Sunday, June 26, 2005

Might make headlines...

"Eight tapes were found where the last known battle between Osama bin Laden and rebel forces took place in the Taliban stronghold of Southern Afghanistan. These tapes reveal travels to the war-torn country of Afghanistan six months after 9/11 and follow him and a bounty hunter on the trailer of Osama bin Laden."

That quote is the synopsis to the movie “Septem8er Tapes.” This movie is produced like the Blair Witch Project, in which it’s meant to look like your watching a home video. The director ties together real war footage with staged war scenes. It’s really cleverly done, there are times you don’t even know when its fake footage or real footage. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from everyone that has seen it. Its in select theaters- and you can buy it online by clicking here.

Check out the trailer right here.
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Everyone loves bad interviews...

You gotta love when TV interviews escalate to another level- and you get to actually see the celebrity in a state you never see in the movies. Enter the Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer, "Today Show interview". The interview starts out innocent with subject matters covering life (of course his interest Katie Holmes) and his new movie War of the Worlds. Then somehow the interview takes a dramatic turn to more serious subjects concerning drugs & psychology. Whats great is Tom calls out Matt Lauer on his ignorance of discussing a topic he has no real understanding of. Worth a look, will peek your interest to see Tom Cruise in “freak” mode.

Check out the enter video here.

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