Thursday, June 26, 2008

You may 'eat' the bride. eeeewwww grosss.

The 'oh snap' usage chart.

Wow -- this dude almost gets hit by a train.

18 Year Boy Drowned While His 10 Year Brother Swims Out Safe

A 18-year-man was tonight feared dead after an inflatable dinghy was blown out to sea by "hellish" winds. Lifeguards said the rubber boat was seen "cartwheeling" across the waves shortly after the man disappeared off Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, last night. Coastguards said the missing man, who was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, could not swim.

Emergency service workers said the man was with his 10-year-old brother when the inflatable was swept away. The youngster swam about 500 metres to shore to raise the alarm after the boat capsized, coastguards said. Lifeguards said the 10-year-old boy swam back to three of his other brothers flying a kite on the beach.

Photoworthy: Migrating Golden Rays

Downhill skiing accidents never end good.

Skateboard has the last laugh.

Kid golfers, strippers share golf course.

A youth golf league has apologized to parents after young golfers came in contact with a more "adult" crowd. Gold Crown Junior Golf Association says the mix-up was the fault of Eagle Trace Golf Course in Broomfield. The golf course cited a "miscommunication" on the part of the golf league.

Koch says she has personally apologized to angry parents who have called Eagle Trace. She admits the exotic dancers should not have been in the clubhouse at the same time as the children, but downplayed the idea that the kids witnessed risqué behavior.

"I cannot tell you the girls didn't flash out there," Koch said. "But it wasn't a free-for-all. There was nothing inappropriate going on around the clubhouse when the kids were around," said golf instructor Dustin Moser, who said the racier action took place later. "There was a handful of girls that got a little out of control."

Moser admitted several dancers were scolded for "top-dropping." "When I walked into the club house to look for my girls, I saw a woman straddling a male at a dining table," said a mother who picked up her two children at the golf club.