Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lindsay Lohan kisses Ashlee Simpson...

Hear Franz Ferdinand before its released...

Download some songs off the new Franz Ferdinand album before it hits stores October 4th! Then you can preorder it from Amazon here. Check out these free MP3 tracks you can download now:

1.)The Fallen
2.)Eleanor Put Your Boots On
3.)Walk Away (acoustic)

A goofy cat...

Crazy cheerleader stunt...

Check out this crazy video clip of several guys in a gym tossing a tiny cheerleader into the air and appearing to go right through the basketball hoop. Now after you watch the video, consider this...a basketball hoop diameter is 18 inches, and the width of an average woman's shoulder is 16 inches (and the cheerleader has a tiny frame), so presumably is smaller, so it is possible. However, I found another website (click here), with several people debating if this video is real or just an optical illusion (the argument is that they threw her up in front of the basketball hoop.

Bottom line if this is a fake video- it’s unbelievably well done. If it’s not- holy s**t that’s awesome they pulled this off!

(click the image to watch the video)

Brad Pitt as Jesse James...

Remember when I posted a picture of Brad Pitt with black hair? Turns out, his black hair and "scruff" is to "get into" character for a new movie in which he plays Jesse James. The upcoming movie will be called The Assassination of Jesse James. The general synopsis of the movie is: Robert Ford joins Jesse James's gang, only to become resentful of the legendary outlaw and hatch a plan to kill the fastest gun in the West. This film will be released in 2006.

National SCRABBLE® Champion Board

Check out this photo of David Wiegand’s winning words he used to capture the 2005 National SCRABBLE® Championship. Yeah, uh, I didn’t know some of the words he used on this even existed. He’s really good at this game-

Biggest food fight in the world…

Check out these pictures from La Tomatina a festival held every year in Spain. Tens of thousands of participants come from all over the world, fight in a harmless battle where more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets.

The tomato fight has been a strong tradition in
Spain since 1944 simply for fun- there is no known political or religious significance. However, according to some historians, its origin goes back to a "practical joke" that some friends wanted to play on a man who was crossing the town square singing and playing a musical instrument but, apparently, he was doing it so badly that some of the people around decided to take some tomatoes from a fruit and vegetables stall and throw them at him. Everybody else joined in to end up in a tomato battle.