Thursday, June 15, 2006

Foul ball.

Across-the-Board Blog Logo Contest!

Across-the-Board needs your help! I am looking to update the header/logo featured on the header of this blog. If you would like to help, I am opening up the opportunity for anyone to submit a logo. All entries will be reviewed by myself and the Across-the-Board research and development committee. Just think… you’ll have bragging rights to say your work is featured on Across-the-Board!

The only requirements is the graphic must be at least 680px wide... other than that- you’ve got free reign! Entries will be accepted for one month only, ending July 15th. Good luck to all who participate. Email entries here.

Man sends co-worker a tarantula spider?

A man admits he delivered a package containing a venomous tarantula to a colleague from work.

Mahlon Hector made the admission in court in central Britain, saying he delivered the rare Mexican red-kneed tarantula in a box addressed to a woman at a branch of the store where they both worked. The intended recipient was not hurt. After discovering the spider, store staff alerted animal control officials, who took it away.
The spider is one of the most common spiders used in movies because of its scary appearance. With a hairy dark brown body, it has a leg span measuring up to 10 inches. An official said it's not the most dangerous species of tarantula, but its bite could be fatal if someone has an allergic reaction. Article here.

He’s just trying to help clean...

Ashlee Simpson likes her small boobies

Pop star Ashlee Simpson says she doesn't mind having smaller breasts than her sister Jessica. The singer, who reportedly had a nose job last month, says there are pros and cons to any bust size.

She told Marie Claire magazine: "I love my boobs. My sister Jessica always grew up having a larger chest.

"Men love it and stare at it, but she needs to wear two sports bras to even play volleyball. My point is that whether you have big boobs or small boobs, there are always pros and cons." Article here

Man, well what can you say to that? What intelligent insight? Freakin' moron.

Nice drawing kid

Dude digs 60-foot-hole in his front yard?

A homeowner digging for gold in his front yard said he got "carried away" and ended up with a 60-foot-deep hole, authorities said.

Norm Enrique, 63, began digging 10 days ago after his gold detector reported a positive hit near his front patio. He told authorities he only intended to go down 3 or 4 feet.

Fire officials called to the scene Tuesday found two men that Enrique hired were inside the unreinforced hole, using a bucket and rope to remove dirt.

"We told him, 'You're done,'" said Montclair Fire Capt. Rich Baldwin. "It's amazing no one got killed." Authorities fenced off Enrique's property. Article here.

Something about this photo is funny to me

Man stuck on broke elevator for 3 days

A German retiree and former elevator repair man had to survive on just a packet of biscuits while he was stuck in a broken hospital elevator for three days.

Karlheinz Schmidt, 68, who had turned up for a routine appointment at a Berlin hospital, slipped out of his wheelchair during the 80-hour ordeal in which he repeatedly pushed the elevator's alarm button without anyone hearing his call for help.

"I was lying on the floor and the elevator went up and down for a bit. I pushed the alarm button several times, but nothing happened," the daily Bild quoted Schmidt as saying. "I thought to myself ... 'Karlheinz, that's it. You're on your own now'."

Schmidt, who appeared on German television looking pale and weak, was finally discovered Monday after a nurse reported the broken lift. Schmidt's son had launched a hunt for his father but rescue workers after scouring the hospital grounds had concentrated efforts on dredging a nearby canal. Article here.

Watch this techno girl, good for a chuckle

So at first this movie clip of this girl is somewhat funny… but then if you watch it all the way through it grows and you- and you’ll end up chucking out loud at least once. You gotta admire her endurance. Click here to watch the movie.

Brad Pitt crowned "Daddy of the Year"

L&S 2006 Daddies of the Year:

1.) Brad Pitt
2.) Heath Ledger
3.) Ryan Phillippe
4.) Ben Affleck
5.) Will Smith
6.) Matthew Broderick
7.) Chris Martin
8.) Guy Ritchie
9.) David Arquette
10.) Dean Cain

Brad Pitt is Dad Of The Year according to a Life & Style Father's Day poll. "He even skipped the Cannes Film Festival in anticipation of Shiloh's birth," said L&S's editor in chief Debra Birnbaum.

I hardly think that Brad should earn points 'Daddy of the Year' points for skipping a movie festival… isn’t that expected if your significant other is pregnant? L&S’s editor is a moron. Article here.

Liquid nitrogen thrown into pool

"I am sitting at the coffee shop..."

