Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Surprise! Happy Mardi Gras!

Before you go freaking out, look closely- it's a strap-on. :)

Woman kills husband with vacuum cleaner

An Anderson man is dead after being strangled with a vacuum cleaner hose, and his common-law wife is charged with his murder.

Anderson County Sheriff's deputies said they received the call at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday. A spokesman for the sheriff's office said Evelyn Pressley admitted to killing Jerome Powers.

Deputies said Pressley beat and strangled Powers with vacuum cleaner accessories.

Deputies said the couple lived together on Bellhaven Road in Anderson for about eight years.
Pressley is being held in the Anderson County detention center Monday. An autopsy was planned. Article here.

'Brokeback' is Hollywood word of the year

And the winner for Hollywood's word of the year is "Brokeback," thanks to all the talk around the water cooler and Internet jokes that have turned a film about two gay cowboys into a cultural phenomenon.
The nonprofit group Global Language Monitor placed "Brokeback" -- as in the film title "Brokeback Mountain" -- at the top of its list of Hollywood words and phrases that captured attention this year.

Paul JJ Payack, the head of Global Language Monitor, said the movie became a cultural phenomenon that generated a million jokes, according to Google. Overall, a Google search shows more than 38 million references to the film, although only about 10 million people saw the movie.

In second place was "Brangelina," the hybrid name given to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as Hollywood's hottest new couple. They beat out "TomKat," bestowed on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and "Vincifer," a hardly used term referring to Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

Placing third on the list was "petronoia," a phrase inspired by the film "Syriana" and meaning an irrational fear of the collapse of the oil industry followed by global economic crisis.

In fourth place was "tuxedo," a reference to the nature film "March of the Penguins." Payack said, that "while the dialogue, not to mention the stars, were a bit stiff, the chronicle about Emperor penguins in their breeding trek across Antarctica flew to remarkable heights."

Payack said the term "pimping" was fifth on his list, thanks to the film "Hustle & Flow," which is about a pimp's dream of becoming a rap star. Article here.

Starry Cake...

Boyfriend drops girlfriend 23 stories!?!

A man was charged with criminal homicide Sunday after a dangling his girlfriend, 23-year-old Rachel M. Kozlusky, from a small window of his high-rise apartment Saturday night. He lost his grip, causing Ms. Kozlusky to plunge 23 stories.

Harrisburg police said she fell through a plastic skylight in the building’s portico and suffered massive head and internal injuries. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

When police arrived, they found Mr. Eckenrode disheveled and apparently under the influence of alcohol, according to Harrisburg police. The police also allege they found drug paraphernalia.

Mr. Eckenrode told police that he and Ms. Kozlusky had been engaged in “horseplay.”

The body of Ms. Kozlusky was found about 7:30 p.m. Saturday near the building’s entrance. She was wearing only a sweater and underwear. The 25-story building, Pennsylvania Place, at 301 Chestnut St., is the tallest in Harrisburg.

The case remains under investigation. Article here.

Jesus’ dog

Fashionable women get best service

A new Ohio State study finds women who get the most attention at clothing stores may the ones least in need of help.

Researchers observed the way customers were treated at three plus-size women's clothing stores and concluded that women who are well-dressed and well-groomed generally get the best service.

Consumer sciences professor and study co-author Sharron Lennon said salespeople at the stores were rated on their congeniality and their speed in greeting customers.

She said her team found the clerks were friendlier and often gave faster service to women with more fashionable and attractive clothing, hair and makeup.

We’ll yeah- duh… nobody likes to talk to a person who is dressed like a slob. It’s just natural people are drawn to other people who are ‘fashionable’. Why? Uh- I don’t know- maybe because they work in the fashion retail industry!? Seems like common sense to me. Article here.

Damn, he's good

Distillery selling 184-proof whisky!

A Scottish distillery said Monday it was reviving a centuries-old recipe for whisky so strong that one 17th-century writer feared more than two spoonfuls could be lethal.

The Bruichladdich distillery on the Isle of Islay, off Scotland's west coast, is producing the quadruple-distilled 184-proof or 92 percent alcohol spirit "purely for fun," managing director Mark Reynier said.

Whisky usually is distilled twice and has an alcohol content of between 40 and 63.5 per cent. Bruichladdich is using a recipe for a spirit known in the Gaelic language as usquebaugh-baul, "perilous water of life."

