Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A shopping bag with some bite

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Oregon man builds a house out of foam?

An Albany, Oregan man is living inside a volcano, one which he built himself out of recycled materials. Steve Fletcher has made a career out of using foam for insulation. Now he isn't just taking his work home with him, he's building a home out of foam.

This foam home even comes with a hot tub made of foam. Fletcher, who owns a spray foam business, was looking for a way to recycle leftover foam when the idea for this house came to him.

"When we moved here, it was a gravel pit, so it looks better than it did," said Markus Fletcher.

Now, with its waterfalls and 30 foot pond, Fletcher's foam volcano has become a local landmark. He's not done with it yet and says the foam home is a work in progress.

Someday Fletcher hopes to give the property to the city. In the meantime he's planning another project: a floating car made of foam which he could drive into the Willamette River. Article here.

All chrome Ford Shelby, yeah- can I have one?!?

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Most employees say they 'work with monkeys'

What drives you bananas on the job? If you said unprofessional, obnoxious co-workers, you've got company. A CareerBuildeer.com survey found 53 percent of workers asked feel like they work with a bunch of monkeys.

Twenty percent think their boss is a monkey.

Of those who think they work in a zoo, 47 percent plan to change jobs in the next two years.

Among the things that make people go ape are the co-worker who constantly e-mails the person who is sitting right next to her, they guy who walks up and randomly scratches other peoples' backs and the slacker caught sleeping on the job more than once who would insist she was praying. Article here.

Well… unlike most people- I love my job. However, the results to this survey are hilarious. They are definitely not far from the truth either.

*UPDATE* Here is the complete list:

1. The manager who tried to get employees in another department fired for eating bagels that were reserved for an event the next day.

2. The co-worker who constantly e-mails the person who is sitting right next to her.

3. The co-worker who sits in a crowded cubicle area and insists on putting every conversation on speaker phone, including the exploits of the night before.

4. The boss who cut his fingernails while standing in his employee's cube.

5. The co-worker who steals other people's food from the lunch room refrigerator and then acts baffled when asked about it.6. The co-worker who changed his job title to look more important without approval from his boss.

7. The boss who swears at the top of his lungs and occasionally throws his chair or phone down the hall.

8. The co-worker who walks up and randomly scratches other people's backs.

9. The co-worker who was caught sleeping on the job more than once and would insist he was praying.

10. The co-worker who every morning would greet her fellow employees (before they had any caffeine) with, "Are you ready for another fun and EXCITING day?!"

"The Burger King is back!" ...on eBay that is

eBay listing description:

"This is the very last Burger King mask I made with costume. I made about a dozen of these and they sold out fast on eBay last Halloween- the costume everyone wanted! This mask is made from a plastic resin- it's pretty thin and lightweight- it can crack around the edges if you're perhaps drunk and careless.

Also included is the king costume, which was made from scratch and worn only once- consists of 2 pieces that drape over your body, and a rope to tie around your waist. I'm 6'4" and the costume was a good fit on me with room to spare. AND you get one of my custom-made "King blings" with chain to wear around your neck"

This is awesome, too awesome. Man, I wish Halloween was tomorrow. I'd buy this right now. Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

Food cashier hurls obscenities at students

A cashier at the a George Washington University Gourmet Market was detained Sunday night after University Police was called due to inappropriate remarks he made to customers.

GW spokeswoman Tracy Schario said the man was "clearly very drunk." As of 9 p.m., the man was being detained by UPD until a relative could escort him from campus, Schario said.

A witness, who did not want his name printed, said the incident occurred at around 6:30 p.m. He said the suspect directed obscenities toward people in the store, told everyone in the store to leave and said "we can do this the easy way or the f***** way," using a derogatory term for gays. The man became frustrated when the line grew long, and he had trouble giving back change to customers and swiping George Washington World cards.

He did not elaborate on details of the situation. Schario indicated that the detained man might be barred from campus, but a decision would not be made until Monday.

Couldn’t take the heat, could he? College students can be outright cruel and impatient. The real truth is, most people like to watch people in the service industry ‘break-down’ and lose it in public. Admit it- you've been at you’ve been at a restaurant- some guy raises his voice to management- meanwhile, your sitting at your table cheering the guy yelling on, hoping- just hoping he’ll get so mad he’ll do something crazy. Like, flipping his table over and throwing his wine glass at the servers forehead. All of which you want to happen. But it never does. If it did, it'd make for one hell of a good show. Article here.

