Monday, December 26, 2005

What type of sack are we referring to here?

Boy Scout Gets Knife Lodged In Brain!?!

An incredible and un-suspecting accident leaves a Utah Boy Scout just inches from death when he was stabbed right between his eyes.

While raking leaves for a Boy Scout event, one of the leaders flung a knife from his hand while trying to catch another scout who had tripped.

“It was dark, it was like 8:30 and there was a light and I saw it flash before it hit me,” said Kevin.

The blade landed in between his frontal lobes. It was 2 millimeters away from hitting a major blood vessel in his brain.

Kevin's doctors told him it was sheer luck where the knife hit. “That's the sinuses that it went through and that I guess is where the brain lobe is right there,” said Kevin pointing to an X-Ray.

It was a freak accident in every way. Few people can admit they've seen anything like it, a 1 ½ inch blade through someone's skull.

“That's the best spot you know, if you're going to have a knife in your head,” said Kevin. It amazingly wasn’t as painful as it looks; he says he just felt pressure. In all, Kevin's kept a light heart about the whole situation. He got to miss out on a few weeks of school and yes, he walked away with the knife as a souvenir.

Ahhh, woooo that picture is hard to look at. Hard to believe he couldn't feel it. Crazy stuff huh? Article here with a video.

Sexual Harassment, a hilarious training video

This is video is fu*kin hilarious. That’s all you need to know. Watch it. Now. I guarantee a good chuckle. Click here to watch the video.

(click image to launch video)

Workers see Jesus image in Nacho Cheese Pan

Workers claim a holy image has appeared in one of their cooking pans.

At the Stadium Club in Jacksonville workers have found what they believe is an image of Jesus in a nacho warming tray.

The pan is used to heat water which then heats the food. The image was created from mineral deposits in the water.

One of the cooks says he went to empty the pan last night and saw Jesus looking back at him.

A spokesman for the Stadium Club says they will not continue to use the pan. Article here.

Car drives over sleeping couple In bed

A Central Florida husband and wife were injured Tuesday when a car crashed through their bedroom wall and drove over them as they slept.

Investigators said three men in a stolen car crashed into the bedroom through the wall and then traveled on to the couple's bed, trapping them underneath the vehicle as tires spun.

Neighbors said the driver and two others in the car took off running after the crash.

Homeowners then helped the trapped couple.

"When I reached them, I heard, "Help me, Help me,'" neighbor Gloria Brown said. "My husband went in there and got them out of there and put him in a chair. We wrapped him up with blankets and stuff."

The man was transported to Florida Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. His wife was treated on the scene. Article here.


Wanna get drunk quicker? Order a smaller glass

A study said even experienced bartenders tend to more alcohol into squat tumblers compared to tall skinny ones.

The research suggests you should break out highball glasses if you're planning a party where alcohol will be served (or small ones, depends on how you look at it).

The study said most people unwittingly pour too much alcohol into short, wide glasses. Experts call it a portion distortion illusion.

Guess I’ll be ordering singles from now on… Article here.

Osama bin Laden has a hot looking niece?

Not many people may know the name Wafah Dufour, but she’s the niece of Osama bin Laden. Dufour, a model, and an American by birth, says she wants nothing to do with the name bin Laden. Read excerpts from an interview in GQ (December) here.

Not as nasty as it looks... look carefully.

Nun shocked to read her own pronounced death?

It's kind of nice, in a way, when the local newspaper prematurely pronounces you dead, said Sister Janelle Cahoon.

"The universal feeling that has come across is that people are very glad I'm not dead," Sister Cahoon, 82, a Benedictine nun at the College of St. Scholastica. "That's good for a person to hear."

Those who live and work with Sister Cahoon were a little surprised to read in the Saturday Duluth News Tribune that her funeral was included in a 1999 documentary.

In the week since, Sister Cahoon has heard plenty of references to Mark Twain's quote "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" -- his response after hearing that the New York Journal had printed his obituary.

Ah, the newspaper error. A misspelled name or misprinted date can be irritating.

News editor Craig Gustafson felt embarrassed and upset when he picked up the Sunday News Tribune and saw the only correction: Sister Janelle Cahoon is not dead.

"It was a tough error," Gustafson said. "I was having a good day on Sunday until I saw that."

The correction also prompted a lot of ribbing from college faculty, students and other sisters at the monastery.

"At first, it was a little shock" to read about Sister Cahoon's funeral, said Sister Armella Oblaka. "But I had just seen her the day before, and she looked doggone good." Article here.

Eva Longoria's high school cheerleading picture

This idiot will call you & sing anything you want

"This is my idiot brother Josh. He is really queer as you can see from the picture. He loves midget tossing, doing Karaoke (Celine Dion) and wattching the WB all night (Charmed). He loves the cat; its not even his. He threw it a birthday party......that is queer.

You are bidding on having him call you on the phone any day or night of the year. He will sing a song of your choice to a person of your choice. This is a steal and a gift that will never be forgotten. Shipping is FREE!!

This would make the perfect gift for anyone you love or hate. He is a really bad singer.

The bid money will go towards his hemroid operation. They are getting bad.....they are the size of grapes."

Atleast this auction is for a good cause? Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

I had the chance to buy a X-Box 360 today...

I almost bought an X-Box 360 today… the keyword is ALMOST. I received a tip that Circuit City has some available for order. However, after entering all my credit card information- I realized, what the heck do I need this for? Then I thought, why wouldn’t I need this? Then I thought… a $450+ purchase? Maybe I should think this through. I don't know why I'm telling you this- but I just thought you all should know.

