Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Colon absorbs another pounding

Man crashes into bedroom, then opens a beer?

A man who crashed his car into a sleeping couple's bedroom allegedly cracked open a beer after freeing himself from his crumpled sedan and declared: "I'm going to jail for sure."

A 36-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman, asleep in the room, cheated death when the runaway car shunted their bed sideways.

The 32-year-old driver's car had crashed through the fence of the Lindsay Ave unit in Alice Springs about 2am yesterday.

It then crashed into the unit sending chunks of concrete blockwork tumbling from the wall, grazing the sleeping man's back. The bonnet came to rest above the pair's double bed.

They escaped serious injury. The man said: "The crash was bizarre. I'm glad no-one was injured. I am very, very, very lucky."

Unit owner Danielle Loy agreed the sleeping man was lucky to be alive. "They were sleeping on the other side of the bed, cuddled up," she said. "If he had slept like he normally did he'd be dead. They've basically just cheated death."

The couple told Ms Loy the driver had quickly emptied a beer after crashing the car, allegedly saying: "I'd better have another beer, I'm going to jail for sure."

Acting Senior Sergeant Jody Nobbs last night said the driver had been charged with doing an act causing potential danger. Sen-Sgt Nobbs said the driver had been bailed to appear in court at a later date. Article here.

Hooters girl spins on barstool & pours a beer!

Notice how fast she spins... and all the while pouring him a beer without spilling a drop! This has to be some sort of world record.

Attack ex-girlfriend through SUV windshield?

An Orange County man is in jail Monday morning for a violent attack on his ex-girlfriend. Deputies said he tore apart the windshield of the woman's SUV with his bare hands.

Detectives said Phillip Lewis got into a heated argument with the woman yesterday. When she tried to drive away, Lewis jumped on the hood trying to claw his way through the windshield.
The wild ride ended a mile away on Pine Hills Road when deputies came to help and started chasing Lewis on foot. Lewis finally surrendered. He is facing charges of aggravated battery, aggravated stalking and domestic violence. Article here.

Can someone please ‘un-pimp’ his ride

Man dies at bowling alley stick in ball machine

A man has died after becoming trapped in a ten-pin bowling lane machine in east London.

The 31-year-old employee of Hollywood Bowl, in Barking, died on Thursday evening. Police said the death was "unexplained" and environmental health officers were investigating the accident.

The man died at the scene. No one has been arrested. Police said they would watch CCTV footage filmed inside the bowling alley. Article here.

Thanks Kyle

Marriage proposal flight ends in plane crash?

A young man's plan to propose to his girlfriend on a small chartered plane almost ended in disaster when the plane crashed and the engagement ring was lost in the wreckage.

Adam Sutton, 19, told Erika Brussee, 18, they were going on a date to the movies but instead took her to the airport in Rome, a U.S. town in northwest Georgia, for a chartered flight on Friday.

The plan was for family members to hold up a large sign on the ground with the words "will you marry me" on it. But Brussee only saw the word "marry" because part of the sign was obscured before the plane, flying slowly at low altitude, stalled and crashed on the tarmac at Rome's airport.

The couple were not seriously hurt, Mike Mathews, airport manager at Richard B. Russell Regional Airport, told Reuters on Monday.

Brussee finally said "yes" to the proposal in the ambulance, Mathews said, but Sutton wasn't able to give her the ring. Only the ring's box could be found after the crash. The plane's pilot was knocked unconscious by the crash and Sutton had to pull him from the plane.
Article here.

Check out this cool tiny turtle dude!

Man recovers after receiving 1,000+ bee stings

A Fort Myers man wasrecovering from a 1,000 bee stings. It is believed that Terry Ford was stung by Africanized bees, also known as killer bees.

Ford was cutting the grass when he was attacked. Emergency room doctors told him he came close to dying. He is now home recovering.

Commonly known as killer bees because their behavior is aggressive, Africanized honeybees are easily provoked. Officials say a single sting is no more dangerous or painful than a sting from any other honeybee, but Africanized bees attack in far greater numbers than more docile domestic bees. Article here.

Damn, what a bad place to park...

Alligator bites leg, he pushes thumb in its eye

A 16-year-old Deland boy said he was bitten by an alligator while dangling his feet in the St. John's River. Cory Workman told authorities he was skipping rocks while waiting for friends early Sunday.

The alligator chomped down on Workman's left ankle and dragged the teen into the water. Workman punched the animal to no avail, and then remembered a technique he saw on a wildlife television program.

Workman shoved his thumb into one of the alligator's eye sockets and the gator released its grip.

He was taken to Florida Hospital in good condition. Workman was expected to make a full recovery. Trappers were searching for the alligator, which they believe to be 8 to 10 feet in length. "I told them if they caught it, I want to buy it." he said. "It tried to eat me, so I'm going to eat it." Article here.

Ignore the girls, notice the dude pissed himself

Mike Skinner makes longest music video ever

British rapper Mike Skinner, better known as garage band The Streets, has created the longest-ever music video, set to displace Michael Jackson's "Thriller", the global music broadcaster MTV said.

Skinner and the television channel teamed up to make the 20-minute video to celebrate MTV's 25th anniversary.

MTV gave five of its viewers each a video camera and asked them to film whatever they wished, resulting in a cheerleading spoof, a catalogue of clumsiness, and one video that attempts to follow the trail of folklore beast Bigfoot.

Skinner has used the videos to inspire a new track, due to air for the first time on August 1, aimed at surpassing the legendary 14-minute "Thriller" launched in 1983. Article here.