Monday, August 21, 2006

Guess how many cookies I have in my mouth

The exclusive Jenn Sterger video interview!

So you loyal Across-the-Board readers will remember my exclusive interview with Jenn Sterger (read interview here). Jenn who you might ask? She’s the girl who single handedly became the most famous person on (an online community for college students, similar to The Across-the-Board interview unmasked Jenn’s personality behind the photos, but until now no video interviews have ever been captured of the infamous Jenn Sterger. Until now…

Below is video of ‘Cowgirl’ Jenn Sterger taking questions from a college class about friends, relationships, and plastic surger.

My take on the whole thing? Good gosh she’s bitter. Kinda bitchy too. Not at all what I thought she’d be like. Listen, I understand she’s gone through some tough times in life (we all do), but she seems set on projecting her hate to the entire world. The contempt and general hatred is very palpable during this whole video. I’d feel awkward just sitting in this room while she was speaking. Most would agree this definitely taints your image and perception about the alluring ‘Cowgirl’ Jenn Sterger. Damn. She had to go and ruin it just like that. Oh well.

Update: Mel Gibson won't go to jail for DUI

Mel Gibson got off pretty easy on Thursday, pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of drunken driving. He will be on probation for 3 years and required to attend alcohol rehabilitation sessions.
The tribune went into a little more detail, saying: "He pleaded no contest to driving while having a 0.08 percent or higher blood-alcohol level. A second misdemeanor count, driving under the influence of alcohol, and the infraction of driving with an open container of alcohol, were dismissed." via

50+ pairs of underwear = these girls are bored

His wedding day = car crash + broken leg?

The wedding party chuckled when the pastor said the line about "in sickness and in health." Jared Darr and Amanda McCadden were getting hitched in a hospital, hours after a car crash shattered the groom's leg on their wedding day.

The college students said they weren't about to let the accident stall the ceremony -- especially since they hadn't kissed during their six-month engagement.

"I just want to kiss her so bad, and there's no way I'm going to put it off," Darr said, lying pale and on painkillers shortly before Wednesday's ceremony.

Darr, 21, and McCadden, 23, had just picked up an archway for their wedding reception when their car collided with a second car at an intersection in Chattaroy, Washington, north of Spokane.

Darr, in the passenger seat, had raised his foot to put on a dress sock and the air bag sent his leg through the windshield, he said. "So many people are just like, 'This is a sign you've got to run,"' Darr said.

Instead, once Darr woke up from the anesthesia, the couple said their vows in a Deaconness Medical Center conference room, making a videotape to be shown to their 150 guests at the reception.

The pastor played guitar, the wedding party prayed and sang, and the bride wiped tears from her eyes. When the bridesmaids, groomsmen and relatives left for the reception, she stayed behind.

"Party like we're in your heart, because we are," she told them. And as for the couple's planned honeymoon on the Oregon coast? That'll have to wait. Article here.

Crazy paint job on a BMW 3-Series

10 tons of kitty litter falls on LA highway

California's supply of cat litter fell by 10 tons during the weekend when a tractor trailer flipped and lost its load on Interstate 5.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman said the truck overturned about 6 a.m. Saturday close to an off-ramp from the Interstate 5 Golden State Freeway, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

There were no injuries in the wreck, although the gray clay splashed over two lanes, which were closed for four hours as state transportation workers labored to clear the scene.

No rainfall was reported by the National Weather Service for the Los Angeles area at the time, and no clumping was reported at the crash site. Article here.


Woman attacked by mannequin, sues JCPenny

Diana Newton, 51, of Westminster sued the J.C. Penney Co. last month after she was allegedly thwacked on the head by a department store dummy.

Newton said she was ambushed by a legless female mannequin at the company's Westminster Mall store, a skirmish that left her with a bloodied scalp, a cracked tooth, recurring shoulder pain and numbness in her fingers.

The alleged attack was the latest in a string of mannequin mayhem incidents nationwide. "There are a slew of lawsuits like this," said mannequin manufacturer Barry Rosenberg, who joked that stores should run background checks on dummies before letting them mingle with shoppers.

Most of the cases involved mannequins toppling over onto customers, but an Indiana woman claimed she caught herpes from the lips of a CPR training dummy. She dropped her lawsuit against the American Red Cross in 2000 after further tests revealed that she didn't have the disease, according to news reports.

The alleged Westminster Mall incident happened nearly a year ago in the women's department at J.C. Penney. Newton said she wanted to buy a certain blouse, but the only one in her size was being worn by a mannequin.

When a salesclerk tried to remove the garment, the dummy's arm flew off and struck Newton's head. "I felt a burning sensation," she recalled. Then, blood cascaded down her face, she said.

Paramedics arrived and patched her gash. Feeling woozy but stable, Newton drove home, then had someone take her to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach for further treatment.

" 'My mom got beat up by a mannequin' was the joke around my house," Newton said. The blow also cracked a molar, which led to a root canal, she said. J.C. Penney offered to pay the dental bill but balked at covering other expenses, she said. Article here.

A boat made out of newspapers? Why?

Cruel bus driver tortures students with heat

It was an attempt to discipline rowdy middle school students, but parents said it was downright dangerous. Students returning home from Glenridge Middle School, Thursday, didn't obey the orders of their bus driver. So, the driver simply stopped the bus.

Students told Channel Nine the driver forced them to close their windows and suffer on a bus with no air conditioning. They said she kept them there for an hour.

The school district said it is policy for drivers to pull over when students are out of control. As for the air conditioning, a spokesperson said he would look into what happened. Article here.

