Wednesday, November 02, 2005

An interesting way to sell items on eBay...

The pictures of this auction are definitely misleading… from the looks of the pictures on this auction, you’d think the girls were some how tied into it. They’re not. However, I have to give it to the guy- it’s a clever way to attract attention to your listing. Click here to see the actual auction listing.

Absinthe... the 'lil green drink that is fun

I was telling a friend of the drink Absinthe today... and he had no idea what it was. Then, after asking a handful of other people, I realized not a lot of people have any idea what it is. So I figured I post something describing the drink.

Absinthe is a 140-proof green liqueur made from herbs like fennel, anise, and the exceptionally bitter leaves of Artemisia absinthium. For a century, absinthe has been demonized and outlawed, based on the belief that it leads to absinthism - far worse than mere alcoholism. Drinking it supposedly causes epilepsy and "criminal dementia."

This is just not true.

Absinthe was first distilled in 1792 in Switzerland, where it was marketed as a medicinal elixir, a cure for stomach ailments. Absinthe came to be associated with artists and Moulin Rouge bohemians. By the early 20th century, Absinthe was becoming popular in America.

"It is truly madness in a bottle, and no habitual drinker can claim that he will not become a criminal." declared one politician. The anti-absinthe fervor climaxed in 1905, when Swiss farmer Jean Lanfray shot his pregnant wife and two daughters after downing two glasses (Overlooked was what else Lanfray consumed that day: crème de menthe, cognac, seven glasses of wine, coffee with brandy, and another liter of wine). The truth is if you drink two or three glasses of Absinthe, you can feel the effects of the alcohol, but your mind stays clear - you can still work. Marilyn Manson has boasted of recording an album while "on" absinthe. Johnny Depp compared its effects to marijuana. "Drink too much," he said, "and you suddenly realize why Van Gogh cut off his ear."

There are some tips to consuming the drink properly if you do ever get the privilege of drinking Absinthe. Pour it slowly... that's the secret to making it taste good. If the water's too warm, it will taste like donkey piss.

Absinthe is still illegal in the US under FDA regulations. (But American connoisseurs are able to find it). Click here to read more about Absinthe.


This photographer does some freakin' amazing stuff. Bob Martin is the author of these photos. He specializes in action photography, ranging from major sporting events to elephant polo and horse racing on ice.

These photos are amazing, truly a great photographer. Cool stuff, check out his website. Click here to check out his website.

The Amazing Yoyo Champion of 2005...

Check out the 2005 Yoyo Champion… I’m really not sure how the hell he’s doing all these tricks- but the fact he’s doing a lot of crazy ass sh*t really fast, it looks complicated. Click here to watch the video.

(click image to watch video)

What ever you do, don't look down.

Why basejumping is always exciting...

The basejumper runs into some issues… click here to see what happens.

(click image to watch video)

Baseball disappearing during a game?

See if you can spot were the baseball disappears in this video… click here to watch the video. What were the chances huh?

Tonya Harding... Then vs. Now



Tonya Harding, wow- I mean what can you say- other than she’s come along way since she hired a hit man to take out Nancy Kerrigan. You won’t believe it, but she does have a website. Let’s just say there are some priceless photos on her site as well. Click here to go to Tonya Harding’s website.

Newest sport yet- "Extreme Ironing!?!"

So I was not aware this was a sport…extreme ironing. Have you heard of this? It’s the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.

Sound a little odd? Well it is. Want some proof that people are actually doing this sh*t… evidence below:

WTF!?! Apparently this sport started in the UK in ’97, a guy had a lot of ironing to do- but also preferred the idea of an evening out pursuing his hobby of rock climbing. Then it occurred to him to combine these activities into an extreme sport - the result: extreme ironing.

I still can’t believe this actually goes on. Weird stuff man. Click here to see the official website and more pictures. is your new best friend

So are you screwing up the current relationship your in by not doing that “extra something” ? Well you can fix all that with this company-

“You provide us with your billing info and her delivery address. We'll periodically send her flowers every 4-6 weeks, and bill you for each delivery individually”

Yes, you read right, this service takes care of the ‘dirty’ work, and more importantly- it will never ‘forget’ to send her flowers! The prices for the flowers can range from $40-$125. Keep in mind- they charge you $5 for the convenience fee, and then the shipping and handling cost. Then consider- the look on your significant other’s face when she gets these flowers every month… priceless! Click here to find out more.

Little Tim really likes going football games...

Highlights of my Day...

1.)Discovered calling off work to watch an 'I Love The 80's Marathon' was so worth it.

2.)Pretended to be on my cell phone asking somebody on the other end how to wipe my ass, when a co-worker entered the stall next to me..."Did you say I wipe back to front? Or front to back?"

3.)Called up to the HR department to find out if question #5 on my 2006 employee health benefits form, "Do you smoke?" meant cigarettes or "like other stuff"

4.)Realized even at the age of 24, I still like to spin globes and pretend wherever my finger is when it stops is where I will live....Go Madagascar!

5.)Took a $200 bet that I wouldn't replace the CEO's parking space sign with an "Parking for Assholes Only" sign

6.)Treated myself to 3 pints of Guiness and a round of Golden Tee on my lunch hour

7.)Pretended that I was about to piss myself just to avoid my new neighbor, Deena (the cat lady)

8.)Got a call from my stoner friend to let me know he invented the process of buttering corn with peanut butter
[compiled from The Casual Friday]

The next release of the iTunes phone...

Truly a desperate housewife...she's for sale?

Check out this woman who is selling her house- and selling herself 'bundled' with it too!?! Not exactly what you call a mail-order bride… but this is pretty close as it comes. I kind of feel bad that this girl is this desperate to get married/find someone, so much so that she has to do this (and throw a house in to sweeten the deal!). Click here to find out more about this crazy house & wife for sale.

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Burglar decides to cook pizza before leaving

A pizza parlor burglar who took the time to bake himself a large pepperoni pie took off when an overnight employee arrived- but he still got away with plenty of money.

Authorities believe that the theif in this coastal Southern California town may have been interrupted by an employee arriving to work at Sonny's Pizza & Pasta, forcing the burglar-turned-baker to forgo his predawn snack and flee hastily with only the restaurant's safe.

A surveillance camera captured the entire incident, and the Orange County Sheriff's Department plans on publicizing the videotape to help capture the culprit. The suspect entered the restaurant about 2 a.m. and rummaged around for a cook's apron, trying on several until he found one that fit.

An employee arrived at about 3 a.m., found the pizza smoldering in the oven and the safe missing with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Click here to read the article.