Saturday, June 04, 2005

'Da Vinci Code' the movie...

So…this might sound like a shameless marketing plug for this movie, but I’m really excited about it! Few books come out that have that have boasted these statistics- 14 consecutive weeks in first place on The New York Times bestseller list - with 6.8 million copies in print. When I first read this book, just like everyone else…you couldn’t put it down. The movie is coming out May 26, 2006 and is produced by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Akiva Goldsman, the creative trio behind the Oscar-winning "A Beautiful Mind."

  • "24" (2001) creator Joel Surnow thought that "The DaVinci Code" would provide a great storyline for the show's third season. Surnow asked his boss, producer Brian Grazer about acquiring the film rights to the book. Author Dan Brown had no intention of his book being adapted for a TV show, and rejected their bid. Months later, Sony Pictures paid $6 million for the book and hired Grazer as producer.
  • France's Culture Ministry has granted permission for the film crew to film inside the Louvre.
  • 'Russell Crowe' was considered for the role of Robert Langdon…Tom Hanks is the lead.
  • Julie Delpy and Kate Beckinsale were two of the original people thought of for the role of Sophie.

" 'The Da Vinci Code' participates in the 'religion-bad, spirituality-good' model in America, it provides a way to be spiritual while tapping into your suspicions about the Church."