Friday, September 15, 2006

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Parents should teach children how to drink

Parents should teach their children how to drink alcohol, according to a new report.

The report, by Liverpool John Moores University's Centre for Public Health, claims that sensible drinking is a life skill that must be taught. It claims that teenagers who buy their own alcohol - either themselves or through an older sibling or friend - are more likely to be regular binge drinkers.

They are also more likely to drink in public places such as bars, street corners and parks. Alcohol provided by parents, on the other hand, is more likely to be drunk in sensible amounts and under proper supervision.

The report was based on a survey of 10,000 children aged 15 and 16 in north-west England. It revealed that nine out of 10 drink alcohol, and 40% of those usually consume at least five drinks in a single session - which is classified as a binge. A quarter said they drink at least twice a week and half drink in public places.

"By the age of 15, the vast majority of young people are already using alcohol and this study suggests that those who do so with their parents are more likely to avoid the most dangerous drinking behaviours." Article here.

Watch out for the crazy raccoon!

Scientists say men smarter than women?

Men are more intelligent than women, new research claims.
Two leading scientists - both men - say male IQs are 3.63 points higher than females.

Psychologist John Philippe Rushton said this explains the "glass ceiling" phenomenon why men get promoted over women.

He said the study proves more men reach the top of their careers because they are smarter - and not because of sex discrimination. Prof Rushton's team analysed 100,000 aptitude tests taken by 17 and 18-year-olds of both sexes.

He also claimed that girls only did better than boys at school because they "mature faster". The professor said the results backed a similar study last year by Richard Lynn at the University of Ulster. Read the full article here.

Barbie Volkswagen Beetle [yes, this is for real]

Yes, this is a Mexican-market Volkswagen Beetle Barbie. It's no battery-operated kiddie toy, mind you, the Beetle Barbie is a bona-fide VW New Beetle, finished in a retina-searing hot pink paint job decorated with strategically-placed Barbie logos. Detail fanatics take note: even the lug nuts are pink.
Inside, the theme continues, with pink accents and inserts finding their way onto the leather seats, door trim, floormats, and steering wheel. Only 13 will be built, and they'll be sold through specially-selected VW dealers. The price? 262,500 Mexican pesos ($24,368 USD / 19.012 €). No word on whether or not Ken will be seen riding shotgun.

Girlfriend tries to kill her BF's MySpace friend

A 22-year-old woman was arrested after authorities say she tried to hire someone to kill another woman whose photo appeared on her boyfriend's Web page.

Heather Michelle Kane was booked Tuesday for investigation of conspiracy to commit murder, Mesa Detective Jerry Gissel said.

She was arrested after she met an undercover Mesa police detective at a grocery store, gave the officer $400 and offered to pay an additional $100 once the woman had been killed, according to court records.

The records said Kane gave the undercover officer photographs taken from her boyfriend's social networking Web page of the woman she wanted killed. She also requested a photo of the woman's dead body. It wasn't clear if the boyfriend and the targeted woman were romantically involved, Gissel said. Article here.

If you know what this means, you'll laugh

you can find the definition here

Woman rented rotary phone for 42 years = 14k

A widow rented a rotary dial telephone for 42 years, paying what her family calculates as more than $14,000 for a now outdated phone.

Ester Strogen, 82, of Canton, first leased two black rotary phones - the kind whose round dial is moved manually with your finger - in the 1960s. Back then, the technology was new and owning telephones was unaffordable for most people.

Until two months ago, Strogen was still paying AT&T to use the phones - $29.10 a month. Strogen's granddaughters, Melissa Howell and Barb Gordon, ended the arrangement when they discovered the bills.

Gordon said she believes the majority of people leasing are elderly and may not realize they are paying thousands of dollars for a telephone. Article here.

An out of control jet smashes into a building

Kid handcuffs himself to stuffed reindeer?

The stuffed reindeer had apparently gotten out of hand so 6-year-old Kevon Gorham, who wants to be a police officer, handcuffed one of his favorite toys.

Just to make sure the animal didn't run, or fly, away, the child attached one end of the toy handcuffs to his own wrist. And that meant the family had to call the real police Wednesday.

"I was watching TV in the bedroom and he came in there with handcuffs on. He was crying, and he said he couldn't get it off," said the boy's mother, Rolandra Wright, who tried to remove the handcuff.

North Charleston police patrolman Phillip Alger arrived and tried a key to his handcuffs and then bolt cutters. But he couldn't use the cutters without hurting the boy. Then three firefighters arrived and tried soapy water and a bigger pair of bolt cutters, but again to no avail.

Finally North Charleston Fire Department engineer Burgess Atkins used a less involved method — he picked the toy lock with a hairpin. Article here.

Big newborn -- baby weighs nearly 15 pounds!

A baby boy born Tuesday in Connecticut weighed in at nearly 15 pounds, the average size of a 6-month-old.

The infant, Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean, broke a hospital record, weighing in at 14 pounds, 13 ounces and measuring 223/4 inches in length.
The baby's arrival could not have come at a better time, said the baby's mother. “I was very uncomfortable,” Marie Michel said Wednesday as she shook her head. “My oldest son had to help me get in and out of bed. I can't sleep at night. I had to put a pillow under my belly.”

Four of her other sons were also big babies, but Stephon is the largest, she said. Her 13-year-old weighed 9 pounds, her 8-year-old twins weighed in at 81/2 pounds each and her 3-year-old son weighed 111/2 pounds at birth. He already drinks three ounces of formula and was too large for the newborn diapers provided by the hospital. Article here.