Friday, June 16, 2006

Dog thinks he’s still walking… in the air…

Teacher offered to pay girls to fight?

An English teacher was arrested after authorities say he attempted to pay to watch two teenage girls fight.

A Douglas County Sheriff's Investigator, posing as a 14-year-old girl, started chatting on-line with 45-year-old Mark Asimus of Denver. According to investigators, Asimus told the investigator that he wanted to pay the girl to aggressively beat up another teenage girl.

"He did tell investigators that he didn't want to videotape it, but wanted to actually physically see the assault take place," said Lieutenant Alan Stanton with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.
"He wanted to observe this for pleasure," said Stanton.

Authorities say Asimus was very specific, asking for the fight to result in bloody mouths, noses, and even broken bones. "He had a fetish or a fascination with watching women fighting," said Stanton.

After one day of chatting on-line, Asimus agreed to meet the decoy teenager at a park in Lone Tree. That's where investigators arrested him Tuesday afternoon.

Asimus faces criminal attempt second degree assault, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and criminal solicitation. His bond was lowered from $25,000 to $10,000. Article here.

I don’t even know how to caption this

Man charged after making 170 prank calls

A man is facing charges after prank calling two hotels more than 170 times. According to a police report, 32-year-old David Shawn Hill called the Quality Inn and Rodeway Inn in Fort Walton Beach 176 times in June 2005.

The report said that during the calls he made sexual comments to clerks. Hill's justification? He reportedly told officers he was "bored and stupid."

Hill turned himself in to authorities over the weekend and faces misdemeanor charges.

What a dick. Article here.

Criss Angel walks on water? How the hell?

Jewel is now an alcoholic?

Page Six is saying that Jewel has apparently gone from a unhappy non-drinker to fun filled alcoholic. The Alaskan singer reveals she recently started drinking alcohol every day, and is now loving every minute of her life.
Jewel told Blender: "I didn't start drinking until I was 30. I grew up singing for alcoholics, and it never really seemed like alcohol fixed anything. I was afraid that it would get me. Around 30, I kind of realized that alcohol really does solve all your problems. Whoever said drinking doesn't help lied. You live and you learn."

Shhhhhhh, the tiger is sleeping...

14-year old girl and friend stole 26+ cars?

A 14-year-old Valrico girl was charged Tuesday with 26 counts of grand theft auto after telling investigators she stole the vehicles over the last month in eastern Hillsborough County “for the thrill of it,” sheriff’s officials said.

Lindsay A. Coleman, and an unnamed accomplice stole the cars between May 15 and June 13, sheriff’s officials said.

The duo stole the cars from shopping center parking lots, driveways and other venues, sheriff’s spokesman J.D. Callaway said Thursday. They drove the cars for a while and dumped them, and in a couple of cases crashed them before setting off in search of another vehicle to steal, he said. They preferred Saturns and Honda Civics and Accords.

The value of the stolen cars, most of which have been recovered, was estimated at $120,000. Article here.

I can't believe this was a real poster

Dudes $2 million Mercedes is broken?

Men may fantasize about rare, exotic cars, but consider the plight of Los Angeles dealer Mark Johnston. He said he shelled out $1.7 million for a Mercedes roadster that broke down -- after about 10 blocks.

Johnston wants his money back for his Mercedes-AMGCLKGTR, one of just five made, and is suing Daimler-Chrysler.
Johnston, who has bought and sold exotic cars for years, said he bought the car new, about three years ago. When his brother took a prospective buyer for a test drive, the dream coach became a pumpkin, with oil pressure and transmission problems.

Johnston said Mercedes stalled, but he finally shipped the car to Florida, where Mercedes declared it needed a new engine and that Johnston should pay. Mercedes USA referred questions to company headquarters in Germany. Article here.

Cheerleading accidents = good chuckle

Couple attacked w/pooper scooper? WTF?

It took five police officers, three hits with a Taser gun, leg straps and a spit bag to subdue a 5-foot tall, 105-pound woman who entered a Waukesha home and attacked a couple she didn't know with a metal pooper scooper and scissors, authorities said.

Linda Dormer woke up at 4:40 a.m. Sunday because the family's Shih Tzu, Gucci, was barking in the kitchen. When she walked into the kitchen, she saw a stranger wildly swinging the pooper scooper and babbling, "They drugged me. They are going to kill me. I'm going to kill you." Reed then kicked Gucci in the shoulder.

Linda Dormer screamed, and her husband, now awake, ran into the kitchen. Reed hit John Dormer on the side of his face with the pooper scooper before grabbing two scissors from the kitchen, the complaint says.

With a scissors in each hand, she fought the 6-foot, 210-pound man. Dormer said that he couldn't believe Reed's strength. When the first officer arrived, Reed was foaming at the mouth and struggling with the homeowner, the complaint says. She continued to fight the officer who used a Taser gun, but it appeared to have no effect on her. More and more officers were called to assist, and she was stunned with the Taser two more times.

Using their combined weight, five officers were finally able to subdue the woman enough to take her to Waukesha Memorial Hospital to check her for injuries.

Bail was ordered at $4,999, and she remains in the Waukesha County Jail. She could face 33 years in prison if convicted. Article here.

Damn, this is one long-ass caterpillar!

Disney cell phone service launched?

Disney Mobile Phones? Yes they are available...

The mobile service has special family oriented features that allows parents to keep track of their children.

Family Monitor: Assign allowances for phone calls, text messaging and picture messaging. Keep track of how much downloadable content your kids have purchased and limit their spending.

Family Locator: Know exactly where your kids are by using the Disney Mobile website combined with GPS in their phones.

Family Alert: Send a message to all your family’s phones that appears on the phone’s top screen so it’s not missed.

Call Control: Lets parents schedule when kids can call what numbers.

Disney Zone: Get access to various Disney entertainment.
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile family calls, night and weekends.
Free long distance, caller ID, call waiting, 411 ($1.40 a call), and roaming ($.40 a minute).

Unfortunately there’s only one phone available on the service, the Pantech DM-P100. Not the coolest looking phones for your kids to carry around, but they’ll live... source, or click here for the Disney Mobile website.

Funny story, from a funny boy

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Dude kills 14-year-old girlfriends parents?

A young man accused of killing his 14-year-old girlfriend's parents and running off with her pleaded guilty Wednesday to murder in a deal that spared him from the death penalty.

David G. Ludwig, 19, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for shooting Michael and Cathryn Borden inside their Lititz, Pennsylvania, home in November after they demanded he break off his relationship with their daughter, Kara.

Ludwig and Kara had tried to keep their relationship secret from her parents, who were displeased with their age difference. Investigators said the Bordens confronted Ludwig after discovering he and Kara had been out all night.

After the talk, Ludwig used his father's pistol to shoot the Bordens in the head, and Kara then climbed into his car and they set out to start a new life together, authorities said.
Investigators concluded that Kara joined Ludwig voluntarily but played no role in the shootings. She was not charged with a crime.
Prosecutors had been seeking the death penalty against Ludwig.

Ludwig had little to say in court as he pleaded guilty to charges that also included statutory sexual assault.

The couple were caught a day after the killings, following an automobile chase that ended with Ludwig crashing his parents' car into a tree in Indiana. Neither was hurt. Article here.