Pornstar gives high schooler free drugs and sex?

A woman is being sought on child rape charges for allegedly persuading a high school student to run away from home and have sex with her.

Genevieve Elise Silva, 20, of Richmond, is accused of providing ecstasy and methamphetamine to a 15-year-old De Anza High School student during sexual encounters and convincing the boy to move to Oklahoma with her over the summer.

Silva, who authorities said appears in several X-rated videos available for sale on the Internet, is being sought on suspicion of rape using a controlled substance, statutory rape and detaining or concealing a child. A felony warrant has been issued for her arrest.

The alleged victim, met Silva through her younger brother and ran away with the woman in June, eventually landing in Oklahoma, where Silva's mother lives.
Police are investigating whether Silva's mother has any criminal liability in the case.

During the investigation, police said they found pornographic pictures of Silva on a Web site that also featured advertisements for several X-rated videos starring her.

Every guy who reads this has to be thinking… whoa, awesome. This story reminds me of the movie, The Girl Next Door. I love how at the end of the article the police are quoted to have found porn on a website of her. Well, isn’t that implied? I mean, its freakin’ obvious she’s a pornstar right!?! Article here.

One of the top photos of 2005, says Reuters

(Click image to see more Reuters pictures of the year)

Student digs through trash bin to find her thesis

For anyone in high school/college who's ever obsessed about a paper but forgotten to back up the data… only then to watch a computer screen fizzle just before a deadline, here is a story you might be able to relate to.

Grad school never came easily to Linda Cerniglia, who majored in dance as part of the University of Maryland's Class of 1986, became a personal trainer and returned to the school in her forties for a master's degree in exercise physiology. She designed an experiment, analyzed CT scans, ran statistics, studied research and -- slowly -- began to write her thesis.

"It was so painful," she said. "I would rather go outside and dig a hole all day long than write."

She tried to trick herself into working on it, by going to a coffee shop or finding a sunny picnic table in the park. She could use a computer anywhere, because she had all the research on a jump drive, a tiny, portable memory-storage device about the size of a cigarette lighter.

Another student, Neil Doldo, told her to back up the data: He had lost his jump drive with his almost-finished thesis, spent three sickening days retracing his steps searching for it, until finally his dogs Zeus and Mela tired of it and left it on the floor near the dog bed.

Marc Rogers, Cerniglia's thesis adviser at U-Md., remembers everyone making carbon copies of their typewritten theses when he was a graduate student. People said, " 'Oh yeah, I had a backup copy. It was in my freezer in a little plastic bag because if the apartment burned down, it's still okay,' " he said.

"When you're writing one of these," Rogers said, "your whole existence depends on this thing."

One afternoon in September at Carderock Park, after doing some perfectionist tweaking of her almost-finished thesis, Cerniglia locked her things in the car. She went for a run along the C&O Canal, reveling in how great it felt to be almost done.

An hour or so later at her home in Bethesda, she realized her purse was gone. Her bank cards, driver's license, Social Security card, $1,000 worth of checks from clients -- she didn't care. But the jump drive was in the purse. And she still had not made a backup, even after hearing Doldo's "the dog ate my thesis" story.
She could hardly breathe. She felt sick. She raced to the police, who told her she would never find it; it could have been pawned, it could have been dropped, run over, flushed. "Million to one odds," said Officer Charles Whiteman of the U.S. Park Police. "It doesn't happen."

As the officer inspected her minivan that evening, she told him, "It's absolutely imperative that you do the best fingerprinting possible -- we must find this. We must find this ." He was nice, she said, but she knew what he was thinking: "This crazy broad is never going to see that thing again."

As the two of them called to cancel her credit cards, Cerniglia found that one had already been used, at 2:37 p.m. at a Target in Greenbelt. "This guy drove like a bat out of hell," she said; she had left the car at 2 p.m. and within 37 minutes he had pulled a tiny side window off its hinge, squeezed into the car, swiped the bag, driven more than 20 miles, found a $481.85 vacuum cleaner and paid for it. A few minutes later, another charge popped up. Another Target, another vacuum cleaner. Then another.

That night she couldn't sleep, tortured by visions of her lost jump drive. The next morning, Cerniglia began to think about what she would do if she were the thief. Get out of there fast, speed out on the Beltway, then dump the purse.
There was a chance, just a chance.

She was going to retrace his steps, go to every store he hit. She would talk to security guards, check lost-and-found, scour the parking lots.

So that day, she drove to Greenbelt, and as soon as she parked she saw a big trash bin behind a Wendy's, like a beacon. It was perfect. "It was open. It was hidden. I thought, 'That's it -- if it's going to be anywhere, it's going to be there.' "

She started pulling out broken-down boxes. She didn't care about the trash, even if it was greasy slop from a fast-food place. "No cockroach, no rat, no creature from the dark was going to keep me from my jump drive," she said. "Nothing is as bad as the thought of rewriting that thesis."

She saw a flash of aqua cloth. Her heart pounded -- it looked like her workout pants. "Then I see my gym bag. I jumped into the dumpster. I'm throwing things out of the way. I see my driver's license."

And there, at the bottom, was her black leather purse. She unzipped it, reached in, and felt her fingers close around -- her jump drive.

People driving by stared: A 5-foot-4 43-year-old woman jumping up and down in a trash bin, screaming.

Cerniglia is done. She will get her master's degree today, with more than one copy of a thesis her adviser described as "exemplary."

The thief wasn't quite so smart, leaving fingerprints and showing up on store security cameras. Police say they know who took her purse. And they've got the tape to back it up. Article here.

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