charged $14 for 20 minutes in a private, themed room, brought in fewer than 1,600 customers during its six-month run at the huge mall in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Owner Steev RamsDell blamed the failure on the high percentage of tourists who shop at the Mall of America. He said the store couldn't develop repeat business.
"We had people who said they loved our service and they'd be back next time they were at the mall- next year. We couldn't develop the repeat business," RamsDell told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

RamsDell said he still hopes to make money from tired Minnesotans. He said he's signed a lease in the trendy Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis, and plans to open a smaller version of MinneNapolis there on June 1.

From the start, I never thought the ‘napping’ store was a good idea. To me, this is just kinda creepy. I wouldn’t like sleeping on bed sheets I didn’t know if had been cleaned. Call me anal, but sleeping on stranger’s bed in general is just weird. Article here.