Thursday, February 15, 2007

From the looks of it, Bambi II is a pretty f'd up movie.

Women settle for 'mediocre sex', study finds

Women have high expectations for nearly every area of their lives, but when it comes to sex, they settle for less. And most women keep their dissatisfaction with sex a secret, leaving their partners (let alone their doctors) in the dark, said Anita Clayton, a psychiatrist who focuses on women’s sexuality at the University of Virginia Health System.

Whereas men, if they have trouble with sex, it’s a crisis. They run to the doctor and say ‘I need something for this.’ Women don’t do that. They just sort of stuff it down and push it further down on the list,” Clayton said.

With surveys and years of clinical experience, Clayton has compiled a vast collection of data on women’s sex lives. Often, she said, a female patient would visit her with issues like marital problems or depression, and only when directly asked about sex, the patient would divulge dissatisfaction.

Women are so obsessed with our physical appearance, and we really are trying to achieve some idealized woman’s body that we see in the media. We always feel like we’re lacking,” Clayton told LiveScience.

Clayton attributes several factors to a woman’s lack of sexual satisfaction, including:

* Sex gets shoved to the bottom of the “to do” list for women. And when they do have sex it becomes just another task.
* Women are not getting their emotional needs met during sex. An orgasm might not be the point.
* Many women strive for unrealistic physical perfection seen in the media and are unhappy with some aspect of their physical bodies.
* Women don’t ask for what they want in bed, fearing their partner will be hurt or leave them.
* Medications such as antidepressants can reduce a woman’s libido and ability to reach orgasm.

This happens when you have too much time on your hands

New trend: Naked College Parties?

An underground trend is attracting a number of college students - naked parties and the name says it all. These nude parties are held all over the country.

College parties are notorious for pushing the envelope. Animal House is one thing but this however is another. "The way it was billed was don't be a prude, come to the nude party," said a Penn student who did not want to be identified.

The junior at Penn agreed to talk to CBS 3 if we disguised his face and voice since only his dad knows about the parties he has come to love. "It's a very clever set up. It's a house with four stories," said the student:

1st Floor:
He says the first floor is for people with clothes.

2nd Floor:
2nd floor is underwear only.

3rd and 4th Floor:
Third and fourth floor are reserved for those who choose to bare all.

"I just went wearing a hat, a bow tie and an overcoat, so I went straight to the 3rd floor," explained the student. No more than a hundred or so people attend these parties at one time. So it's no wonder there are many students at Penn who've never heard of them.

"Not that I heard of, if there are I'd like to go," said one Penn student. The Insider recently reported on these parties after a New York Magazine writer went to one undercover at Yale.

That's where, years ago, President Bush's daughter Barbara is reported to have gone to a naked party. One woman attended a nude party and says some students did hear some pretty wild stories.

"One room will turn into basically the sex room," said the woman. But according to reports, most naked parties are sex free. Our Penn student says he never saw people cross the line.

When asked if it was sexually charged though, the Penn student replied by saying, "There is somewhat of sexual nature, optional," said the student, adding, "A lot of people do go home together after the party. It's an atmosphere that encourages people getting together." Article w/video is here.

Wow, both toliet paper rolls are out. That sucks. ;)

Stem cells could be the next breast implants?

Scientists in Japan claim to be able to increase the size of a woman's breasts using fat and stem cells.

The technique uses fat from the stomach or thigh which is then enriched with stem cells before being injected. It is hoped the method could prove a more natural-looking alternative to artificial implants filled with salt water or silicone.

But plastic surgeons working in Britain have greeted news of the technique with "extreme caution." Kotaro Yoshimura, a surgeon at the Tokyo University medical school, said more than 40 patients had been treated.

Mr Yoshimura said he believed the stem cell and fat combination, which can increase a woman's cupsize by two sizes, was a success. "There have been no serious complications," he said.

During the operation, surgeons suck fat cells from the stomach or thigh, and this "slurry" is enriched so that there are higher numbers than usual of stem cells. These are "master" cells which are capable of making new fat cells. When the enriched stem cell mixture is combined with normal fat tissue, it can then be injected into the breast area. Read the full article here.