Photoworthy shots of China

New beer label has naked people 'doing it' on it

Check out this beer label… its packaging, depicts characters in what looks almost like an orgy in ancient Egyptian times.

The odd looking cartoonish characters are kissing each other and some seem to be fondling each other in a humorish way.“We are trying to show what Hedonism (our new beer) looks like,” says Scott Baver, co-owner and Brewmaster at Legacy Brewing. “Hedonism does mean happiness and pleasure. I think we have captured that in a very artistic, acceptable way. Besides, our beers’ taste and experience is very pleasurable!”

Yeah, well whatever the beer tastes like, you got some people that look like they’re about to f*ck on your beer label. You’d probably get more attention if people knew they were drinking a beer with naked people 'doing it' on the label of the beer. Just my advise. View more information about the beer 'orgy' company website here.

Random girls in bikinis slide down ice?

OK, now this definitely goes down in the books for one of those WTF is going on in this video? These girls, who are in bikinis (don’t get too excited, they don’t get naked or anything), for some reason they decide it is a great idea to slide down some ice and video tape themselves doing it. Why? –uh –er –that’s a damn good question!? Click here to watch the video.

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Overheard on the streets of New York:

Guy #1: What can I say? I'm a sucker for orphan stories.
Guy #2: Or something.
Guy #1: Think about it: I loved Lemony Snicket, Party of Five, Diff'rent Strokes, Star Wars.
Guy #2: Yeah. Wait. Luke wasn't an orphan.
Guy #1: Well, he sort of was, spiritually.

34th between 7th & 8th


Guy: I could be fired for 8 counts of sexual harassment last night.
Girl: Yeah, and that's just on me alone.
Guy: Oh man, really?
Girl: Yeah, but you bought me a drink, so it's okay.

Fordham University, Rose Hill

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Some cool places to pee:

Supermarket finds needles in cans of soup?

A supermarket chain pulled soup cans from the shelves of its stores after a family reported finding a sewing needle in a sealed can of minestrone, officials said.

The incident was the fourth report of needles or pins found in food purchased from area stores in the past two weeks.

The soup was purchased Saturday at a Giant Food Store in Wind Gap. Company spokesman Dennis Hopkins said store personnel pulled cans with similar lot numbers from shelves of all stores as a precaution. He said the chain was also increasing its undercover security until further notice.

Giant, owned by the Dutch food company Ahold Ltd., operates 255 supermarkets in six states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New York and Ohio.

Last week, at another Giant store near Bethlehem, a man reported finding a rusty sewing needle in a loaf of bread. Two other incidents were at a King's Supermarket in Bethlehem, in which customers and employees reported finding pins in an onion, packages of ground beef and a ham.

Is this not just scary to read? I can’t imagine anything worse than biting into a piece of soft bread and having a needle slash through my gums. How the hell does this happen? Why is it that needles (out of all things) are finding its way into peoples food? I’m really perplexed and distressed about these findings. Article here.

A giant Oreo, so big it will make you puke...

Check out this auction found on eBay for a giant Oreo. This obviously has to be homemade… on sale at eBay for $1.00. This would probably taste really f*ckin gross. Click here to see the actual eBay auction.

Check out this 'modified' laptop cover... neat-o

Porno movie played on a TV screen in car...

While parked and waiting in line at McDonald's, a 9-year-old and a 92-year-old, got an eyeful as a pornographic movie played on a TV screen inside the car in front of them.

Offended by the X-rated material, the woman scrawled the car's license plate number on her hand and drove to the nearby Bryan Police Department to file a complaint.

Minutes later, police were able to locate the offending maroon 1990 Buick LeSabre with a ceiling-mounted TV inside. The vehicle was occupied by three Bryan men, all of whom are brothers.

After identifying the movie inside the car's DVD player as pornographic, police gave the driver of the vehicle, Thomas Nicholas Godoy, 23, a citation for obscene display, a Class C misdemeanor.

During a search of the car, police found a partial marijuana blunt cigarette in an ashtray and arrested the third man, Rito James Godoy, 21, for possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana. He was released from jail Saturday night on $2,000 bail.

I’m really not sure how to react to this article. 1.)It’s interesting to know that you can get cited by the police for playing porn on your car/SUV TV(s). 2.)Why in the world would you want to watch a porn while in line at McDonald’s? Then again, why not-huh? I’m also not surprised that these guys had weed in their car. Article here.