Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa loves visiting college kids

World's Largest Indoor Water Park is in Japan

Ocean Dome is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest indoor water park, measuring 300 meters in length, 100 meters in width. And the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius year-round.

Located in the Sheraton Seagaia Resort, a large resort complex in Miyazaki, Japan, the Ocean Dome features a wave pool (surges a 6-10 foot waves) and holds 13,500 tons of water, has a depth of 3.5 metres (about 10 feet) along the 70-meter-long back wall.

There are quite a few differences between the Ocean Dome and the ocean, among them the heated indoor pool, the kids’ pool, the floating pool, and the three fast and water slides.

Pretty crazy ass
stuff. More pictures here.

Man loses $25,000 winning lottery ticket...

A guy lost a winning lottery ticket worth $25,000. Mike Sargent lost a scratch-off ticket moments after he realized he'd hit the jackpot and, through several incredible coincidences, found it days later.

Sargent, a 51-year-old facilities specialist at AT&T, bought the winning Wheel of Fortune instant ticket on Nov. 15, scratching it off as he stood at the counter of the Venus Food Mart in his hometown of Alvarado, about 25 miles south of Fort Worth. He signed the ticket on the spot, filling in his name and address.

By the time he drove the three miles home, however, the ticket was gone.

"I was thinking that God just took it out of my hand," he said.

Sargent went back to the store, but the clerk was sure he'd left with the ticket. He and a friend from church spent the rest of the night searching the fields along the Highway.

The search continued for days. Friends combed the fields and roadside ditches, while Sargent and his neighbor sifted through the convenience store's trash bins.

He posted signs and even called a local radio station offering a $2,000 reward for the return of his ticket.

Finally, five days after he lost the ticket, Sargent got a call from Gerardo Ruiz, a water meter reader from Midlothian who found it while working five houses down from the store.

Ruiz hadn't seen the signs or heard Sargent on the radio. And his first thought wasn't to give the ticket back.

"I went home and I showed my wife and I said 'Look, Jesus gave us a $25,000 ticket,' " Ruiz recalled. "She said, 'Well you better call that guy, maybe you can get a reward, because God is going to punish you if you don't return it.' "

When Ruiz asked for $2,500, Sargent didn't hesitate. He visited eight banks before he found one willing to give him a cash advance on his credit card, then he paid Ruiz, took back the ticket and immediately wrote a $1,750 check to his church.

His saga wasn't over, however. Between the time Sargent signed the ticket and when he got it back, his signature was partially scratched off; Ruiz speculated it happened when he stepped on the ticket with heavy work boots.

When Sargent took the ticket to the Texas Lottery's claims center, officials told him they couldn't immediately honor a defaced ticket. He'd have to wait six to eight weeks for them to conduct forensic tests.

He’s lucky to have even found the ticket at all… let alone someone graciously returned the ticket to him! Article here.

The VooDoo Doll Toothpick Holder

"Perfect for finger food, emergency hexes, and jump-starting the good times. With Ouch, olives will never be boring again!"

Holding 35 toothpicks this is definitely a conversational piece for your kitchen. I’m still trying to figure out why you would ever need 35 toothpicks available at your convenience… nevertheless, cool little product. Only $6 too. Click here to buy one.

Heated USB slippers and gloves? WTF?

Man Creates Paris Hilton Christmas Shrine

Blown-up images of Paris Hilton and strings of pink Christmas lights adorn the front lawn of a home in a middle-class neighborhood.

The over-the-top pictorial is the work of Joe Moretti, a 38-year-old designer who was arrested last year for trespassing on Martha Stewart's property in Maine.
Passersby get an eyeful of Hilton sporting a tiny pink top hiding little of her chest, or wearing knee-high boots and a sultry pout or holding a finger to her lips. Even Hilton's faithful Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, is celebrated in a colorful portrait.

“The intent is to be different and to be creative and let them see a little bit of Hollywood or New York bring it to Cranston," Moretti explained.

This is the latest in a series of artistic lawn displays decorating Moretti's lawn. Last year, he paid tribute to Martha Stewart even as he and another man faced charges for sneaking on to the domestic maven's property.

The charges were later dismissed, and the men donated money to public libraries near the property. Moretti calls the incident a "big misunderstanding." Moretti has made past tributes to Madonna, Princess Diana and Liberace.

This guy did something totally unnecessary, and he might borderline insane? Article here.

A picture too cute it'll make you wanna puke

Gucci ice trays, the perfect christmas gift, $70

Want the perfect obnoxiously overpriced stocking stuffer for the completely materialistic ivy-league prick on your Christmas list? I’ve found the perfect gift.

The Gucci ice trays. Cleverly shaped like G’s (extremely innovative, wouldn’t you say?). Affordably priced at $70.

Click here to buy one, or you could just light $70 on fire. It pretty much = the same thing.

How to make a shot glass out of ice

Whoa. How cool is this? There are many different ways you can go about this. You can buy a mold, you can make a mold out of rubber or silicone, or you can use cups to make ice in the shape of a shot glass. These guys recommend doing the last one. For more information about making a molds check this site out.

Woman allegedly bites off boyfriend's fingertip

A woman is facing an aggravated assault charge after sheriff's deputies say she bit off the tip of one of her boyfriend's fingers during an argument.

Shannon Leah Mohr, 32, was booked into jail Wednesday on $2,500 bail.
The victim was taken to Verde Valley Medical Center in good condition. Deputies did not know if the fingertip was saved.

WTF? I mean I know there are times during a relationship when you get upset and you actually want to hurt someone… but your never actually supposed to do it. Let’s break it down put this situation in to context:

A man and woman are arguing and are extremely upset. The women, no matter how loud she screams- can’t seem to get her anger out or point across to the man how mad she actually is. So this woman unreasonably thought hmmm, my boyfriend is making me so mad… I just wanna- you make me wanna- I could just- AHHHH!! Then grabs his hand then bites off one of his fingertips!?! I know we all act out of logic and lunacy when we get really upset with people, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how out of all the acts of violence you choose- she chose biting off somebody’s finger. I guess it’s just one of those, “You just had to be there to know what I was talking about” thingys.Article here.

Whoa! What's up flying squirrel dude!?!

I love Apple so much, I got a tattoo of the logo

"I’ve been an Apple enthusiast since I was young, and when I was 12 years old I said my first tattoo would be the Apple logo."

Nicole is an employee at Apple. She’s 21. She also has a tattoos of Apple’s logo all over herself. The specific graphics used resemble original Apple logos.

“My personal reasons for having the tattoo weren’t that I was slavishly devoted to the company — I actually had the logo tattooed in the September after I turned 18; that gave me nine months to get up the courage to get anything tattooed. I had the tattoo for reasons outside its duty as a logo.”

I’m totally as dorky as the next computer nerd out there… but- uh- well- you gotta draw the line somewhere? I can’t tell if she just really likes the logo… or if she is really hardcore about working for Apple. Oh well, she obviously gets a lot of attention for it. Which I’m sure she doesn’t mind. Article here.

Hooters girls are nice people by nature

Guy tries to steal 39 tubes of toothpaste?

Police in Germany arrested a shoplifter who filled his trousers with 39 tubes of toothpaste.

Police said store detectives in a supermarket chased a 37-year-old after they saw him stuff the tubes into his pants, and forced him to hand over the toothpaste.

"As far as I know, it was back on the shelves soon after," a police spokesman said.

Ha Ha, what the heck was this guy going to do with 39 tubes of toothpaste? They are obviously not worth a lot of money individually… it can’t be that he just wanted to brush his teeth- a lot. Can it? WTF? Article here.