Sunday, December 09, 2007

So here's my video weekend in review...

It's a good thing grandma didn't get run-over by a reindeer, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to knit that fashionable Mr. and Mrs. Clause sweater that's tucked away in your basement. This video is footage from our 3rd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. At this year's legendary party everyone proudly sported their ugliest holiday outfits, enjoyed great conversation, snacks, flip-cup and people danced the nice away in exclusive fully-functional lighted basement dance floor.
So the temperature dropped in Kansas City just enough over the weekend that all the rain turned to ice. When we woke up and went outside, you could pretty much slide on anything that was pavement.
My friend Adam was insistent that his new Williams-Sonoma apple peeler was the "coolest thing ever". This video is official demonstration. You can even buy one here:


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