Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No posts today. Deal with it. Wait, I can explain...

Well, it's 1:15 AM and I'm just now getting to checking my email (I need to be up at 8 AM tomorrow -- errr today?). So you know, all evening I've been painting, unpacking, and moving furniture at the new house I've moved into, [sigh] So needless to say, today there won't be any posts -- however, please feel free to take this time to utilize the "open mic" and post anything you'd like in the comments regarding anything. It can be a link to a funny photo, story, video or just a rant about what you wish you were doing right now or how much you flippin' hate someone. Whatev you want... this is your chance to say what you want to all the Across-the-Board readers or just to me.

Tomorrow, I hope to have my life back in order (well, at least my house) and Across-the-Board will return to it's regular blog schedule.

Now go post something in the comments! Click it, you know you want to...