"Two spoonfuls of this last liquor is a sufficient dose; if any man should exceed this, it would presently stop his breath, and endanger his life," Martin wrote.

Bruichladdich, a small privately owned distillery founded in 1881, plans to make about 5,000 bottles of the whisky, which Reynier estimated would sell for about $695 per case of 12 bottles. Although whisky lovers can place their orders now, the actual spirit will not be delivered for about 10 years.

Risk-taking whisky connoisseurs will have to wait, however the spirit will not be ready for at least 10 years.

Whoa, cool. Article here.

What's he looking at?

Turn your house into the Batcave!

There is a new company that makes and sells the parts, motors, and security systems for secret doorways - including book levers in the bookshelf to reveal a secret room, reclining chairs that open up to enter a tube slide to another floor, etc.

Totally all the cool-ass sh*t you would need to ‘pimp’ your house and make it like a Batman Batcave. Costs for the complete ‘gadget set’ (installed) is around $10,000. There are ‘do-it-yourself’ kits that start at $1500.
Pretty sweet huh? I’m going to save up for the secret slide down to the basement- which is cleverly hidden under the leather couch cushion. Yes! Click here to go to the company website.

The penny/nickel bar trick...

Here is a good bar 'jedi mind' trick: Give your "victim" a penny and a nickel, and ask them to put one in each hand without letting you see which coin is where. The trick is that you'll be able to tell which coin is in each hand by using the power of your mind.

Explain that they need to think about each coin so that you can read their mind. Ask your helper to multiply the value of the coin in their left hand by two without telling you the answer.

After a second's pause, ask them if they have the answer.
Then ask them to multiply the value of the coin in their right hand by 13, wait one second and ask if they have the answer.

The length of time it took them to come up with the answers to your questions will tell you which coin is in which hand. If your helper came up with both answers pretty quickly, the penny is in the left hand, (because 5 x 2 and 1 x 13 are easy to calculate). If it took a little longer to multiply by 13, then the nickel is in their right hand.

Bar Advice: Although this is a cool 'mind' trick, I don't suggest using this to pick up a boyfriend/girlfriend. Or maybe not? I just don't see this sparking a relationship... but I could be wrong. Stranger things have happened. Source here.

A good sign it's cold out...

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12-year-old sticks gum on 1.5M painting

The Detroit Institute of Arts is stuck with having to repair a painting worth $1.5 million. It has to remove a stain left by a wad of gum stuck on the painting by a 12-year-old visitor.

It happened Friday. Museum officials said the boy was with a group from Holly Academy in Oakland County, Mich., when he took the gum out of his mouth and stuck it on Helen Frankenthaler's 1963 abstract painting "The Bay."

The gum didn't stick to the fiber of the canvas, but left a stain the size of a quarter. Museum experts are researching the chemicals in the gum to decide how to clean the painting.

Holly Academy director Julie Kildee said the boy had been suspended from the charter school and said his parents also have disciplined him.

"Even though we give very strict guidelines on proper behavior and we hold students to high standards, he is only 12 and I don't think he understood the ramifications of what he did before it happened, but he certainly understands the severity of it now," said Kildee.

The kid is 12 years old. He doesn’t know any better. I think this is kind of funny. Article here.

Can you find the cat?

7,000 law students got into Berkely?

Edward Tom, director of admissions at the University of California, Berkeley, law school, was training a office worker/demonstrating the e-mail software used by the school and was highlighting several features, including how the user can filter mail and set it to send messages to one recipient or many at the same time.

That’s when he chose what happened to be a standard congratulatory message on being admitted to the university’s prestigious law school and accidentally sent it to all 7,000 students who have applied for admission to the law school. The problem, which the school quickly admitted, is that all of the applicants won’t be admitted. In fact, there’s only room for 800 to 850 of them. The e-mail congratulated the applicants on their recent “admission” to the school and invited them to an annual reception co-hosted by alumni and several student organizations.

“I hit the Send button,” Tom said, describing the mistake. “Normally when we do [training] for real, I have another person on staff who’s an expert.” But that worker was not available when the new employee started last Friday.

After realizing what had happened, Tom sent out an apology e-mail to the applicant pool within 20 minutes. He sent another letter of apology the next day.

About 10 applicants who received the errant e-mail informed him that were very distraught after learning that it was a mistake. About 90 others sent notes to him offering their understanding and accepting his apology.

Nice work Tom. Made for a good story to tell everyone at the office... or the entire country. Article here.