Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Now make the Red Bull can disappear...

Naked, cuffed, running from the police?

A burglary suspect was charged with a string of crimes after bolting from a hospital, naked, handcuffed and with blood spurting from a stab wound in his chest.

A deputy had removed Rashon Delee's leg shackles so he could use the toilet at Crouse Hospital when he decided to make his run Sunday afternoon, said Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh.

Delee ripped out an intravenous drip, monitors and a chest tube, threw his hospital gown in a deputy's face and ran from the hospital.
He sprinted down five flights of stairs to escape and managed to slip out of one handcuff while running, possibly because the lubrication from sweat and blood helped him slip it off, Walsh said.

Delee eluded authorities for three hours, two of which he spent in a trash bin behind a restaurant on the Syracuse University campus, before he was caught.

Delee, 21, was taken to the hospital after being stabbed by his former girlfriend when he broke into her apartment.

He faces felony counts of burglary, criminal contempt and escape, as well as misdemeanor counts of harassment, criminal contempt, criminal trespass, petit larceny and resisting arrest. Article here.

Yes, it's "that guy" in the background

Men prefer Condoleezza for a dinner date

A national survey by Esquire magazine finds men more likely to invite Condoleezza Rice to a dinner party than Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

The secretary of state was followed by Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie in the survey, which is published in the magazine's July issue.

The 29-question survey polled nearly 1,100 randomly selected men aged 25 and older. The choices came from a list of 14 notable women.
Asked which famous man they'd invite to dinner, 37 percent picked "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno. Former President Bill Clinton placed second, trailed by George Clooney and President George W. Bush.

Asked who they most admired, the respondents chose former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Clinton and Bill Gates, with Bush fourth. But the president also placed first among least admirable men in America. Article here.

Optical illusion fun…

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Knocked down neighbors fence w/forklift?

A man is facing charges of criminal mischief after he rented a Bobcat forklift and demolished a fence between his house and a neighbor's.

Tim Trimble has argued with his neighbor and Cape Coral city officials for more than two years over the fence. Trimble says his neighbor's fence illegally keeps him from getting his boat into his backyard as required by a city ordinance.

Neighbor Rosario Castro, however, says he has a right to put up a fence on his property. A new fence may now cost between $10,000 and $14,000.

Trimble, meanwhile, says he has racked up over $63,000 in city fines because he has not been able to store his boat out of sight from the street.

He says he was not angry or emotional when he knocked down the fence. He faces up to five years in jail as a result of the incident. Article here.

Mel Gibson is moving b/c of Britney Spears

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Mel Gibson is moving his family to another part of town, because he is tired of living next door to Britney Spears.
He has put his $18 million mansion on the market to get away from the disgusting pop star. A source tells the Telegraph: "People are always hanging around outside the gates and he is worried his kids might get hurt."

One long-ass motorcycle...

Washing your car = 7% better gas mileage

I came across a tip that claims if you wash and wax your car, you can improve your gas mileage by up to 7%, which based on today's prices would be about $.21 per gallon.

Not too shabby.The basic idea behind it is, after washing and waxing your car, the surface of the vehicle is much more likely to be nice and smooth, therefore, it should be more aerodynamic than when you have lots of bug guts smeared all over.

It looks like a sound theory, but I don't know if simply cleaning your car will increase your fuel economy that drastically. At the very least, your car's going to look nice? Source.

Don’t be fooled, this cat rocks at UNO

Police run over sunbather on beach?

Two police officers patrolling the beach in an SUV ran over and killed a sunbather. The officers did not immediately realize they ran over the woman and continued driving, police Cmdr. Tom Chronister said in a statement.

The officers, who were not immediately identified, had stopped on a small berm of sand to watch a swimmer whom they believed to be in distress. When they saw the swimmer was fine, they drove over the berm and apparently over the woman's head, authorities said.
A witness called the Oxnard Fire Department to report the woman was bleeding on the beach just south of the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort. The woman appeared to be in her 30s and carried no identification, said Ventura County senior deputy medical examiner Mike Feiler.

Authorities believe the woman may have been a hotel guest since her towel belonged to the Embassy Suites. An autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday. The officers have been placed on paid leave pending an investigation. Article here.

Seriously? His haircut? WTF?

Principal shot in ass during graduation?

A student who was expelled from a San Anselmo high school last fall returned for graduation ceremonies and shot the principal with a pellet gun as the principal handed out diplomas.

William Castle, 18, allegedly hid in the bushes in a creek area behind the stage on Friday night and shot Don Drake, principal of Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo police spokeswoman Julie Gorwood said.

Police say Castle admitted to shooting his former principal as a "prank" and intended to hit him in his backside. Instead, the pellet clipped Drake's thumb.

"He told police that his intent was to fire a pellet in my ass and then walk off and feel better about it,'' said Drake, who said he quickly realized he had been shot by a pellet gun, but continued to hand out the last few diplomas to graduating seniors. After some final words to the Class of 2006, Drake said he walked off stage and told police he'd been shot. Click here to read the full article.

Ouch dude, your head.

High school prank = car on top of roof?

A janitor arrived at the Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School early yesterday morning and found a pink car sitting on top of the school's one-story roof, police said.

School officials and Nassau County police were trying to figure out how pranksters were able to get it up there.

The shell of a car was painted hot pink and covered with bright green question marks. Police and a towing company removed the vehicle, which had no engine and no tires.

Because there were no tires, the wheel rotors did some minor damage to the roof, police said. Second Squad detectives are investigating to try to find out who is responsible. Article here.

*UPDATE* How did a bright pink car end up on the roof? "It was completely gutted out to make it as light as possible for their prank," said Det. Lt. John May of Nassau's Second Squad. "It was very well planned and executed."

May also said the pranksters removed the car's vehicle identification number so police couldn't trace the car back to its owner.

First, the students placed the ramps on an about 15-foot section of the roof and climbed up. Students below pushed the car up the ramp from behind while the others on the roof pulled. How the car ended up on campus in the first place is still a mystery, but a towing company removed it about 10 a.m. Monday.