Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Your liver is 'EVIL', and must be destroyed!

Virgin Mary seen in George Foreman grill tray?

A St. Louis man claims to have seen an image of the Virgin Mary, but you're not going to believe where he says her face appears.

John Milanos was cooking a hamburger on his George Foreman Grill last week in Missouri. After he was done, he said the Holy Mother's face appeared in the leftover grease.
The grease was in a small plastic drip pan that catches the grease and other fluids that run off the grill. Milanos saved the grease in his refrigerator so he could show his friends and the makers of the George Foreman Grill.

So far, the company has not responded to Milanos. Article here.

Well, this rainbow leads to a pot of… sh*t?

World's longest fingernails, 25 feet, ewwww!!

Housewife Lee Redmond has clawed her way into the Guinness World Records — by growing her fingernails to nearly 25 FEET.
The American stopped cutting her fingernails back in 1979 and has managed to avoid breaking any for the past 27 years. Lee, from Salt Lake City, Utah, is flying to the UK next month to promote the 2007 edition of the Guinness book.

Her nails, measuring a total of 24ft 7.8ins, don’t stop her doing everyday tasks such as vacuuming and washing up — plus she cares for her husband, who has Alzheimer’s disease.
She said: “Everything’s a challenge but I’ve found a way to do things in my own way. “People ask me if they get in my way. I say, ‘No, they get in everybody else’s way’.” Article here.

jumping fish = broken arm + falls from boat

A sturgeon injured two boaters Saturday when it leaped from the water, knocking one girl from the boat and breaking the arm of another passenger.

Cheyenne Russ, 9, and Jennifer K. Sullivan, 31, both of Lake City, Florida were taken to Shands Hospital in Gainesville after the Saturday accident.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Officer Dorvan Daniel witnessed the strike. "I saw this vessel, operated by Scott Lockwood of Lake City, coming toward me at about 30 miles per hour. I watched as the fish jumped out of the water and heard the impact when it hit. The child was knocked out of the boat and into the water," Daniel said, who estimated the fish was 4 1/2-feet long.

The girl was not wearing a life jacket. Maj. Bruce Hamlin, regional commander for the FWC's North Centeral Region, said the commission is planning to post signs along the Suwannee River warning of the dangers.

"Boaters have been seriously injured when hit by these fish. This is the sixth reported sturgeon strike this summer. We want to make the public aware that these fish are in the Suwannee and they do jump. We recommend boaters reduce their speed to reduce the risk of impact."

The fish winter in the Gulf of Mexico and enter the Suwannee in the summer and fall months to spawn. They can grow to 8 feet in length and weigh up to 200 pounds. Article here.

Lil’ duder hanging out in the sink

Real snakes released during movie in theater!

Two live diamondback rattlesnakes were released in an Arizona movie theater during a showing of the new film "Snakes on a Plane," according to Local 6 News.

Authorities said pranksters released the young venomous rattlesnakes in a dark theater at the AMC Desert Ridge in Phoenix. The two snakes caused a panic in the dark theater, according to the report.

"That to me is very scary," herpetological association representative Tom Whiting said. "I would hate to be watching a movie about snakes and have a rattlesnake bite me."

Wranglers were called to collect the snakes, the report said. No one was injured in the incident and, so far, the culprits have not been caught.

Officials believe the snakes were smuggled into the theater in backpacks. "This thing is under someone's chair and they go to sit and they just push your foot in the air and startle it -- obviously all they got to do is startle this thing," Phoenix Herpetological Society spokesman Daniel Marchand said. "It's dark. They can't see you, you know that well. If it's scared, boom it strikes."

The snakes were released into the desert. Article here.

No caption needed, this S.O.A.P. thing is great

Dude stung to death by killer bees in Arizona

A swarm of "killer" bees attacked a man and his father as they repaired a roof in a small town in southeast Arizona, killing one man and hospitalizing the other, police said on Monday.

Cochise County Sheriff's Department said the Africanized honey bees stung Charlie Pasley, 39, more than 300 times as he carried out repairs to a home. He died at the scene.

Spokeswoman Carol Capas said the swarm also attacked Pasley's father, Chuck, 62, who was reported to be in a stable condition in hospital late on Sunday.

The insects, commonly known as "killer" bees for their highly aggressive behavior, are descended from a ferocious strain that was first introduced to the Americas from Africa in the 1950s in the hope that they would produce more honey. The bees absconded from research hives in Brazil, slowly spreading through South and Central America. They first crossed into Texas from Mexico in 1990, since when they have attacked and killed dozens of people. Article here.

Dane Cook on the other hand, when he hears a story about killer bees he laughs. Click here to read why. Fuck bees.

Eminem's yearbook picture:

News station accidentally shows porn on TV

Sweden's state broadcaster showed a little too much when it mistakenly showed a porn movie in the background of a news broadcast.

Viewers of a 5-minute news update at midnight Saturday could see explicit scenes from a Czech porn movie on a TV screen behind a news anchor.

The monitor -- one of many on the wall of a control room visible behind the studio -- normally shows other news channels during broadcasts. But staffers who earlier in the evening had watched a sports event on a cable channel -- which often shows X-rated films after midnight -- had forgotten to switch it back, said news director Per Yng.

"This is highly embarrassing and unfortunate," Yng said. "It must not happen again."

A producer quickly spotted the sex scenes and ran into the control room and turned off the monitor, Yng said. He said there had been no complaints from viewers about the mishap, but "enormous interest from media." Article here.

Drunk, passed out, and owned.

Woman mauled to death by her own dog?

In a ferocious attack, a powerful, pit-bull-like dog mauled its owner to death Friday afternoon as she tried to give him a bath, police said.

The 120-pound, black dog killed Shawna Willey, 30, in front of her young daughter. Later, two Coral Springs officers shot the dog to death. It fell into a large backyard pool, its leash still snaking from its collar.

''It was quite surreal. A very bloody scene. Just a horrible tragedy,'' said Coral Springs police Capt. Rich Nicorvo. Her death marked the first time anyone could remember that a dog fatally attacked a human in South Florida.
Willey -- who has been cited in the past for having dangerous dogs -- had decided to give the dog a bath just before going on vacation, police said. An autopsy on Willey is pending, police said. The dog was of a breed called Presa Canario, akin to a pit bull. Article here.

Reading a book

Dude shoots wife after seeing film on marriage

An Indian man who took his wife to a hit film about marital tensions hoping she would allow him to marry again shot her after she refused, police and a newspaper said.

The Mumbai Mirror daily said the wife had left his home with their two children after a marital spat. But on Saturday, they had made up and went to see "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" (Never Say Goodbye), a Hindi film about couples finding love outside marriage, which has been playing to packed houses in Indian cities.

The newspaper said the 32-year-old man's real intention in taking his wife to the movie was to persuade her to allow him to marry his girlfriend. When she refused, the husband attacked her with a "sharp weapon" and shot her in the stomach, leaving her for dead on the road, the Mumbai Mirror reported.

"The wife survived and she has given us a statement against her husband," a police officer said. The film's director Karan Johar expressed shock. "When I made the film, I never thought it would incite such strong emotions," Johar was quoted as saying in the newspaper. Article here.