Thursday, May 01, 2008



Dude who can only move his face and thumb seeks independence

Mike Phillips, a 27-year-old with a muscle disease that has eliminated his ability to move his limbs, wants a bit of independence from the mother who has cared for him his entire life. But neither of them has quite figured out how this is going to work. Ira Glass is featuring Phillips on Sunday's Showtime version of "This American Life." » Full article here


Twister sheets? Clever...


'Guy Stuck in Class'.

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Man charged after climbing out of van going 55 mph

He stood on the roof and was catapulted into the woods when the van crashed into a rail. John Messerly denied to a reporter climbing onto the roof. He said he was adjusting some lumber that had come loose when he was thrown out the passenger-side window. Cops say he was in the driver's seat. » Full article here


Public shaming is an understatement.


Through the eyes of a tiger at the Zoo.

If you've been drinking & find an accident involving a car & a cow, don't stop. If you stop, don't hit the cow. If you hit the cow, don't call 911.

Helen McCollum says she was just trying to help a guy staggering down the highway after he had hit a cow in the middle of the road. Instead, she was arrested on a drunken driving charge after hitting the same cow, which did not survive.

"I was helping this guy and I was busted," McCollum called The Capital Times to say today. "This is why people don't stop and help others anymore."

The Dane County Sheriff's Office reported that Michael Geisler, 43, Edgerton, hit the cow standing in the middle of Wisconsin 73 shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. » Full article here