Breasts for a mouse pad... Clever? or Perverted?

From the website

This quality mouse pad features a CLEVER ergonomic wrist rest on a pair of gel boobs. Your friends will love it and will poke at it when you're not looking. Your girlfriend will probably think you're a pervert.

* US $19.95 each + shipping & handling

SUV plows into theater as moviegoers watch "Dreamgirls"

Some moviegoers in Torrington, Connecticut got to see some real-life action unfold as they were watching the movie "Dreamgirls" on Monday night.

During the 7:00pm showing at the six-theater multiplex, a white sport utility vehicle smashed through a wall of the theater while the audience was watching the movie.
Fortunately, nobody was hurt, even though the SUV came inches from some moviegoer heads. "I never thought it'd be here in the theater, especially while the show's running and a couple people are in here watching Dreamgirls. It was just surreal shock," said theater owner Robert Sadlon.

Police charged the driver, 46-year-old Diletta Squires, with driving under the influence. Article here.

Boy assaults wrestling teammate with drumstick? WTF?

Police say the 13-year-old victim had just finished taking a shower after wrestling practice and was reaching down to pull up his pants when his teammate attacked him from behind, "poking him [in the rectum] with the tip of a drumstick [used by drummers, not KFC restaurants]." A cop adds: "It was enough to cause him to feel substantial pain." The boy who was charged claims it was a prank that went too far. Read the full story here.

Caption this...

Men will spend more money on Valentine's than women

"Guys got all their electronics for Christmas," said Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist and business professor at Golden Gate University. "This is kind of payback time."

According to the National Retail Federation, guys on average will dole out almost twice as much as gals for Valentine's Day, $156.22 compared with $85.08. Flowers remain the most popular gift, followed by cards, candy, a night on the town and jewelry.

A survey conducted by BIGresearch finds that people will drop an average of $119.67 on Valentine's Day gifts, up from $100.89 last year. With 63.4 percent of people planning to celebrate the holiday, total spending is expected to reach $16.9 billion this year.

Yarrow said men will outspend women to make up for the HDTVs they bought themselves for Christmas and the Super Bowl. For women, Valentine's Day tends to be a holiday on which to receive more than to give.
She added that although there is a level of superficiality to Valentine's Day -- aided by retailers pushing merchandise as an expression of love -- people still buy into it, especially the young. The National Retail Federation's study shows that those between 25 and 34 are expected to spend the most on Valentine's Day, averaging about $164.32.

"There's just a lot of hype around the holiday," Yarrow said. "There's a lot of expectation of what is socially appropriate."

Valentine's Day still lags far behind Christmas in terms of sales, but ties for second with Mother's Day, followed by Easter and Father's Day.

Yarrow suspects that men will spend a lot of money this holiday, not as a way to express their love but out of fear that not doing so will result in their significant others feeling unloved. "This is the day you prove your love, not express your love," she said. Article here.

Umm... this is kinda awkward don't you think?

2 commercials that make fun of Facebook & MySpace

i'm not really sure what is, but these commercials are pretty funny

California Pastor stole the whole church, buys BMW

For nearly a decade, members of Ripon's First Congregational Church bared their souls to Pastor Randall Radic. But clearly it didn't work both ways. There were certain things he wasn't telling them.

That became obvious a year ago, when Radic pleaded guilty to betraying his flock and secretly selling the church and its rectory out from under them. He used the money to buy himself a brand-new black BMW and a laptop -- exploits he later chronicled in a cheeky, almost gleeful blog about his double life as a sinner.

"We didn't know anything until we got a call from the bank that he had bought a BMW," said David Prater, who led the church board during Radic's tenure. "He drove that car right down Main Street."

First, Radic faked documents giving him possession of the parsonage, and used the property to take out about $200,000 in personal loans, prosecutors said. Then he forged papers saying he had the power to sell the church, and sold it to a couple for $525,000.

After investigators began inquiring about the $102,000 BMW, Radic fled to Denver. Prosecutors coaxed him back, and he was arrested in 2005. Full article here.