Sunday, January 27, 2008

RE: My weekend in Kansas City. Nice weather, finally!

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Dude breaks world record engulfed in ice for 72 minutes

A man who calls himself a tantric master broke his own world record by standing engulfed in ice for 72 minutes. Wim Hof, 48, stood on a Manhattan street in a clear container filled with ice for an hour and 12 minutes.
Hof said he survives by controlling his body temperature through tantric meditation. Tantra is an Eastern tradition of ritual and meditation said to bring followers closer to their chosen deities.

Hof set the world record for full body ice contact endurance in 2004, when he immersed himself in ice for an hour and eight minutes. » Article here


Dude 'karate chops' 10-bricks with bare hand (sorta)

Two kids freeze their tongues to a flagpole

Two fourth-grade boys mimicking a scene from the movie "A Christmas Story" wound up with their tongues stuck to a frozen flagpole.

Gavin Dempsey and James Alexander were serving on flag duty at Jackson Elementary School Friday morning, with the job of raising and lowering the school's flags. They decided to see if their tongues really would stick to the cold metal.

"I decided to try it because I thought all of the TV shows were lies, but turns out I was wrong," Gavin said. » Full article here


Dude rocks ringtones (Nokia) to write 'drum song'.

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Dude kills his wife during 'bizarre' sexcapade

A 37-year-old Lower Windsor Township man is charged with using electricity to shock his wife to death in what police describe as some “bizarre sex” inside the bedroom of their southern York County trailer.

Police discovered Toby Taylor attached alligator clips on the end of a stripped electric cord which he attached to her breasts, according an arrest warrant affidavit. He would then use the off and on switch on a power strip to shock his wife, according to court records.

The jolt of electricity is believed to have triggered the heart attack, said Police Chief David Sterner. “This was some bizarre sex,” he said. » Article here

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Timbaland's new protégé artist, 'M Pokora' (he's french)

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Dude playing drunken chess threatens to shoot himself

A drunken chess game turned dangerous when one of the participants threatened to kill himself, grabbed a handgun and fired it, authorities said.

Zachary Lucov and Dennis Kleyn were playing chess about 11:40 p.m. when Lucov raised a .40-caliber Glock handgun toward his head in Kleyn's apartment. The two struggled, the weapon discharged and Kleyn was struck near his left elbow, police said.

The blast passed through Kleyn's arm and just missed Lucov's 9-month-old son, who was playing on the kitchen floor, authorities said. » Full article here

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