Thursday, October 13, 2005

The public frauds a Katrina victim...

A newspaper published a photo of Katrina hurricane victim Latesha Vinette holding her new Red Cross debit card, a picture that was instantly redistributed on Yahoo! News and other wire service web sites. Shockingly, the balance on the card dropped to ZERO within minutes, as hundreds of fraudsters went on shopping sprees with the card number. A few hours later, Vinette was paged over the Reliant stadium speaker system to receive a call from Mastercard, which wanted to know about cash-advance requests totaling $65,237, and attempts to use the card to buy a Ferrari and hundreds of other goods on eBay.

This is so sad on so many levels. Yet- I'm really not surprised.

Trick or Treat with little kids!

Check out this mini-game where you ‘feed’ candy to little kids. There is one little twist- don’t feed them the black licorice… there is something amazingly fun and sadistically twisted of doing this over and over again. Do it at least 3 times to get the full effect. Be sure to have your speakers on. Click here to start 'trick or treating'.

(click image to launch game)

2 girls lose game of chicken with SUV

Two girls were injured but lucky to be alive after playing "chicken" with an SUV at a slumber party over the weekend.

The girls, age 13 and 14, were attending a slumber party Friday night, when they decided to lie in the road. A SUV drove over them, running over both girls. The driver didn't stop. The area was fairly dark, the only lights coming from a church next door to the party.

The girls are in the hospital, one suffering internal injuries, the other having a broken collarbone and several lost teeth. One family member of the girl who suffered the broken collarbone said her injuries were even more extensive. The that children were copying the stunts and dangerous behavior seen in movies like "Thirteen" and "The Program," shown in theaters in the last few years.

The identity of the SUV driver remains a mystery. Whether the person knew he had run over something, or had run over a person, was not known. With such a large vehicle, it likely didn't have any damage and its driver may not have even noticed running over the girls.

No charges have been filed in the case, although anyone intentionally leaving the scene of an accident could be charged with a felony for failing to stop and help.

"They probably know they hit something, but don't know if they hit a person."

Police asked the parents (and I quote), "At what point do you think about telling them not to lie down in the road?" he said.

Denman advised parents to talk to their children about considering the consequences of their choices. Freakin’ unbelievable is all I have to say. Click here to read the entire article.

A life-size game boy system!?! Cool!

Holy crap, how cool is this… this is a fully functional 6.5 times scale GameBoy, complete with working cartridges. It is over 3 feet tall, and weighs just over 100 lbs. with a cartridge! Can you believe it? I’m not sure why anyone would want to play games with such a large controls/screen. Regardless, retro gaming is cool.

Naked man robs cash advance store

Police say they caught a would-be burglar naked.

Police in South Carolina say a man was hanging naked from the ceiling in a cash advance business. Investigators say when they arrived at the Check 'n Go they noticed tiles, insulation, wires and metal braces hanging from the ceiling and on the floor.

Officers say 22-year-old Michael Gilbert then dropped from the ceiling and tried to open the front door and leave. Investigators think Gilbert took off his clothes so he could fit through an air vent on the roof.

He has been charged with burglary.

Apparently he was wasting his time- the cash advance business doesn't keep money on the premises.

Largest firework in the world on video...

Check out this video- it's pretty cool. This is the largest single firework in the world with a 48 inch shell. I can't imagine how large and big this would this would be like in real life.

(click image to watch video)

Nano owners, check out the iWood...

For you iPod Nano owners- check out the iWood. It’s a protective case that is carefully carved out of a single piece of wood. You can choose from five different grains; maple, mahogany, pear, wenge, and walnut. And to make it even more special is an offer of monogram engraving with a two line message inside the lid. Once the iWood is closed, only the headphone jack is accessible, and you’ll have to open it up to access the sync-connector.

The website claims the
iWood will ship later this month, but list nothing in regards to pricing. My take on this- I'm really not sure why you would want a case made out of wood, I'd probably break it. However, it'd make a great gift.

That's one big bass dude!

Man forgets marijuana in pockets...

A guy from St. Louis remembered he had to pay a 500-dollar fine at the St. Clair County courthouse…so he left his house thinking he'd pay it off and be on his way.

However, he forgot he had six baggies of marijuana in his pockets.

Police discovered the marijuana when they searched him after a courthouse metal detector sounded when he walked through. They found marijuana in one of his back pockets and both front pockets.

He is now being charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. It's punishable by a thousand-dollar fine and up to a year in prison.

Highlights of my Day...

1.)Answered the question; "Who actually buys this shit?" when a guy at the gas station was complaining that the condom machine in the bathroom took his money

2.)After about a minute of singing Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild" in the bathroom at work, I realized I wasn't the only person in the bathroom

3.)Considered bitting off my pinky just to leave work early

4.)Obtained the preceeding information from my mail-man who looks just like Ludacris...I swear they could be brothers, not like "brothas"...I mean brothers

5.)Took a $200 bet that I wouldn't replace the CEO's parking space sign with an "Parking for Assholes Only" sign

6.)Glued my fingers and toes together to see if I could swim faster

7.)Thought about walking up to a complete stranger and saying, "Yo, why you been trippin lately son?...nah mean, cuz?"

[compiled from The Casual Friday]