Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cute or Gross?

Paris Hilton arrested for DUI

Paris Hilton was arrested early Thursday for investigation of driving under the influence, police said.

Hilton was arrested shortly before 12:30 a.m. in Hollywood, said police Officer I. Isabella, who declined to give his first name.

"The officers observed that Hilton exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. A field sobriety test was conducted at scene, and the officers determined she was driving under the influence," Isabella said, reading a police statement.
Hilton was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI and released, he said.

Her spokesman, Elliot Mintz, confirmed the arrest and said police detected the minimum blood-alcohol level to warrant an arrest. The legal limit in California is 0.08 percent. Article here.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and their baby Suri

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri Cruise, photographed exclusively for Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz on Cruise's property in Telluride, Colorado, July 27, 2006.
In a private conversation with Vanity Fair features editor Jane Sarkin, Katie Holmes tells her that "it's been heartbreaking" to see what's being said in the press about her family and her baby. "Some of the crap that's out there—the stuff that's said about my parents and my siblings [tabloid accounts implied that Katie's family did not hit it off with Tom]—it's really frustrating the amount of shit that's out there. And the stuff they say about Suri?! You shouldn't say that about us, and you can't say that about my child."

Sarkin spent five days with the Cruise-Holmes extended family at Cruise's Telluride, Colorado, compound, sharing meals, taking hikes, and hanging out.
Sarkin reports that Cruise and Holmes coo over the baby like any new parents. "She has Kate's lips and eyes," Tom says of the baby. "I think she looks like Kate." Holmes counters, "I think she has Tom's eyes. I think she looks like Tom."
The October issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on September 6, and nationally by September 12.

Dude does crazy trick flips on pogo stick!

Soccer moms smoked pot waiting for their kids

Two soccer moms were hauled to the police station with children in tow Wednesday evening after allegedly smoking marijuana in a van while waiting for practice to end.

Deborah Spangler, 40, the driver of the van, was charged with drug abuse and passenger Jessica Riddell, 39, was charged with drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia, both minor misdemeanors.

An officer was called to the soccer fields on Pierson Road on a complaint of two women sitting in a maroon van smoking marijuana.
Officer Scot Johnson said he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the van when he talked with Spangler, who said they were waiting for their children to get done with soccer practice.

Spangler denied having anything to do with smoking marijuana, even after the officer said he could smell it. A search of the van turned up nothing, but when Johnson looked in Riddell's purse he allegedly found a half-smoked marijuana cigarette inside a box of Marlboro cigarettes. She was placed under arrest and then admitted to officers that both she and Spangler had been smoking marijuana, according to police.

The officer also found a bag containing 2 grams of marijuana and rolling papers in a zippered compartment of Riddell's purse, according to the police report. Riddell posted a $100 bond and Spangler posted a $50 bond. Both women are scheduled to appear Sept. 6 in mayor's court. Article here.

life jackets + blow-up dolls = WTF?

Lindsay Lohan's baby sister, the next pop star?

Lindsay Lohan's baby sister is to follow in her footsteps by releasing a music album.

Ali Lohan, 12, is set to launch her own pop career with a Christmas record. Ali, who appeared in her big sister’s Confessions Of A Broken Heart video, has recorded classic Christmas hits for the festive album.
Songs include Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bells, Deck The Halls and Santa’s Reindeer Ride – a duet with Amy Grant. The first single from the album will be original recording I Like Christmas. Article here.

Great impersonations; Homer Simpson & Yoda

Police Chief's wife is a plus-size porno star?

An Oklahoma police chief's job is in jeopardy and his town is in an uproar because of his wife's profession. Snyder Police Chief Tod Ozmun and his wife, Doris, live in Snyder, just west of Lawton. However, the chief's wife is known worldwide for her work as a plus-sized model on a pornographic Web site.

Officials said the Snyder mayor is requesting an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Technically, the mayor cannot request an OSBI investigation. However, the district attorney's office can, and officials said the focus of any such investigation would be to determine whether city computers were used for the pictures and if that violates the city's charter.
"This came to light because some of the people in town went onto the Internet to download pictures of her and started passing them out around the citizens here in town," said Mayor Dale Moore.

Moore said he's trying to decide what's best for Snyder -- to keep a chief who many believe doesn't share their morals or to fire a man who's keeping residents safe.

"When our kids come home from school telling us that the chief's wife is a porno queen, how do you answer that?" Article here.

Spontaneity leads to crazy things, like this:

Telephone telepathy, I was going to call you?

Many people have experienced the phenomenon of receiving a telephone call from someone shortly after thinking about them -- now a scientist says he has proof of what he calls telephone telepathy.

Rupert Sheldrake, whose research is funded by the respected Trinity College, Cambridge, said Tuesday he had conducted experiments that proved that such precognition existed for telephone calls and even e-mails.

Each person in the trials was asked to give researchers names and phone numbers of four relatives or friends. These were then called at random and told to ring the subject who had to identify the caller before answering the phone.

"The hit rate was 45 percent, well above the 25 percent you would have expected," he told the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. "The odds against this being a chance effect are 1,000 billion to one."

He said he found the same result with people being asked to name one of four people sending them an e-mail before it had landed.

However, his sample was small on both trials -- just 63 people for the controlled telephone experiment and 50 for the email -- and only four subjects were actually filmed in the phone study and five in the email, prompting some skepticism.

Undeterred, Sheldrake -- who believes in the interconnectedness of all minds within a social grouping -- said that he was extending his experiments to see if the phenomenon also worked for mobile phone text messages. Article here.