Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chip & Dale -- being totally inappropriate.

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WTF? The parents of this baby must be crazy!?

Supposedly, this is a real King Cobra. The Cobra has its mouth tied and had its fangs pulled out. It cannot use it's venom or teeth. Supposedly.


Dude chops off own head with chainsaw

A man cut off his own head with a chainsaw after stabbing his 70-year-old father to death in their apartment in the German city of Cologne, police said.

The body of the offender, 24, was found headless when police raced to the apartment after an emergency call, apparently from the dying father, had been broken off in mid-sentence.

Alf Willwacher, a senior prosecutor, said an electric chainsaw was next to the son's body. "We do not believe any third party was involved,'' he said. Neighbours said the father and son had been reclusive since the death of the mother, allegedly by suicide, several years ago. Article here.

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Photoworthy: 18,000 naked people (Spencer Tunick)

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Oh cry me a friggin' river Paris, you're going to jail.

After firing her lawyer Howard Weitzman, here's Paris crying uncontrollably as she leaves famed DUI defense attorney Richard Hutton's office yesterday.

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Dude dies during 'battle dancing' fight

A 48-year-old man died Monday night after what police said was a failed attempt to complete a forward flip while "battle dancing."

Robert Stitt, was dancing with a group of people in a parking lot when he attempted the move hoping to outdo another dancer he was battling against, according to police. Stitt tried to execute a front flip and landed on his head, police said.

When police arrived at the scene, Stitt had reportedly gone into cardiac arrest. He was taken to the Hospital of Central Connecticut at New Britain General, where he was later pronounced dead. According to witnesses, Stitt had been drinking "all day," police said. The parking lot is considered to be a social hangout where people often gather to play cards and drink, police said. Article here.

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Dude, this turtle is flippin' out on this cat, WTF?

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'Life's Short. Get A Divorce' billboard is offensive?

City workers have stripped the sign from its perch after a week of complaints from neighbors and from other attorneys who said it reflected poorly on their profession.

A city alderman Burton Natarus, who lives near the sign, said he called the building inspector, and that the law firm's ad was taken down because the firm didn't have a permit, and not because of what it said -- or because of the scantily clad man and woman on it.
The two lawyers who had the sign put up said they're upset that it was removed. They also said the calls to their law firm have gone up dramatically since the billboard went up last week.

"The message really is that life is very, very short, and you need to be honest with yourself and have some personal integrity," said the creator of the billboard, divorce lawyer Corri Fetman. "If you are unhappy, take some action and do something about it." Full article here.

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It’s amazing what people are selling on eBay now

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[semi-sorta funny] Dorky dude raps about the NBA

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Strange Ninja burglar beats victims, then takes pictures

A bizarre crime in a Florida neighborhood has left the victims frightened and confused. A man dressed up like a ninja broke into a home, smashed furniture, attacked two people and then took off without saying a word.

The victims didn't want to go on camera, but one of them told Eyewitness News it was one of the scariest and strangest things he's ever been through. He doesn't know what the man wanted, just that the attacker was very violent. Neighbor Vivian Heath said it isn't something that normally happens in their quiet neighborhood.

Heath's husband saw the ninja, dressed in all black, go into their neighbor's house Sunday afternoon. Three people were inside watching the movie "The Green Mile" on television, when the ninja burst in, punched one of the men in the mouth and kicked another man.

The costumed burglar slammed the DVD player and VCR into the dresser. Then he pulled out a knife and made threatening slashing and stabbing motions. What makes the crime even more strange, the ninja didn't take anything from the house, but he did take a couple of pictures of the victims with his cell phone. Then, without saying a word or making any demands, he took off down the street. Article here.

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Holy jeez, this guy gets kicked in the face hard.


Wife surprises husband by beating him with a hammer

A woman has been arrested, accused of attacking her husband with a hammer on Friday night.

Joel Ricks told authorities that his wife Amy told him she had a surprise for him. He said she blindfolded him and led him into the basement of a Holladay condominium. The woman then allegedly struck her husband with a hammer multiple times. The man was able to escape and called 911. Deputies arrested his wife for aggravated assault. (KUTV)


The worst hockey fight of all-time (April 2006)

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Bob Barker is leaving 'The Price is Right'

Barker is 83 now. He's essentially the longest, oldest, most continuous anything on the air. At a recent taping of the game show in the spangly-sparkly CBS studio long ago named in his honor, he is wearing one of his perfectly fitted navy blue suits and a periwinkle blue tie. His face, neck and hands are layered in stage makeup the hue of pulverized Nevada, so much that you're not sure where it ends and the man begins. His hair (hair?) is snow white; he stopped dyeing it many seasons ago in a nod to the inevitable. "What are you going to do after [you retire]?" an audience member shouts out during a commercial break. "Well, I plan to do a little more drinking," Barker deadpans.
In the first week of June, Barker will tape his last episode of "The Price Is Right," turning over the hosting job, which has been his for 35 seasons since the show's relaunch in 1972, to an as-yet-unchosen successor. The network will air two nights of a prime-time Barker retrospective and fete on May 16 and 17, and is asking fans to post 15-second farewell greetings on YouTube for possible broadcast.

About 5 1/2 million viewers tune in on an average day. People wait outside for as long as 18 hours for one of 325 seats in the audience; nine of them will be picked to play. In some deviation from the science of television demographics, the most devoted fans are not merely the busloads of church-permed, AARP-aged minxes, but, more intensely, legions of college kids in flip-flops. Read the full Washington Post article here.

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