Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You know they’re all thinking the same thing; dude, I hope this show-off bites it hard on the grass.


Dude tries to sell sofa on Craigslist, ends up with a wife.

All I wanted to do was sell my sofa. But there I was, down one of the steamier back alleys of, browsing a section entitled "Los Angeles Casual Encounters." What I hadn't realized, however, was that Craigslist--and other social networking Web sites--had introduced that same kind of liquidity to our sex lives. Online, people are trading each other like baseball cards.

Along with the sofa I put up for sale half of the contents of my apartment, including a floor lamp, an outdoor grill and a folding chair. I was astonished by how quickly they sold. I was also astonished by the kind of people who turned up to buy them: girls, mainly. Attractive girls. Girls who had just moved to L.A. and didn't want to pay retail for what could end up being temporary furniture. I began to wonder if I should ask one of these Craigslist girls out on a date. I was newly single, after all. What could I possibly have to lose? If you could trade furniture and lewd acts on Craigslist--why not dates? Continue reading the full article at

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Ahh yes, a timeless wedding tradition, the 'bridal keg-stand'

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Motorists drive around dead body lying in intersection

More than two dozen Israeli motorists maneuvered around the dead body of a road accident victim lying in the middle of a busy intersection, failing to stop to help in an incident captured by a traffic camera.

In footage broadcast by Israeli television stations on Monday and in a series of photographs on newspaper front pages, motorcyclist Moshe Yisraeli was seen trying to squeeze between two trucks at a junction on a highway near Tel Aviv Sunday. He never made it. The camera captured his body lying near the centre of the four-way intersection, his motorcycle meters away on its side. Some 30 cars and trucks slowed down and then carefully drove around the prone motorcylist in a stream of traffic that continued for nearly two minutes before a driver stopped his vehicle and approached the body. (Reuters)


You know what's bullsh*t?


Wanna call/mail Paris Hilton in jail? Here's the information:

According to the Inmate Information Center: Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF):

11705 South Alameda Street, Lynwood, CA 90262
Bus. Phone: (323) 568-4500 * Watch Commander: (323) 568-4506
General Inmate Information, call: 213-473-6100 or visit the:
Inmate Information Center

Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate name and Booking Number: Paris Hilton, 9424185
11705 S. Alameda St.
Lynwood, Ca. 90262

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Photoworthy: the snake


Dude unhappy with coupons threatens to blow-up newspaper

A Sun Newspaper employee delivered a coupon package after the 65-year-old man complained, but Nicholas Karas called again and said he didn't get the coupons he wanted. "What do I have to do? Come down there and blow up the building?" he allegedly said. The newspaper's building was searched as a precaution. Article here.


Here's a clever paint job...

Here is how 'xtreme' baseball works:

(hmmm... pretty strange...)

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[dumbass] drunk dude takes driving test

A German man failed his driving test after attempting the examination while three times over the legal alcohol limit, police said Tuesday.

When the man arrived for the test Tuesday morning, both his driving instructor and the examiner detected the smell of alcohol on him, though the 27-year-old assured them he had not been drinking, police in the western town of Bendorf said.

"But his driving was rather bad, so the examiner directed him to toward the police station without him noticing," the spokesman said. "Once there, he had to get out and take an alcohol test, which revealed he was well over the limit." The man will now have to wait "a long time" before he can take another driving test, the spokesman said. (Reuters)


Wow, Ben -- dude, just leave her alone.

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Photoworthy: Greensburg, Kansas (tornado damage)

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Dude gets 750 years in prison for child porn on computer

A man was sentenced to 750 years in prison for creating at least 29 pornographic images of prepubescent girls in his basement.

The tip-off that helped investigators put him away: a Brownie uniform in the background of one of his photographs. The sentence handed down to Bruce W. Betcher in U.S. District Court on Monday is believed to be one of the longest in U.S. history for the manufacture and possession of child pornography.

The 750-year sentence took even some seasoned defense attorneys and federal law enforcement officials aback. The investigation leading to Betcher's arrest began in August 2005 in Atlanta, where a computer seized during a federal search uncovered thousands of illicit computer images, including 78 photos or pictures unfamiliar to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The images did not match any in a database of known missing and exploited children. Full article here.