Taken from the blog, Drunken Stepfather:

I am sitting at the coffee shop after realizing that i couldn’t get any fucking work done with my whore of a wife always chewing her fucking Rice cakes seasoned like chips. She is trying to watch her weight, probably cuz I constantly tell her she’s too fat to fuck. She doesn’t realize that it defeats the purpose when you eat 4 bags of them in one sitting, but she’s french, it’s not so easy to explain this to her.

I am next to 5 baby mommas, who have some kind of “We all went to highschool, college, university together” relationship…you know the whole “We’re 27, let’s all get married to our long term boyfriends making sure our wedding is way better than sally’s last month” kinda of thing… the “Sally’s pregnancy at 30 and we can’t let her upstage us so we should get pregnant too, that way we’ll all be on maternity leave together and our babies can grow up being the best of friends and we will compare them our entire lives. You know from the first time they walk, speak, dance, go to school, right up until they establish their careers get married and have their own kids to compare and we will never get a break from each other until one of us dies in a horrible car accident, or runs off with some spanish tennis pro leaving the babies and the husband behind after realizing that this life choice was the wrong one”.

My opinion, brutally blunt, but true and entertaining?

Probably just as good as the real movie

Your body shape changes during the year?

Seasonal changes cause fat to shift locations in our body, altering the shape of our figures at certain times of the year, according to a new study.

Varying testosterone levels drive the shape changes, the study, which has been accepted for publication in the upcoming issue of Psychoneuroendocrinology suggests. The hormone, often associated with brawn and aggressiveness, fluctuates over the seasons in both men and women.

The most evident changes occur around the waist and hip region, the study says. When testosterone levels rise, women became less curvy and fat shifts toward the waist.

Other research has determined that the opposite happens in men, who retain more fat in the abdominal region when testosterone levels fall. Read the full article here.

Interesting name for a children’s song...

Your happiest when your older?

A unique new study suggests that people are victim to a common, and mistaken, belief: That the happiest days of people's lives occur when they're young.

In fact, the study finds, both young people and older people think that young people are happier than older people -- when in fact research has shown the opposite. And while both older and younger adults tend to equate old age with unhappiness for other people, individuals tend to think they'll be happier than most in their old age.

In other words, one might have thought others of his generation would be miserable in old age. And now that he's 61, he might look back and think he himself was happier back then. But the opposite is likely to be true: Older people "mis-remember" how happy they were as youths, just as youths "mis-predict" how happy (or unhappy) they will be as they age.

"Overall, people got it wrong, believing that most people become less happy as they age, when in fact this study and others have shown that people tend to become happier over time," says lead author Heather Lacey, Ph.D., a VA postdoctoral fellow and member of the U-M Medical School's Center for Behavioral and Decision Sciences in Medicine. "Not only do younger people believe that older people are less happy, but older people believe they and others must have been happier 'back then'. Neither belief is accurate."

The findings have implications for understanding young people's decisions about habits -- such as smoking or saving money -- that might affect their health or finances later in life. They also may help explain the fear of aging that drives middle-aged people to "midlife crisis" behavior in a vain attempt to slow their own aging. Read the full article here.

Well, it’s one way to use your Mac?

Goalies hate new World Cup soccer ball?

In the opening match of soccer's World Cup Friday, German midfielder Torsten Frings scored an amazing goal from 40 yards out. The ball started off straight and then tailed sharply to the right in the last 10 yards or so. It was an unstoppable shot, but with a different ball it might have been a simple save.

A scientist has explained why a new ball being used in this year's World Cup is frustrating goalies. The new
Adidas Teamgeist football, as it is called, has 14 panels instead of the 26 or 32 that traditionally create the hexagonal pattern.

Fewer panels means fewer seams, which will make the ball behave more like a baseball, says Ken Bray, a sports scientist at the University of Bath in the UK.

Complex whirls of air cause a spinning ball to drift toward the side that's spinning away from the ball's direction of movement
[learn why]. A ball that's not spinning can bounce around unpredictably. Pitchers rely on this physics when throwing knuckleballs.
A good knuckleball is crazy because the ball rotates lazily in the air and the seams disrupt the air flow around the ball at certain points on the surface, Bray said.

"With a very low spin rate, which occasionally happens in football, the panel pattern can have a big influence on the trajectory of the ball and make it more unpredictable for a goalkeeper," Bray said last week.

Bray suggests one way to watch for the effect on TV. "Watch the slow motion replays to spot the rare occasions where the ball produces little or no rotation and where goalkeepers will frantically attempt to keep up with the ball’s chaotic flight path," he said. Article here.