Wednesday, September 14, 2005

He probably was hurting in the morning…

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Freadiant slip about gas prices…

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Paris Hilton trashes her old cell phone

Just a little update from my last post on Paris Hilton (cause I know you where all worried, and follow Paris Hilton’s life constantly), it looks like Paris doesn’t use a Sidekick Cell Phone anymore. Either would I, after learning that T-Mobile stores your phone book information on internet servers (that’s how she got hacked). Wise move switching to the razor.

I’m so stoked for upcoming concerts!

Why am I excited? Let me just say first that nothing beats going to concerts. No expensive sound system or mp3 player can replace the unbeatable feeling of attending a live concert and hearing/seeing your favorite artist(s) in the flesh. With that being said, I’m attending the John Mayer concert this coming Monday. Then, following week I get to see two of my favorite artists- Jason Mraz & Missy Higgins. Then in November, I’m going to see the group Nickel Creek. I really have no reason for telling you any of this- except for the fact I’m really excited for all of these concerts. These artists may not be the most critically acclaimed artists that walk home with Grammy’s every year- but they what they do have is the ability to excel as artists when they perform live. To me, the most frustrating thing to hear an artist(s) live or on TV that you initially thought was good- and come to find out they can’t sing for crap. In retrospect, when you hear an artist perform live that does well- it’s awesome. It brings their music up to a whole new level. Obviously if you can’t tell from my posts or this rant- I love music. To conclude this random spiel, my call to action is to encourage you to attend a live concert/performance on a regular basis- nothing is more refreshing than hearing that song/album you love in the same presence as the artist(s) who wrote it.

Two great commercials...

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Martha Stewart and her TV comeback

Martha Stewart. A very interesting personality to follow. I love that fact society has totally turned their cheek to fact Martha Stewart was in jail. She seems to carry this “Brady Bunch” persona that no one can touch. Oh well, that’s why her publicist is one of the best in the business. Check out this video that details her and her new TV show.

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Paris Hilton’s cell phone hacker charged

So most of you probably remember earlier this year when Paris Hilton’s cell phone (a sidekick) was “hacked” and her entire phonebook/contacts was posted online. It’s actually pretty interesting to read how he “hacked” her cell phone (read the article here). The 17 year-old from Massachusetts who was charged with the crime has been sentenced today. Get this: 11 months in a juvenile detention center and 2 years of supervised release.

That’s it? Are you kidding? This guy is lucky! Must be great to be a minor- considering he has also pleaded guilty to making bomb threats at two high schools and to breaking into a telephone company’s computer system to set up free cell phone accounts for friends. He also participated in a group attack on data-collection firm LexisNexis Group that exposed personal records of more than 300,000 consumers. Prosecutors said victims of the teen’s actions have suffered about $1 million in damage. Sounds like this guy hasn't really learned his lesson yet. He'll probably end up starting a company like Google when he gets older.

Caption these...