Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New meaning to the phrase 'Doing the Robot'

Guy drives 100mph through Paris traffic...

This video is from way back when (circa 1978) a camera was mounted to the front of a Ferrari 275 GTB, which was then driven like a bat out of hell (by a Formula 1 driver) in the middle of morning Paris, France traffic. When you first watching this video it doesn’t seem like much… but wait and watch closely. You’ll start to notice how crazy this guy is when he starts blowing through red lights and driving on sidewalks without hesitation. Wow, I wish could do this. I also wish I had a Ferrari- but that's a whole different story. Click here to watch the video.

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Crazy ass gunfire goes down at Costco?

Drama began outside in a Costco parking lot, when a woman having lunch with her boyfriend was confronted outside the store by her ex-boyfriend, who arrived with their son, the 2-year-old.

After they argued and the ex-boyfriend allegedly slapped the woman, the current boyfriend took a gun from his
Toyota Tercel.

The ex-boyfriend got into his Toyota 4Runner and — with his son strapped into a car-seat inside — raced through the parking lot and rammed into the
Tercel. As the 4Runner approached, the man with the gun fired two shots at the vehicle.

Bystander Susan Jackson was walking in the parking lot near the 4Runner when she came upon the argument and a flying pizza. She thinks the pie was slapped out of the woman's hands.

"A pizza came flying by and landed on the ground," Jackson said. "It was still steaming so I thought, 'that was strange.' "

Before it all sank in, Jackson found herself diving for cover from the gunfire. "I was yelling, 'That's a gun,' so we hid between these two big trucks and got a couple of families to get their kids down, into the street, and out of their cars," Jackson said.

Costco employee at the store's gas station ran over with a firefighter who was filling his tank when the shooting began. By the time they arrived, the 4Runner was gone and the man with the gun was calling police to report the incident.

At the hospital, it was discovered that the bullet had missed the 2-year old boy but hit the car seat. Both men were booked on assault charges. The current boyfriend faces charges over firing a gun into the 4Runner, and the ex-boyfriend faces charges over ramming the
Tercel and allegedly striking the woman. Click here to read the full article about this crazy ass fiasco.

Funny chart and figure...

[taken from CultureHole]

SNL is funny for once... weird?

As most of you know SNL sucks. Nothing they do is funny anymore. And then they have their moments. For example, this sketch is a ‘spoof’ / ‘parody’ of the Morgan Stanley commercials (investment firm) and it's pretty darn hilarious. Click here to watch the video.

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How to make the perfect Jell-O shot...

Jell-O shots. They are one of those things that almost no one can pass up. I mean how could you? It’s fu*kin Jell-O! Bill Cosby loves Jell-O, so should you. And you can't say that you don’t like alcohol- because everyone knows you can’t taste it (well barely) when you do a Jell-O shot.

Anyways, if you have ever had the privilege of concocting one of these orgasmic liquid treats, you’ll realize it is not an easy task. Well, an not an easy task to master that is. The difficulty in making the perfect Jell-O shot lies in understanding how to balance the right amount of water (to make the Jell-O obviously) with the amount of liquor in the shot. So this guy decided to experiment to determine the highest possible concentration of alcohol attainable in a Jell-O shot, while still maintaining the structural integrity of the gelatin. Sounds awesome huh? I know you’re itching for the results.

Now I could give you some long drawn out explanation of the equations and science mambo-jumbo that this guy found out… but who the fu*k cares. Instead I’ll just tell you the conclusions in lemans terms:

Using sugar-free Jell-O works better than the regular stuff. Why? The significant chemical make-up of the sugar-free compared to regular Jell-O is that it is capable of “absorbing” more liquid while retaining its ability to gel. Because of these factors, it is possible to achieve a slightly higher alcohol concentration by using sugar-free Jell-O.

Also, subjectively, this guy found that the lime and orange Jell-O taste the best (i.e., most similar to a vodka-based mixed drink), followed by the lemon and cherry flavors.

If you would like to read more or follow this experiment’s scientific methodology of procedure, click here.

Robots are really cool toys to own

If you ask me, this toy looks freakin’ cool! This commercial sure makes me want to buy it- I'm not even a kid (well technically). Put it on my Christmas wish list… click here to watch the video of this toy. I hear this thing is like $100+.

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$1,200 spent for wedding of two dogs?

Over 70 anxious people gathered to witness two dogs get married. The owners spent over $1,200 on the entire wedding arrangement.

The pugs, ages 2 (Bobby) and 3 (Gracie), "love each other," said 79-year-old Susan Laurer, who wore flowers on her sweater to celebrate her Bobby's special day at the Animal Activity Center in their hometown of Clinton Township.

During the ceremony, Bobby moseyed down the aisle in a top hat, black tuxedo and red bowtie with his coiled tail wagging. After he took his place at the altar, his tongue flopped out.

Their even were groomsmen and maids of honor (pint-size Chihuahuas in formal apparel). The Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" rang from speakers during their exit from the church.

Some of Laurer's family members drove more than two hours to attend. During the reception that followed at the center, the newlyweds dug into a two-tiered, bone-shaped cake with a pink heart in the center. The dog-friendly ingredients included peanut butter, carob, whole wheat and cream cheese.

No honeymoon is planned yet- but that’s not to say it won’t happen… My opinion on this? Crazy yet some how kind of cool…Click here to read the full article.

Egg Lamps? Egg Lamps? Egg Lamps?

Check out these ultra euro-modern handcrafted ceramic egg nightlights. These things project 'stars' on to your ceiling. Pretty neat stuff. It’s also pretty expensive too, $125 for one of these eggs of glory. Check out their website, they’ve got some other cool really overpriced house items. Click here to find out more.

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Funny home video routine of a rock band...

The rock band “OK Go” figured practicing in their backyard a dance routine to one of their songs, 'A Million Ways' was a logically safe thing to do. The problem with practicing a dance routine in a backyard (as opposed to, say, in a dance studio) is there are no mirrors, so you can't see how you look.

Which is why the guys decided to tape the thing on a video camera set up on a tripod. They did their three-minute routine a few times and then checked the video.

One of their girlfriends thought the video looked so fun that she begged them to release it as their official video instead of the "real" video they were planning to do with a professional director. The band laughed at her. Thereupon, she posted the video online and emailed a couple of friends to get a second opinion.

2.5 million downloads later, the boys found themselves invited to perform the dance live on Good Morning America and The Tonight Show. They've also begun receiving emails from fans with links to homemade videos of other groups of men performing the dance.

Click here to watch this video. Funny thing is- this song is pretty damn good too.

[taken from Lycos 50]