Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shit, another pothole.


Police Deliver Baby After Dude Gets Lost Taking Wife To Hospital

Orlando police officers made a special delivery early Wednesday morning. Just after 1:00am, the driver of a car flagged a patrol car for help on South Street. He was trying to get his wife to the hospital, but was lost.

When the officers got out of the car to give directions, they noticed the woman was already in labor. Immediately, the officers knew what they needed to do.

"It was the first time in my 8-year career that I was able to actually take part in a live child birth," said Officer Nahoum Daniel of the Orlando Police Department. » Article here


The 'bookshelf' Christmas tree.


Woman spikes friend's drink with visine and tries to kill his dog

Police report the arrest of a woman who they said spiked a friend's drink with Visine eye drops and antagonized a pit bull to attack and kill his dog. The arrest of Kristine Anzalone, 24, comes five months after the two separate incidents.

Police say that on June 14, the woman put Visine in the 32-year-old male friend's drink without his consent, causing him to suffer vomiting, rectal bleeding and difficulty breathing. He was taken to North Shore University Hospital in Plainview.

On July 6, police said, the woman, using a metal cane, encouraged a large pit bull to attack the man's Chihuahua, killing it. » Article here


I'm all business, dog.


Girlfriend breaks up via Facebook status.

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Cop fails drug test because wife cooked pot-filled meatballs

A counterterrorism detective who says his failed drug test came because his wife had spiked his meatballs with marijuana has filed a lawsuit to get his job back.

Anthony Chiofalo asked the court to declare that his firing in August from the New York Police Department was unreasonable and unconstitutional. During an investigation, Chiofalo's wife, Catherine Chiofalo, said she secretly put enough marijuana for about six cigarettes in her meatball recipe.

Catherine Chiofalo, according to court papers, testified at the hearing that she "just wanted my husband not to die of a heart attack or get killed. I wanted him to be around to help raise my son." The couple later took and passed lie-detector tests about how the marijuana was ingested, Anthony Chiofalo's court papers say. Chiofalo says his wife had marijuana at home because she used it to relieve nausea caused by medications she took for back pain. » Article here


2 girls, 1 cup: The Essay.

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Porn star auctions-off her boob implants

Porn star Mary Carey, who shot to fame by running for California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger, unveiled plans on Tuesday to auction off her autographed, recently removed breast implants for charity.

Carey said the size 36-D implants were taken out two weeks ago and replaced with larger 36-DDDs and while under anesthesia she realized they could be used to raise money for breast cancer research.
"The doctors asked me what I wanted to do with them and I said, 'You know what, I'm going to keep them and try to sell them. Because my grandmother had breast cancer," Carey told Reuters in an interview. The 27-year-old star of such adult films as "Boobsville Sorority Girls" and "Big Breasted Beauties" will be seen in the upcoming VH1 reality show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" and said that during taping she kicked addictions to the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and alcohol. » Article here

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