Sweet visual of turbulent air C-17 Globemaster

The United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster III Military Transport with the 14th Airlift Squadron located at Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina has flown away after releasing flares over the Atlantic Ocean. Smoke from the flare salvo reveals a crisp, dramatic, startling, and beautiful visual of the turbulent air – including two vortices each with an "eye" – created by the C-17 Globemaster III as it flies through the air.

Teen gets charged for penis 'helicopter' prank

A Canada teenager was sentenced to 60 days in custody after admitting in court he tried to hit two other boys at a youth treatment centre in the face with his penis.

It's a manoeuvre known around the facility as "a helicopter."
The 16-year-old had been charged with two counts of sexual assault, but pleaded guilty to the reduced charges of common assault.

Last Dec. 19, the two victims were lying on their beds at the Portage centre near Elora when the teen came in. He removed his penis from his pants and, while holding it, tried to strike the victims. He did not make contact with either boy.

Defence counsel Terence MacKean said one of the victims told police helicopters "are a normal thing" at the treatment centre, and reported the accused was laughing during the incident.

Crown attorney Jocelyn Speyer called the teen's conduct "quite disturbing," and suggested a jail term of three months given the boy's criminal record, which includes entries for threats and assault with a weapon. Justice David Carr said despite evidence helicopters are common, "it's degrading to those it's directed toward." Article here.

You think your house has a good view?

"Microsoft Zune", their version of the iPod

This exclusive picture of the Microsoft Zune (Microsoft's answer to the iPod). Notice, the player also comes with a pair of magnetic headphones, which as you can see from the picture, stick to each other so they're easier to manage.

The reason why this picture is in black and white is because Microsoft assigned a unique color scheme to every Zune prototype in existence right now—all 150 of them—so any leaks could be traced to the employee who leaked it. We don't want to be jerks and get anybody fired.

Take note, that's not a scroll wheel like the iPod. It's just four buttons arranged in a wheel formation. That kinda sucks if you're used to the scroll wheel, but it seems their engineers weren't too fond of it, or Microsoft didn't want to be accused of copying the iPod's wheel. Either way, it's just four buttons.

But like the wheel, the scrolling speeds up the longer you hold down the button. When you're scrolling through songs, there's a large letter that appears in the corner corresponding to the letter of the current song when you're running through your list.

On the back, there's a grip so you can hold the player when you're watching video in landscape mode. There's also some kind of magnetic feature on the back so you can attach the headphones to it. The magnets could be used for some sort of docking or case design—they're still working on that. The bottom has that iPod-like dock connector, while the case itself is plastic and semi-transparent.

It also has FM tuner and an FM transmitter so you can beam the music to your car. The FM transmitter also feeds up Song and Artist information so you can see what's playing from your car stereo (if it supports that feature, like in GM cars). Pretty neat. Source.

Will Ferrell as George Bush (part 2)

Tragic: Killed 2 days before marriage proposal

Mitchell Cangelosi had everything planned. He'd invite his high school sweetheart, Maureen Furci, to Point O'Woods on Fire Island. Then, with both their families watching, a small plane would fly by pulling a banner reading, "Maureen Furci, will you marry me?"

But Cangelosi, a 25-year-old Earth Science teacher at Lynbrook High School, never got the chance to carry out the elaborate proposal he'd planned for last Sunday.

Two days before, on a highway in Sligo, N.C., near the Outer Banks, Cangelosi was killed when his 2005 Toyota Corolla crossed the center line at about 7:15 a.m. and collided with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The former lifeguard was on his way home after a week of surfing with friends, said family members who believe he fell asleep at the wheel. The 33-year-old man driving the other vehicle was taken by helicopter to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Va., according to North Carolina State Police, although details of his condition were not available yesterday.
Cangelosi's father, Jerome, said his son had already bought the diamond engagement ring, which family members have given to Furci. "He had everything planned from the ring to the way he was going to propose.

"I loved him more than anything in the world," said Furci, 25, of Sayville, a teacher at Bay Shore Middle School. "We did everything together. The last time I saw him we went to the beach all day and I helped him pack for his trip."

Furci said she met Cangelosi during their sophomore year at Sayville High School, where Cangelosi starred as a middle linebacker on the varsity football team. They had been inseparable ever since, she said, despite attending different colleges. Besides his parents, Mitchell Cangelosi is survived by his brother, Carl, of Bay Shore. Article here.

Dude trapped in 110 degree tub of chocolate?

An ordinary night's work at the chocolate company turned dangerous for Darmin Garcia early Friday after he fell into a vat of the molten goo and was trapped for more than two hours.

"I was pushing the chocolate down into the vat because it was stuck," said Garcia, 21. "It came loose, and I just slid down the hopper into the chocolate."

Garcia's co-workers at the Debelis Corp., first tried to pull Garcia out, but his pants were caught on a roller. That's when they called 911 and the Kenosha fire and police departments both responded, said police Sgt. Eric Larsen.

The viscous chocolate was warm - about 110 degrees, according to Capt. Greg Sinnen of the Kenosha Fire Department. For comparison purposes: The water in hot tubs is usually kept at 103 or 104 degrees.

Garcia can laugh about it now, but not at the time. "I thought I was going to die," Garcia told a reporter. Garcia, who has worked at the company for almost two years, said he was almost chest deep in the chocolate, the dark variety. "It was in my hair, in my ears, my mouth, everywhere," Garcia said. "I felt like I weighed 900 pounds. I couldn't move."
Garcia said his colleagues added cocoa butter to the vat in an attempt to thin the chocolate. Sinnen said firefighters in the ladder company that responded to the accident helped scoop the chocolate out of the vat.

Eventually, enough chocolate was removed that Garcia was able to take off his pants and be pulled out. He was taken to the Aurora Medical Center for treatment.

Asked if he still had a taste for the stuff, premium or not, Garcia said: "Not so much anymore." Article here.