Monday, February 11, 2008

#13 is the loneliness number.


Bride dies in her love's arms during first dance

Kim Sjostrom wanted a real-life version of the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," which played in the background as friends fixed her hair and makeup before her own marriage ceremony.

But less than an hour after she and Teddy Efkarpides were wed, Sjostrom crumpled in her husband's arms during a Greek song that means "Love Me." At 36, Sjostrom was dead from heart disease. During the couple's first dance, Sjostrom complained of being lightheaded. Efkarpides thought his wife, a diabetic, needed sugar, but she collapsed.

Wedding guests, paramedics and doctors at a nearby hospital were unable to revive her. She had a previous cardiac episode in her 20s and was a poster child — literally — for juvenile diabetes, relatives and friends said. » Article here


RE: Full Metal Jacket

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Dude convinced girl he was part werewolf, part vampire to have sex with her

A man convinced a 15-year-old girl he was part werewolf and part vampire before sexually assaulting her, police say. Kristian Allen Carl, 19, also believed he was a supernatural mixed breed, police say.

"He convinced himself he was a hybrid -- a combination werewolf and vampire," Pottsville police Sgt. James Joos said. "He had convinced the girl he was, too."

To prove to police he was indeed a genuine vampire/werewolf, Carl "showed me his canine teeth," Joos said. "I let him know that all mammals, including humans, have canine teeth." Joos said Carl also told police he had a "guardian dragon that protected him from evildoers."

Carl was charged with statutory sexual assault after admitting he had sexual intercourse with the girl, who told police he was her boyfriend. » Full article here


Clever, don't you think?


Couple jailed after sex hook-up on air conditioning unit

A couple's public sex show on an air conditioner landed them in jail Sunday. The caller told police they saw a woman, identified as 24-year-old Arianna Scudelletti, atop 24-year-old Victor Manuel Martes, Jr., who was atop the air conditioning unit - and in plain view of the street.

Two young children noticed the performance and alerted the adult who called police. When police arrived they say Martes, of Miami, had his shorts around his ankles and was clearly drunk. Scudelletti, of Naples, was in her underwear. Officers say they found a used condom and personal lubricant nearby. The couple allegedly began yelling obscenities at the officers, and Scudelletti lifted her shirt to expose her breasts to elderly passers-by and traffic. » Full article here


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Ice skate to the neck (not for the faint of heart)

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Teen ticketed for DWR (Driving While Republican)

Being a supporter of any presidential candidate is typically priceless. But for Cody Hauer, being a Ron Paul supporter may wind up costing more than $550 following four citations in one week from the Owatonna Police Department for having a $40 window decal on the rear window of his Buick Park Avenue. "I support Ron Paul, the city police department doesn't," he said. "They gave me a DWR - driving while Republican."

According to Minnesota law, it is illegal for people to operate a motor vehicle on any street or highway if any side window or rear window is composed of or treated with material obstructing the driver's view.

Hauer had a 13-inch-by-40-inch decal affirming his support for the "Ron Paul Revolution." The decal took up most of the window with red and white lettering, while mini decals advertising Paul's presidential Web site adorn the bottom of his passenger windows. » Article here